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Superiority Complex

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1912-1967AD #1:

Divine Artistic Novel #6:

Alpha and Hermatta pleads with Omega stop trying to make These Beings Eat Each other They point out the peaceful aspects of each of the beings and Omega lips his lips and says all i see is Gourmet Pieces brought peaceful beautiful Magnificent and what you hated and called ugly deformed and unworthless but none of the

Of your actions ever showed loved or care Each of our Divine Children pled for us to redeem you but I trust you not and you are my first in end in existence no one will be choosed who to love or marry that is earned by a mutual choice of love not our function but love and care ane now you make me the first Devil of the Divine Council’s Hell Guard that kills what was oncecedd a prodigacl eternal child I hate you Omega the first sin I commit to make every Universe Peaceful the death of what was once a prodigacal Eternal children that was to vain and lustful for power and hated the beauty of Existence. Hermatta tries once more to conduct Omega into trying to make up to every one that the Divine Inter committed a Sin against as the Divine Supreme Judge tries to keep the Divine Council Sessions going and conducted Equally fairly and always with good morals, spiritual, scientific, medical, and various other good vocations and creations session going with other goo magnificent creations council and idea sessions while protecting the Love Council as Allguards and Servants with Brosyleon and their Divine Duplicates with the other Divine Originals. Hermatta Vanishes and keeps trying to encourage Omega to find the one that loves that inter the most and to stop manipulate and bullying for power. Hermatta keeps trying to let the Hell guards be te3sted and they keep choosing Evil reasons to become demons or punish incorrectly as Hermatta and a secret divine Council Team the Divine Inters children and Battling to help Hermatta save Brosyleon and Hermatta and help the Divine Council spread Peace and good Will throughout the Multiverse.

Frigg tells Odin Thor is Unworthy for rulership and that it is Balder that should be the Next Ruler of Asgard. Change Delivers Frigg the Healthy dream teaching sleep potion that is the safest yet as she Distracts Thor with Loki as she desperately tries to stop the Others from Cheating Balder from becoming the Next Ruler that sets in Motion the True United Asgardian Future. Heilmdal and Hella Send in the Hell Guards on Secret Missions with Select Asgaurdians.

Athena invites a God that is an Ancestor to The Hindu Pantheon line who wants Patricles to become apart of his Harem and Says because Achilles was Human Born and a Child of the Earth a younger planet he must Give up Patricles as payment and tax for Universal Debts owed by the Earth as one of a Billion added to his concubines. Achilles begins violently disabling all of his forced Harem and going after those that forced him away from special time with Patroclies and making him fight wars for several Gods Gambling Tournaments to Keep Patroclies Alive and in his Forced and Ever Increasing Harem With every victory. Achilles Swears to Athena if he loses Patroclies who had kept Sacrificing himself to prove he was worthy of Achilles Divine Love she is next before he goes after them.

Empress Oya Spits on the Ground as King Shango takes another young wife to his Hareem as the straight men begin to go crazy in desperation in Africa as all others below and above grab more in competition to quench sinfully lustful taste as Each attack Oya As Shango begins to become energized after time alone with the Divine Goddess. Olorun sends the Divine Stair Way and Oya and her Chosen leave. Hera Cries as all of Her Children our never worthy enough for Zeus’s Pantheon Even though she Blessed him with Heaven after he promise to marry after committing a sin and breaking her. Sacred vow of Chasity. An African Goddess and Anaku take Hera and Her Children to Equalia for Repair.

July 13th 1912 Leicester England hospital Jacob Barnes is nervous as he holds his wife Francesca’s hand as she is giving birth to his second child. The doctor says it’s a boy and Jacob drops Francesca’s hand and starts dancing up and down the hospital. Francesca is looking at her husband and laughing. Francecsca lays back and expects the doctor to hand her the baby but the doctor is steering into his eyes in a trance. Francesca screams “what’s wrong with my baby? please give me my baby!” Jacob touches the Doctor on the shoulder and is also entranced when he looks into the baby boys special eyes that are turning every colour and then they turn into representations of universes. The Nurse Jane Baker grabs the baby and hands it to Francesca who smiles as she holds her baby. Francesca says “ Wow he has your father’s eyes so James it is love imma name him after your Grandfather Jake” Jacob smiles and comes to his wife’s side and smiles as he starers at his new born son. August 24th Fort Lauderdale in the United States of American Mark Scott and Vivian Scott are in the hospital and Vivian taps the emergency button on the watch that her Grandfather Apollo had given her. Michael Scott is born a 9lb baby boy. Zeus looks down on Michael and smiles as he is the great grandson of Zeus’ son Apollo. Michael is protected from being discovered as the Gods and Goddesses wipe the minds of the doctors and nurses at the hospital and help the Scott’s leave the hospital early and undetected. Michael creates a lightning bolt as his mother carries him home and he plays with it as they drive. It’s a snowy 4th December 1912 in Halifax Nova Scotia and we are at the home of Arianna Thurston Mooseherd and Mozaratti Mooseherd. Arianna is pregnant and two weeks past the delivery date that the doctor had given her. As they read a book together she begins to feel contractions and suddenly her water broke. Mozaratti rushes to get the suitcase that was prepared and waiting for this moment. They rush to the car but it wont start. Mozaratti calls a cab and it arrives two hours later. Arianna begins to time her contractions they are now five minutes apart. She needs to get to the hospital but its too late she begins to feel the baby coming she cant make it to the hospital in time. It is a very cold night, to cold to open the doors of the cab. Mozaratti fixes his wife on the back of the cab and helps deliver his new born son. They arrive at the hospital two hours later. Mozaratti stays at his wifes side as she is rolled on a stretcher to her hospital bed. As Arianna lay in the hospital bed Mozaratti says “ Darling what do ya think if we name da boy Thomas after ya Pops, Dr Thomas Thruston the world renown physics Scientist.” Arianna smiles nods and says “too late that’s his name ya can’t take it back now go sign my sons name as Thomas Augustus Mooseherd!” Mozaratti blushes as the second name is the name of his father.

In Ketema Africa March 7th 1914 Fugaru Bankole and his wife Pharcellia Edgecombe-Hailu are at the hospital. Pharcellia is having complecations and Fugaru is dragged from her side to the waiting room where he cries on his father Qutari Bankole’s shoulder. He is afraid for his wife and unborn son. The doctor has to perform an emergency C section on Pharcellia as the umbilical cord is coiled around the baby’s neck, chocking the baby blocking the flow of oxygen to the brain. She was disappointed because they had been looking forward to a normal delivery. She is rushed to the theatre where Dr. Wabubasa and the surgical team saves both mother and child. When she wakes up back in her room they place her baby boy in her arms. He was perfect the doctor examined him and found him to be in good health. Fugaru is allowed back into the room and his father comes with him. They hug Pharcellia and Qutari takes out a gold magical powder and marks it on the childs head. The gold magical marking indicates that the child will be a warrior for Africa. Fugaru signs the name he won in a bet with his wife as his child’s name before his wife can say any more. He proudly announces that the name of his son is now officially Faraji Bankole. Pharcellia simply stares at her husband with the evil eye. Pharcellia says “you have now lost the right to name our next child!” Fugaru says “But I won the name fair and square, how can you be so unfair?” Pharcellia “ I am Woman and we are meant to be fair in looks only.” Bufasu is stil battling to protect the Quantum and Divine Children being born in the Secret Diivine Med Bay Hospital in Africa that Coresponds withTeh divine Earth’s Select Guests from the Divine Council that Always wanted one of theory Eternal Children to be born on Earth and Live their if they proved Worthy to the Earth as it Trained them for Future Divine Council Duty as the Sun and Other Elemental empowered them in Secret. King Bufasu takes break as he lets his Allguard practice safe take down routines as he pretends to be the Janitor and observe the Hosptal.

December 14th in a French hospital Lucien and Aimee Faucher are getting ready for the delivery of their baby. Lucien is excited he is smiling from ear to ear. On delivery the baby is examined and the doctor notes that the babys skin has turned blue and he is experiencing difficulty breathing,baby is rushed to N.I.C.U. and the Paediatric specialist is called in. She discovers that the baby was born with a weak heart and has to be put on life support. They name the baby Raynard Faucher after Aimee’s famous acting Uncle. As Phillip Burtonhower is running through the hospital into N.I.C.U. he slows down when he has shaken his pursuers. He takes off his ring and looks around the room. He soon finds the incubator marked Baby Raynard Faucher and slips his ring on the babys finger. even though the ring is miles too big baby Raynard health immediately begins to improve. Philip runs away from the N.I.C.U. and he keeps the pursuers chasing him.

On February 23rd 1915 Prowan Zhao and Tenba Zhao are at the Wong Fei Hung Hospital. They are awaiting the birth of their son. The delivery goes smoothly without any complications. Tenba says to his wife “Imma name him Lin” Prowan cries, Lin was his younger brothers name who was killed in a boating accident three years ago when they were fishing. Prowan smiles as he signs Lin Zhao.

Bangladesh June 13th 1915 Taara and Bhuv welcome their 4th child Aarav into the world. Aarav is of Hindu Deity Decent on both sides and has various abilities. Aarav is very aware from early. Bhuv tries to hide his son’s abilities so that he is not enlisted in the Indian Army from an early age. The doctor agrees but one of the nurses notices and reports it.

November 17th Masitri Sokolov and Tanya Sokolov are at the military hospital and the government is overseeing the pregnancy and the delivery since Tanya is a Quantum human and Masitri a top level soldier. As agreed the child is named Ivan Sokolov after Masitri’s father.

1916 June 12th George Bingham and Stephanie Cartwright are at the hospital and rowing over the last name of the child. Stephanie says “The only way dat child ga name Bingham is if I get me the ring you promised me.” George says “if I buy the ring tomorrow will my child be named Trevor Bingham?” Stephanie smiles and nods and that is how Trevor Bingham is not Frank Cartwright.

Emmanuele Ettiene and Harietta Ettiene are in the busy Haitian hospital. Harietta is in labour and has yet to be seen by a doctor. Emmanuele is freaking out and threatens to throw things at them if they don’t see his wife. Harietta is called and as she walks she collapses and nurses call for a stretcher .they quickly lift her on to the stretcher. And she is rushed into a cubicle When the nurses examine her the found that the baby was coming. The nurse and doctor had to deliver the baby there in that cubicle. They smile at the baby boy and Harietta says “Ya pa will be proud we ga call him Joeseph Ettiene after your Grandfather.

It is the year 1918 AD and we are on the Island of Bahamas It’s a windy night in the Bahamas and there is a cold chill hanging on this February evening as Penelope Storanga lays in bed screaming at the top of her lungs as she is trying to give birth to her child. The Midwife Sunaya Benebosa is assisting the delivery as Harold Storanga is trying to sooth his wife. Penelope gives a big scream squeezing her husbands hand until his knuckles crack and gives birth to the 8lb baby Isaac Storanga whose eyes are a beautiful blue.

In 1918, Eleanor walks in on her husband having an affair with her social secretary, Lucy Mercer. Eleanor kicks Lucy out and begins hitting Franklin as she cries. Franklyn tries to calm Eleanor down but she leaves the office furious. Eleanor returns later that night and offers Franklin a divorce; however, he choses to stay in the marriage and talks Eleanor into staying with him.

Griffin is flying around his play room Jacob says “ wow he has his mother’s flight” Jacob then notices the Neighbour at his window staring. Jacob closes the blonds and tries to stop the neighbour from looking in the window. Jacob grabs the neighbour and throws him off the property and says “scoot off you nosey bastard”, Electron teleports through the house as Mark and Vivian Scott worriedly search for him. Artist Mage begins to draw with his father Mozaratti and the lines move on the page. Gold Lion is receiving lots of attention in Ketemah Africa as the whole Bankole family have come from Ethiopia to visit Fugaru and Pharcellia’s home in Ketemah. Fugaru’s father tries to convince him to move to Ethiopia where he will receive a pay upgrade and Fugaru looks at his house and notices that his house is in disrepair and agrees to the move. Virtuoso is in France and the ring which is invisible to everyone else and is making Raynard Faucher smarter from an Early age as it teaches him things continuously The Faucher’s are amazed at their gifted child. Proten is being taught Kung Fu from a young age from both parents the Zhao’s take his training with great seriousness and respect. Master Mystery is being taught magic by The Russian Government’s Magician Division elders. Master Mystery is casting simple but powerful spells. Blue Ghost spends time on the farm in the Bahamas The Storanga teach him a lot about the environment as he is really curous about it., Gold Star begins winning races from early and is put in competitive competitions from a young age. Black Houngan is learning magic from his uncle Arguile Ettiene and begins to make his toys fly magically. Winston Churchill is at the library and as he reads he picks up a book on Bludology. Sergei Kozlov is overseeing the junior training of the Quantum humans and is paying attention to the power of Master Tanya. King Asantehene visits Etiopia and on his way from the air port he decides to be generous and invites the Bankoles who were his neighbours on the flight to Ethiopia to visit with him and Emperor Haile Selassie. Chiang Kai-shek is teaching the young quantum Chinese students and Proten is one of his students in one of the 15 classes he teaches. Bhuv trains Aarav as the Indian Government watch with spy technology. Aarav turns into half Elephant and begins playfully charging his father. Bhuv uses his trunk to pick up Aarav.

February 1919 Germany Hitler is in Prison and the Scydemun QykMind comes to Hitler in his cell. QykMind reads Hitler’s Mind and falls in love with the chaos and the level of evil Hitler will generate if given power. Qykmind rubs his hands together and get’s Hitler to sell his soul for ultimate power. Hitler begins by converting most of the Prison officers into his soldiers.

In 1921, Eleanor Roosevelt is talking with Dr. Walters who says “I’m sorry to inform you but your husband has polio, which will leave him paralyzed from the waist down.” Eleanor holds her mouth and cries as the Doctor hands her the information about polio. Eleanor shows Dr. Walters out the front door and then sits down crying. Eleanor wipes her tears and begins reading the information on Polio. Franklin Roosevelt is in the master bedroom of his house crying in his bed. Eleanor enters with tea and cookies. Eleanor encourages her husband to sit up and Franklin says “what im I goin to do now?” Eleanor smiles and says “return to politics, your mind can still function and you can help build this nation.

Griffin transforms into a actual Griffin and begins playing with the Barnes’ dogs in the front yard the neighbour Darnold Guthberg takes a picture and tries to blackmail the Barnes family. Electron and the Scott’s are taken to Mount Olympus and Electron plays with the other Deity children. Artist Mage is making his drawings come to life and putting on plays for the Pearson family who are astonished. Gold Lion is given a scholarship by Haile Selassie for his entire education. The Bankole’s celebrate with a big party and the Selassie family attend. Virtuoso has learnt to hide his abilities from his parents. They first thought he was possessed and tried to take him to be exorcised. Virtuoso decided to hide his intelligence and abilities from then on. Proten is the pride and joy of the Zhao’s and is learning very quickly and is a very obedient child. Master Mystery casts a magic spell to strike his father with lighting when he strikes his mother and the Sokolov’s stop fighting from then on. Blue Ghost is learning to swim and is becoming very good and even is good enough to be entered into competition swim meets but he begs his parents the Storanga’s to not make him compete and they concede. Gold Star Jamaican Trevor Bingham, Black Houngan spends a lot of time with his uncle Arguile as the Ettiene’s expect another child their 5th. Winston Churchill begins Getting government files on Quantum Humans and begins talking with Scientist and setting up interviews. Sergei Kozlov is training the children like they are teenagers and most of the children love it. King Asantehene visits Ketemah again and seals a deal to fund the Ketemah Science center. Chiang Kai-shek is loving teaching the Quantum children and watching them play with their abilities.

In Germany QykMind provides Hitler with the details on Quantum Humans, Magical spells, powers and abilities and other scientific weapons. QykMind get’s Hitler to make all his Generals and family sell their soul for him to build Hitler a Super Laboratory. Hitler quickly agrees and goes about manipulating all he sees to sell their soul to impress QuickMind. Hitler spends the year converting as many followers to the Scydemuns as possible. Hitler and Mariska would have a chance encounter where Hitler would receive demonic gifts that give him abilities of evil. Hitler would allow Mariska’s Converted Blonde Vampires to convert Blondes who would not join the Nazi’s and send them to kill his enemies.

In 1924 Winston Churchill would again ‘cross the floor’ from the Liberals, to re join the Conservative Party. Churchill served as Chancellor of the Exchequer. It was during his time as Chancellor of the Exchequer that he would controversially opt for Britain to re-join the Gold Standard. Churchill lost his seat in 1929 and spent much of the next 11 years out of office, mainly writing and making speeches. Sadly Churchill does not agree with giving India it’s Independence. Roosevelt encouraged her husband to appoint more women to federal positions, and she held hundreds of press conferences for female reporters only, at a time when women were typically barred from White House press conferences. Griffin who is now 12 years old is camping with his cousins and as the children play they get further away from their guardians. a Barguest that was released by Rau Servitor is lurking and picks up the children’s scent. A Barguest is a monstrous black dog with large teeth and claws. Griffin senses danger and transforms into a Griffin and begins battling the Barguest. Griffin blasts the Barguest with lightning eye beams and electrocutes the beast. Electron who is 1 is being trained personally by the Goddess and now ruler of Mount Olympus; Athena. In 1929 the Canadian Government personally recruit Artist Mage and they meet and sponsor his family. In 1925 Gold Lion is now 13 and as he hits puberty his powers manifest and he begins to create a Psionic baseball bat. Virtuoso is now training in private and being a secret hero in primary school. Proten is taken to a Shaolin temple by the Zhao’s and left to train with the monks after he is accepted for being so humble. The Russian Government push Master Mystery hard and his powers grow at a tremendously fast rate. Gold Star has won 5 gold medals at the Jamaican nationals. Black Houngan begins to steal his uncle Arguile’s Houngan spell book and cast spells. In the Bahamas Isaac is running around the house and his parents notice his movements they note that his eyes turn Blue and the way he begins to move.His movements are simply amazing as he defies physics. Harold looks amazed and Penelope says yea he has the gift.” she starts to play with Isaac who has inherited his gift from her. As she plays with him she manipulates his gift physics which is her quantum power. Penelope begins to teach Isaac how to properly do some of the things he was trying as he runs on the wall. In 1926 at the age of 11 Aarav is using his abilities to help on his father’s farm as the government keeps a watchful eye awaiting his 18th birthday.

In Ketema Gold Lion is on a Personal Mission to protect the Secret Divine Hospital Bufasu sends out his Allguard to stop Gold Lion as the Head Student tries to peaceful tell Gold Lion that he is chaneling too much Energy and making the Demuns Aware of the Divine Babies. The Other Allguard are being trained in other Scenarios as Zutanya Magically checks their decision making. Gold Lion Pushes Zutanya the Divine African Inter last of the his Long Noble African Royal Line as other Allguard Training and begin trying to kill Gold Lion as Haile Selassie Begins praying for Gold Lion’s Safety as Jah and The Eternal Empress send angels to stop the All Guards top Recruits from killing Gold Lion. Several Intentional Friendly kill accidents occur.

We are next in Germany Austroplis Jazz Bar Wonder Bar it’s a beautiful Saturday and it is August 27th 1927 AD Gilfred is standing center stage singing as the Crowd enjoys the tunes. Some Dance, others bob their head, while some sing along. Hanz is at the table with Wilfred and they are holding hands. Gilfred begins a crowd favourite number called love me forever! Wilfred gets up excited and has to drag Hanz to the dance floor! Gilfred grabs the mic signals the band and sings “I thank the stars when I found you/ No more wondering round lost with out a clue/ We both planted seeds of love, now lets stay true/ you’re the coolest cat I ever seen in blue/ I pray you love me forever/ Hold Me forever/lets keep on dancing together/we wont let em stop us, so lets kiss forever/ No matter the type of Weather/ Our Bond will never be severed/ You’re my Special Heavenly treasure/ There is no one in the world that can Measure/ I pray you love me forever/ Hold Me forever/lets keep on dancing together/we wont let em stop us, so lets kiss forever/ No matter the type of Weather/ Our Bond will never be severed/ So Love Me forever” Hanz starts to enjoy it and livens up as Wilfred starts to sing it to him while he dances. We are next in Germany Austropolis Soccer stadium the two teams the Super Citizens and the Proud Protectors line up both teams have half female and half male and with trans on either team, there are also several blacks on each team. The game is competitive; Kenneth and Hanz are going hard Hanz has 1 goal and 2 assists and Kenneth has 2 goals. Hanz receives the ball as the clock ticks out to secure the win with a final score of 3-2. The Supercitizens walk off celebrating. We are now at the Germany austropolis Town hall and Hanz is at the Podium. Hanz nervously says “I am telling you all now that we have to prepare now! My straight allies and my LGBT people! Austropolis will be treated like Sodom and Gamorrah and we will all be killed. The hatred is rising! I feel it everyday! I am revolted as I watch yal frolic and play! Do we have any rights! Then Why are any of You Celebrating! Hanz storms off the stage as Wilfred, Genthar and several others leave with him.

In 1928 Franklyn Roosevelt is elected governor of New York. Eleanor pushes him into his new office. Franklyn cries tears of joy and says “baby when I got that polio diagnosis I thought my life was over. Without you it would be! Thank you love for helping me still function in this life” Eleanor kisses him and pops the champagne as she sits on his lap and pours both of them a drink. the Great Depression began in 1929 and lasted a decade.

July 13th 1929 Leicester England. Jake is at his birthday party with his family and friends having a good time. Jake is outside catching a break from the music when he is approached by an old man that was at his party but he had no clue who this old man was. The old man approaches Jake and says “I am Merlyn young Stewart of Britain. I have seen your heroic deeds and my Master wishes for me to give you a birthday gift.” Merlyn hands Jake the map and as Jake looks at it he looks up to say thank you but Merlyn has already disappeared. Jake puts the map in his pocket and heads back into the party. Jake dances with Susan Watson who leads him up to his room after she sent his parents on a errand. Susan leads him in his room and closes his door. Jake comes to her and kisses her. Susan kisses jake and then pushes him on the bed and takes off her dress. Jake smiles thinking what a great birthday he is having. In the morning Jake wakes up as Susan kisses him before she leaves the room in a hurry. Jake picks up his pants and the map falls out. Jake reads the map and decides to head to the marked location. Jake uses his Flight ability to get him to the River. Jake looks around and is amazed by the beauty of the trees and flowers that are close to the River. As Jake stares at the river he sees a hand wave to him and Jake dives in when he reaches the location of the hand he finds nothing but a treasure chest. Jake leaves the chest and continues to search for the lady whose hand he saw. After 3 hours Jake returns to the shore and the Treasure chest washes up to shore. A Voice is in Griffin’s head it is the Lady of the lake and she says “Great and Noble Warrior of peace and justice I give you that Treasure chest as a gift so that you may become the Golden Knight of Britain.” Jake says Thank you and goes to see what is in the chest. When Jake opens the chest there is a Magical Shield, Sword with a golden belt named Pheonixcaliber , a Golden Griffin Helmet, magical armour, and a magical cape with a British flag design. Germany Austroplis Border Day and it is February 23rd 1930 AD Hanz is being dragged to the Prisoner bus when Wilfred and several others come out Shooting. The rest of the town rally and bottles, rocks are thrown and They kill the Nazi's and Hanz is freed. Hanz says “ We have to Defend our Border! Let no Nazi touch this soil!!!

October 12, l932 Pearl Temple was born to Bruce and Leslie Temple she is a beautiful bundle of joy her parents are delighted. Bruce has been listening in on the reports of how war maybe looming and enjoys his time with his daughter he starts praying the war doesn’t come. Bruce would begin to work and train even harder just in case the War does come. Leslie holds Pearl and let’s her watch her father train. Pearl tries to cheer him on in baby talk.

We next travel to Washington in March 15th 1933. Franklin Roosevelt is currently being sworn in as president on March 15th 1933. Eleanor was extremely reluctant to be in the role of first lady. Eleanor thinks long and hard about her position in society and how it will affect women in America and the world. Eleanor would then go on a mission to transform the conventional role of first lady from social hostess. Eleanor was determined to make herself a more visible, active participant in her husband’s administration.

June 24th India 1933. Bhuv is using his illusion ability when the Indian Military walk through it and take all of his children. Bhuv tries to fight but is hit with a power dampener collar and made to carry out missions for the Government as Taara assists. The parents and children are hurt by the forced separation and the training is hard on the children. The Missions become more and more perilous as they work on top secret government missions or face their children being executed. The Scydemun Wizmund is converting animals and Indians into demons on Earth and sending them to attack the Indian populace.

Griffin is now 20 years old and as the Villian Decimatus attacks the Royal family and Griffin battles him at the Palace gates. Decimatus is beating Griffin badly but Griffin refuses to allow him to kill the Royal family. Decimatus punces Griffin to the ground and turns to leave as Griffin grabs his feet. Griffin uses his eyebeams to shoot three different types of Energy blasts that hurt Decimatus. Griffin takes Decimatus to the sky above the palace and after a flurry of exchanges he stabs Decimatus with his Special sword and Decimatus is wounded badly and retreats. Decimatus who had been under cover in the Royal Families employment had revealed himself to be an Ancient Roman Demun because he was discovered and about to be revealed to the public by the prince. The next day Griffin is greeted by King Arthur who begins to prepare him and teach him about war.

Electron is sent to hunt the Centaur Oitunious who killed Athena’s prophtess at her temple in Athens Lillyiopa who rejected his marriage proposal. Electron finds him in the Mystical Forrest lands of the hidden continent known as Olympire. Oitunious is still possessed by Qykmind and is kicking and bashing Electron. When Electron shocks him Oitunois summons his special bow and begins firing different energy arrows at Electron that damage Electron while burning away parts of his special suit. Electron defeats Oitunious in a gruesome battle and takes him to Athena for judgement by Matt.

Artist Mage is creating cartoons for the Canadian government and also working on special missions with the Husky Rangers. Artist Mage aids the team as they protect him as he creates allies, defences and weapons for the team.. Rau Servitor is recruiting Evil Canadians to add to his demonic forces. Rau Servitor would curse many with different were creature afflictions in order for them to obtain demonic spell books. Rau Servitor would then use them to help capture several Yheti’s and Abominable Snow men. Rau Servitor would sell them to Qykmind.

Gold Lion would graduate from high school and go to military school. Gold Lion demonstrates his abilities to his superiors and he is taken to meet Haile Selassie again. Gold Lion would begin hunting the Soul eaters for Emperor Selassie. Gold Lion would try to take it all on by his self but takes down many of the Soul Eaters. The Soul Eaters would retreat to hidden Demonic locations around Africa and begin to team up before going after Gold Lion. As Gold Lion is searching for other Demons and Villians around Africa he is ambushed and Captured. Emperor Selassie who had Gold Lion followed sends in his armies to Free Gold Lion who is saved seconds before he is converted into an Anabosam.

Virtuoso is stalking a serial killer, Vincent Barquette who transforms into a Tarasque. Vincent has been leaving clues for Virtuoso and taunting him from the beginning. The Terrifying Tarasque has a lion-like head, a body protected by turtle-like carapaces, six feet with bear-like claws, and a scaly tail like a serpent's tail. Vincent has transformed into a Tarasque after selling his soul to Rau Servitor as part of the deal Vincent is sent to hunt Virtuoso. Vincent lures Virtuoso in and tries to fight Virtuoso in his human form. Vincent is furious as he keeps getting embarrassed in the fight and he transforms. Virtuoso is shocked and The Tarasque starts to breathe its poison breathe and Virtuoso uses his ring to block the poison and then deflects it into a magical air recycler that he mentally creates. Virtuoso begins bashing the Tarasque on the head and then Uses the ring which opens a hell portal and sucks the Tarasque in.

Pyroten leaves Shaolin temple when the government request he return to special training after his Chi levels keep exceeding power limits on all the Governments Chi energy Radars. Rau Servitor would release the armies of demons who were Chinese that sold their soul to him for power. Pyroten is sent around China to battle the hordes of Demons attacking and converting Chinese citizens. Pyroten adjust his Chi Energy attacks and he is able to use his power to hit the demons inside the Citizens who run for their lives when they are free from the demons. The Demons are sent after the Chinese Emperor and Pyroten joins the Emperors elite guard to defend the Royal Palace. After the demons are defeated Pyroten is rewarded by the Emperor and given land which Pyroten gives to his Mother.

Master Mystery is in Serbia and hunting the warlock known as Ironhammer. Ironhammer is a servant of Qykmind after selling his Soul to the Scydemons for Power. Iron hammer has been trying to kill many key Peace Keeping citizens around Russia. Ironhammer goes after the President of Russia with his army of demonic Were creatures. Master Mystery and many Russian heroes are able to drive them off. As Iron Hammer retreats Master Mystery is the last one left chasing after him deep into frozen territory. Iron Hammer curses in Russian as he can’t shake Master Mystery. Iron Hammer throws his Hammer in Desperation. Master Mystery dodges the Demonic magical hammer and begins spell casting at a high rate that Ironhammer cannot handle and the spells tear Ironhammer apart before his hammer returns to him.

Blue Ghost is in Nassau and he battles the super villain Rugged Killa who has been on a killing spree and the news travelled all through the out islands of the Bahamas. Rugged Killa is the son of a English Governor and they are still trying to cover up for him. Rugged Killa sold his soul to Rau Servitor and sided secretly with the Hitler. Blue Ghost decided he would take Rugged Killa down and with his physics manipulation he breaks the arms and legs of Rugged Killa and leaves him for the Police. In the Prison cell Rugged Killa summons his personal set of Zoombies (Zoombies are a cursed set of humans who sold their souls that are forced to become cannibals and have super speed.) The Zoombies go after Blue Ghost and sniff their way to his home. Blue Ghost gives it his all as they also try to eat his family members and neighbours who began helping him. Blue Ghost stops holding back after his Neighbours arm is bitten off.

Gold Star is a late bloomer and his powers manifest as a young adult. Gold Star’s dedicated training and competition routine makes his power training a breeze for him. Gold Star Shows his friends his powers and they spread the word around town; much to Gold Star’s dismay. The Scy demuns try to recruit Gold Star who turns them down and tries to fight them but they simply disappear. Qykmind begins sending Anabosam, Werespiders and Vampires after Gold star and other Key Jamaican citizens of peace. Several Jamaican Heroes begin teaming up with Gold star to save Jamaica.

Black Houngan is thrown out the window of his uncle Arguile’s house as the demun bashes on his uncle Arguile. Black Houngan runs back in and begins casting spells and uses a strength increasing spell to start battling Fytecu to save his uncle Arguile’s soul. Fytecu is a half Scydemun half Haitian and extremely powerful. Black Houngan and Fytecu are going blow for blow as Arguile is fighting to live. Black Houngan is beginning to get the upper hand in the gruesome battle and Fytecu tries to call for back up. Black Houngan holds down Fytecu and Uncle Arguile casts a spell that calls angels to take Fytecu back to hell screaming at them In Scydemun and Haitian.

The Roosevelts would enter the White House during the Great Depression. President Roosevelt with the help of Congress would begin to implement a series of economic recovery initiatives known as “the New Deal”. Eleanor travels across the United States, acting as her husband’s eyes and ears and would regularly report back to him. The Roosevelts love working together and their bond strengthens. The first Lady would visit many government institutions, programs and numerous other facilities. Ever and optimist Eleanor wanted to see change in the United states and in the world. Eleanor began to champion civil rights for African Americans. Eleanor Roosevelt would also become an advocate for American workers, the poor, young people and women. President Franklyn is proud of his proud of his wife and supports her as she is on her mission to save the world. As Franklyn is in his office Eleanor brings him a file filled with idea’s for government-funded programs for artists and writers. Franklyn says “We make a beautiful team, I love how you have handled things so far you are my first and only lady.”

In December 1935 Eleanor Roosevelt would begin writing a syndicated newspaper column entitled “My Day” . Eleanor Roosevelt would use her column to report about her activities and write about her positions on an extensive range of social and political issues. Gumary a servant of Dracula. Gumary and his demonic Romaian army which now includes converted Americans try to assassinate Eleanor and Franklyn. Eleanor is working on several of her future articles as She notices Gumary in Werewolf form lurking around the Yard. Eleanor runs to tell Franklyn who notifies tries to notify his security but they are already dead. Franklyn and Eleanor lock them selves in their emergency room as the Demons try to break down the Steel door. Franklyn notifies the pentagon who send in their Demon hunting unit. Athena who is watching each Country notices and sends Electron. Electron is the first on the field and tries his best to take down as many as possible. The DHU arrive and begin casting spells. The battle is horrendous as many fall on both sides. The US army is sent in after most of the DHU are killed or converted. Gumary begins using magic and Electron stops the others from trying to face him and takes on Gumary himself. Electron notices Gumary’s steel weakness and picks up a gun from one of the DHU officers as he shocks Gumary who allows his fur to burn off so that he can bite Electron who shoots him in the heart several times just before he is bitten.

Griffin takes his long time girlfriend Dracella Gudney of 7 years to the museum. They look at as many painitngs and portraits as they can and Dracella picks her favourite ones. Griffin already has a favourite piece and he shows Dracella who adds it to her list of Favourites. Dracella takes Griffin to meet the Draguds who live around England. The Draguds love Griffin and give Dracella their approval.

Electron is next hunting a Greek King who killed his daughter for sleeping with Zeus. Electron finds him hiding out in Egypt and executes him and brings his body back to Zeus as proof.

Artist Mage and the Husky Rangers become like Canadian celebrities and they are recognized everywhere they go.

Gold Lion battles a dangerous tribe of Werelions for Haille Sellasie.

Virtuoso meets Harrigold a Lutin who braids his long hair into Elf twists and teaches him about the ring as he can see it. The legend has it that it is a special Earth Knight ring and a protector of the Earth is chosen and it is their destiny to fight to protect the Earth. The Users abilities are only limited by their imagination.

Pyroten begins taking on special missions with the Gold dragun unit.

Master Mystery is hunting the abominable snowman and when he observes the creature and notices how peaceful it is he leads his team away from the peaceful creature.

Blue Ghost aka Isaac Storanga is with Sheriann James and they are at a dance club enjoying themselves. Blue Ghost uses his physics to dance insanely so the crowd cheers him on as Sheriann pushes off the women who try to approach him. Gold Star joins the Jamaican defence force. During a tour of duty as Gold Star turns on his unit when they wanted to hunt special species he is betrayed, shot and left for dead. The Earth heals him and embues him with power. Gold Star exposes his unit to the chief and is given a promotion to Captain of his new unit. Black Houngan and his uncle Arguile are casting out demuns and trying to save as many souls as the Demun moon was opened and the demun spirits released. Black Houngan casts out many demuns. Sergei Kozlov examines new video tapes of Master Mystery, magicals and Quantum humans. King Asantehene request Goldstar to help him battle a unit of Anabosam that are trying to take over his forest. Chiang Kai-shek takes over command of the Gold Dragun Unit.

We are next in a Nazi Laboratory Genthar is on the table strapped. As the doctors prepare the next injection. Genthar defiantly says “No matter what you do you shall find no cure!” Hemlick in anger says “Listen you deviant! we will find a cure! Your nasty kind are the worse flaw in humanity! My life is dedicated to whipping you out! I killed my own brother when I found out he wanted to be one of your kind. So what do you think I will do to you? We are now in Germany Austroplis and it is a dark and cloudy Day. The Radio goes off and Francis can be hear it saying “I have spotted Nazi Soldiers Gathering children, teenagers, and adults who they have identified as deviants; Blacks, Jews, and gays. I need help I watched the last experiment and I wanted to shoot myself because I could not stop them. They are planning to experiment on the Children to see if they can cure them. Since there is no cure that can ever be made they are going to kill these children. I beg you Please come help.” Hanz responds “Send us the Location ASAP!” Han’s selects 30 men and leaves 50. Next in Germany Austroplis night After saving some of the citizens of Austropolis they return with some of the murdered soldiers as the allies carry the bodies to be buried and sent home properly.

We are next on the exterior of China in the city of Wuhan and it is a rainy night. Pyroten is with Mae Chen hung his Girlfriend of four years and her family at a fancy Chinese restaurant as guests of the Chinese Emperor and his closest friends. This restaurant also has special performers and all enjoy the Food and Entertainment. Pyroten is eating Sweet and sour Chicken and shrimp. Mae keeps stealing pieces of his Shrimp and Pyroten notices and smiles. After the musical performances a Chinese Acting troop put on a special play about the Jade Emperor.

On the 16th of June 1937 in Kendall Rhine Bavaria several units of the Gustapo are driving and their mission is to find Mixed Race children. All of the Gustapo are still singing “Rhineland bastards, mixed race vermin, contaminated servants, so we will purge them, we will purge them, Pure Bloods, Pure Bloods, this Earth is ours, this Earth is ours!!! Echo is hiding like he is a police officer and acting as if he is on patrol. Echo telepathically reads a Gustapo’s mind as a car drives past him. Echo telepathically calls the resistance reinforcements to take on the Gustapo as he runs after the car using his Telepathy to make the car crash. Another Gastapo car spots him and calls on the Superiors for back up. The Superiors are genetically lab bred all blond super soldiers. Echo is firing his gun as he uses his Telepathy to attack their minds. Jonas and Elias two Alpha Superiors land and as Echo fires his bullets they bounce off of them. Echo begins using his telepathy to try and stop them and as one falls the other races faster than lightening and punches his arm through Echo’s chest. The Resistance Arrive but sadly so do more Superiors. The Resistance fight valiantly but are destroyed within an hour. The Gustapo head around the city and only a few families have been warned so tragically many are captured. A father Robert and his Wife Oyana have killed the first set of Gustapo and have the other 5 cars of the Gustapo standing back as it is an intense shoot out. The Superiors come in and Kill Robert as Oyana tries to kill them she screaming African curses as she is taken hostage. Most of the children are experimented on and for most of the boys their Vas deferens cut and the girls their Uterus poisoned, crushed, or removed. The Gustapo sing the Rhineland Bastard song as they celebrate at several bars and nightclubs.

December 13th, 1937 The Japanese Army and the Chinese Army are at war. The battle is fierce The Chinese super hero team are fired up as they head into battle their leader Fu Zhao powers up and attacks the Japanese super villain team; FU is Stopped by REKURO TANAKA aka the RED SUN the Japanese leader. The Chinese super hero team are all killed and then the Chinese army falls shortly after. We see Rekuro smiling as the citizens are chased down and killed or raped A Japanese Super Hero who is on Red Suns unit kills himself because of what he caused to happen to some of the captured prisoners. His screams are the last thing we hear. Word gets back to the Emperor of the that units defeat and he cries in anger as he calls an emergency meeting with his War Council. Pyroten is so furious he uses his Chi energy to allow him to fly to recover the bodies of the Chinese Super Heroes. Pyroten cries as he helps bury the bodies.

During 1939, Eleanor Roosevelt begins advocating on behalf of European refugees who want to come to the United States. On Easter Sunday, April 9th, 1939 Eleanor Roosevelt would resign from the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) when it barred African American singer Marian Anderson from performing at its Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. Eleanor begins to promote issues that were important and relevant to American troops. Eleanor worked tirelessly to boost the soldiers’ morale. Eleanor began promoting volunteerism on the home front and championed female employment in the defence industry. The American Women celebrated her as they wanted to contribute in any way they can. During the War Eleanor would consult Franklyn’s advisors who advise her against pushing for the continuation of New Deal programs. Eleanor would ignore their council and pushed or the continuation.

India's Viceroy Linlithgow declares “India declares war with Germany!!!” This would cause quite a stir with the other politicians and citizens as the Viceroy did not consult other Indian politicians. Political parties such as the Muslim League and the Hindu Mahasabha Would rally behind the Viceroy and support the British war effort. Meanwhile the Indian National Congress which was the largest and most influential political party in India, makes a bold declaration and demanded independence before it would help Britain.

We are next on the exterior of Kenya in a battle field and its is a hot cloudless day. 13th June 1940 the Italian army makes their move led by Ace Don and his team of super villains. The Kenyan army ready themselves as the Italian army strikes hard. The Kenyan Army are led by the Grand Lions who fight valiantly.

Electron is taken to Mount Olympus and Athena, Zeus, and Ares council Electron on the art of War. Artist Mage Starts creating soldiers and ships artistically and sending them out to stop the wars. Gold Lion’s unit is captured and Gold Lion freaks and frees them before they are sacrificed. Virtuoso is battling German Super Soldiers but is overwhelmed and has to retreat after his family gets to safety.

Pyroten is battling Japanese Super Soldiers with the Gold Dragun Unit. The Gold Dragon Unit has being the best of the Chinese forces and go to aid many other Chinese Units. The Chinese Emperor gives Pyroten the order to go after Red Sun’s Unit. Only Pyroten survives when they take on Red Sun’s Unit. Pyroten is still battling as reinforcements arrive to save him as he screams and curses everyone as they pull him away. Red Sun laughs as Pyroten swears revenge.

Master Mystery is battling German Warlocks who are trying to take over Russia.

Blue Ghost-Bahamian Isaac Storanga begins studying the wars in different news papers and in discussions with friends. The Bahamian Government and many Bahamian leaders begin discussing the War with Blue Ghost. Amari Soulsby aka Navy General takes Blue Ghost on a boat ride and shows him a Nazi submarine that he had taken down. Blue Ghost and Navy General go over the files that the Germans have on the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Gold Star has cleaned up Jamaica and is being rewarded with a parade. Black Houngan is staying in the village that he had recently banished the demun’s from. The village leaders are paying him to stay.

We next travel to Russia on a battle field and it is a cold snowy day. It is still 1940 The German army stand in behind The Superiors of the AXIS of Evil who are led by Hitler; with JURGEN FRIEDRICH next to him. The Russian Superhero team called the Iron Ruskies stand ready to face the Axis of Evil as they stand in front of the Russian Army who cheer them on The Battle is fierce but the Russian Superheroes are defeated some killed and the others taken hostage. Bruce is now in France with his Dragon unit and he is swift on his feet and steady with his gun as he takes down his fair share of Nazi soldiers. The Dragon unit take down their Nazi oppressors. They set up base camp before they move on.

Next we are in the United Kingdom London at the Old Ben Square Table Centre; Griffin is in his Office putting up his Uniform and checking through war tactics and medical surgeries. Blue Ghost knocks on Griffin’s door,Griffin welcomes him in Blue Ghost bows his head before saying “I realise the importance of going after Hitler so I’ve decided to sign up for the unit going after him but until we’re called to go after him I gatta protect the Atlantic !“ Griffin nods and says “Thanks brother we will need you. I heard some of the other units aren’t as lucky as us and they have lost heroes already. I hear a whole unit is gone. They say that Blitzkreiger and Red Sun are super fierce they are winning most of their battles.” Blue Ghost smiles and says “ We gonna have to be that unit that breaks the mold no losses that’s my motto everyone comes home.”

We next travel to Hawaii and it is a cold night that threatens rain but only thunder comes. Bruce is getting ready to be redeployed and has been assigned to the unit going to aid Russia. December 6th , 1941. Rekuro teleports to the island and sneaks through the city until he meets with his INFORMANT who guides him to the home of STAR EAGLE Americas strongest super hero. We are on the cosy Interior of Star Eagle’s Home and it is 8 pm at night; STAR EAGLE is with his Hawaiin wife AILANI and their son Hani and they are watching TV. Star Eagle notices something and quickly gets up. Star Eagle says “Allani get Hani and run to your brothers place.” Star Eagle teleports outside and searches for the tremendous power he sensed. We are next on the exterior of star eagle’s home. STAR EAGLE teleports behind REKURO who turns around to face Star Eagle. Star Eagle angrily asks” What do you want I could sense your energy level.” Red sun smiles and licks the blood off his knife and says “MMMM Star Eagle the most powerful American hero they say, well I’m here from my Emperor with a message!” Star Eagle smiles and asks “And whats that?” Red Sun charges up in seconds and releases a powerful blast that sends Star Eagle flying. Star Eagle's clothes are ripped and he charges up and attacks, the battle between the two fighters is fierce and goes back and forth until Red Sun Blinds Star Eagle and stabs him in the heart. Star Eagle falls to the Ground and the Red Sun injects him with a poison. Red sun whispers in his ear smiling devilishly “this concoction was made especially for you by Hitler's scientist.” Star Eagle chokes and dies as Red Sun teleports away. We are next on the Exterior of Pearl harbour The bombs are destroying the city as a citizen screams

A Citizen screams “STAR EAGLE SAVE US” An Army soldier runs pass him and the army soldier says “Star Eagle is Dead get to safety!” Eleanor is at her office in the white house and she hears footsteps but does see anyone. Eleanor is drafting the Human Rights Bill and as she writes the pen keeps getting knocked out of her hand. Eleanor takes a break and cuts on the shower. As the steam reveals a figure in the bathroom with her Eleanor screams as Mariachi the hitman of Dracula and Hitler tries to kill her. The Guards rush in and they panic as Mariachi kills one before he is shot by the other and flees the scene.

We next traverse the globe to the interior of the high. I tech london hq and it is 8:30pm at night. Winston Churchill walks down the corridor as his team follows they enter the Command london hq command room night in the year 1942 AD; Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt, King Asantehene, Chiang Kai-shek, General de Gaulle are all seated in front of the International group of Super Heroes. Winston Churchill stands up and fixes his shirt and says “Listen Lady and Gentlemen we have all tried this on our own and failed miserably, this is the third time that I insist we must face this challenge together and that’s why with this Squad I want a Super human from each of you to form a special unit called the Allies this unit will be tasked with taking out The Axis of Evil and then Hitler. Eleanor Roosevelt gets up and says “I've found the perfect American hero for the team, I believe you are right Winston, if we show the world we are united imagine what can happen. Sergei Kozlov sits but says “ It is about time the Americans joined this war, Stalin is mad but he knows together we can win.” King Asantehene stands and fixes himself before saying “Then let us unite for peace and justice” and the Super Heroes all cheer loudly.

We are next on the interior of the intricate london hq and it is 9pm at night. Griffin, Electron, Artist Mage, Gold Lion, Virtuoso, Proten, Master Mystery , Blue Ghost, Gold Star, Wise Tusks, Black Houngan; and The Unified Earth units are all seated as they are being addressed by Eleanor Roosevelt while Winston Churchill, Sergei Kozlov, King Asantehene, and Chiang Kai-shek are all seated at the head of the meeting. Eleanor Roosevelt stands and says “Listen Gentlemen you are our A Squadron, our Human Rights Champions that we have selected to help bring peace to this world the Axis of Evil are merciless all of you would have been executed if you were born in their country, and the sad part is your allies don’t respect you either, so I need you to be the champions in spite of the odds are we united?” They all shout in agreement and Gold Lion pushes Griffin. Griffin walks forward and nervously says “We are proud to be chosen and will represent you proudly your majesty, I call you that because you are human rights royalty, we have one small request we ask that we all be allowed to marry our spouses, and Ghost says he needs to see donations to charity for the disabled from each of the leaders to children with disabilities before he moves a muscle and he has a sister and a friend that he wants to help get married as well!” King Asantehene stands tidies his clothes and says “You all Have a deal, I have a Prophetess who will do the ceremonies and I ask that you all travel to my kingdom for the weddings.” Ketemah Gardens November 18th 1939; They all stand holding their lovers hand as Prophetess Naiumbi blesses their unions. The Peace Keepaz dance with their guests and are taught some tribal dances which they dance with their spouses.

We are next between Lake Maracaibo and Aruba and it is the 16th February 1942. Bruce is at camp and he looks at a photo of Beryl and then of his wife Leslie he watches the others as they play card games some gamble. The unit has been doing great and are highly regarded by their commanders. The German submarine U-502 sinks crude oil tankers Monagas, Tia Juana and San Nicholas. The Peace Keepaz patrol the seas but don’t come into contact with U-502 they help clean up Monaga, Tia Juana and San Nicholas. We are next in Willemstad harbor on Curaçao the German Submarine U-67 torpedoes three oil tankers in succession. The four torpedoes from the bow tubes were duds, but the stern tube torpedoes sank Rafaela. Once again the U-67 is able to avoid Peace Keepaz detection. We next skip across the Atlantic Ocean to San Nicolas harbor on Aruba. The German Submarine U-156 torpedoes oil tankers Pedernales, Oranjestad, and Arkansas and gets away Scott free. The U-156 then attempts to shell the Aruba refinery with its 10.5cm SK C/32 naval gun; but the gun barrel burst when the first shell exploded because the gun crew failed to remove the tampion. The Germans slightly damaged a large storage tank. A Venezuelan gunboat, General Urdaneta, assisted in rescuing the crews of several torpedoed vessels; and A-20 Havoc light bombers attacked all three U-boats unsuccessfully. Blue Ghost is flying with Griffin as they are the two fastest they are ahead of the others when they see the damage to the land they find a sub as Blue Ghost goes into the Ocean creates an air pocket for him to breathe and locates a U boat and makes it surface as Griffin Blasts it with his Eye Beams. Electron attacks the U boats when they rise for air. Master Tanya casts spells that cause the Nazi’s to become paranoid and seek more air. Artist creates sea monsters to take out the U boats. They do this until they can no longer find U boats. The Super Villians arrive and a battle wages on underwater, on board ships and in the skies. The battle is fierce but the allies all hold firm and they take down the Super villians. Bruce Temple is patrolling the Russian Base’s exterior when he notices a German army approaching and he gets to cover and begins firing.

We next travel across the Atlantic Ocean to Trinidad's Gulf of Paria on the 18th of February the German U boats continue to target supplies to the allies and U-161 torpedoed Mokihama and the oil tanker BritishConsul. As the U-boats settled into routine patrolling, U-67 torpedoes oil tankers J.N .Pew and Penelope; U-502 torpedoes oil tankers Kongsgaard, Thallia and Sun; U-156 torpedoes Delplata and oil tanker LaCarriere; U-161 torpedoes Lihue and oil tankers Circle Shell, Uniwaleco and Esso Bolivar; and U-129 torpedoes George L. Torrain, West Zeda, Lennox, Bayou, Mary, Steel Age and the oil tanker Nordvangen. The U-156 crew being using hacksaws to cut off the damaged portion of the gun barrels; and, when U-156 runs out of torpedoes, they decide to use their sawn-off deck gun to sink Macgregor and the oil tanker Oregon. When Blue Ghost and Griffin Try alley oop again the Nazi Super Villains Arynus and Ion Captain are there to try and stop them As Blue Ghost is in the water Arynus swims to ambush him and hits Blue Ghost in the side Blue Ghost recovers but is then caught with a flurry of blows Blue Ghost retreats to gain his bearing and then catches Arynus in his tracks and freezes Arynus who cast a water spell and the current carries Blue ghost far into the deep sea. Griffin was waiting for the Alley oop and is ambushed by Ion Captain who blasts Griffin in the back as Griffin was falling he blasts Ion Captain in the head with a beam and Ion Captain falls into the Ocean. Ion Captain flies up but is unstable and Griffin cuffs him and quickly flies him to the prison on the island. Blue Ghost is ducking Water spells and battling through them until he goes so fast that he is able to get close enough to knock him out. Blue Ghost fails at the first attempt but is able to get it on the next attempt and when he gets close enough he punches Arynus until he is unconscious he carries Arynus to the Prison on the Island The Others arrive and Blue Ghost and Griffin stay on prison guard duty as the others try to protect against the attacks and minimize the damage. Bruce Temple writes poetry to Leslie and draws pictures for his children. The Dragon Unit get Bruce to come drink and play cards after he finishes his last drawing.

As request for more troupes comes to India the Indian National Congress, would again demand independence before it would help Britain. London refuses, and when the Indian National Congress announced a "Quit India" campaign in August 1942, tens of thousands of its leaders were imprisoned by British Army Unit. Meanwhile, Indian leader Subhash Chandra Bose would Join the Axis army and ally with Japan. Subhash Chandra Bose and the Japanese would set up an army of Indian POWs known as the Indian National Army, and unleash them against the British.

We are next in Castries harbor on Saint Lucia On 10th of March when U boat-161 torpedoes HMCS Lady Nelson and Umtata. While leaving Saint Lucia, U boat-161 torpedoes Sarniadoc and sinks the United States Coast Guard lighthouse tender USCGC Acacia with gunfire.

We are next on the Interior of Aruba Government office and General Carson says “As result of these attacks, there will be increased American occupation of the island for its protection.” We are next on the Atlantic side of the Lesser Antillies and horrifyingly Five Italian submarines patrol during Operation Neuland. They lurk the Waters stalking allied prey. Morosini torpedoes Stangarth and oil tankers Oscilla and PederBogen. The Enrico Tazzoli torpedoes Cygnet and the oil tanker Athelqueen. The Giuseppe Finzi torpedoes Skane and oil tankers Melpomere and Charles Racine. The Italian submarine Leonardo da Vinci torpedoes Everasma and the neutral Brazilian Cabadelo. The Luigi Torelli torpedoes Scottish Star and the oil tanker Esso Copenhagen. The Axis is feeling great about winning the war and taking over the world. Hitler sends more Super Soldiers to aid in the War and Hitler gives the new super drug to a large portion of the army these super villians but this new super drug also had a side effect, it can cause insanity. The super villians terrorized as they round people up and tortured them in horrible ways. Some of the already super powered Nazi’s take the drug and they push the allied army back when these Super Soldiers were released. The German Soldiers had more weapons and were already better equipped than the allies. The Shear numbers of soldiers Hitler gave to his armies was more than all the allied soldiers combined. Hitler provided his Soldiers with all they needed while the Allies gave their soldiers less than what they needed. Griffin says “Were losing too much of the supplies France is still occupied and Russia is losing!” Electron turns and says “We got to take down more its game time!” Artist Mage stands and says “Why are these people so hell bent on World domination, we are all capable of being more. The world can be so beautiful with unity of mighty and knowledgeable people” Gold Lion grunts and says “ Unity ay? You are a wise dreamer may your dreams come to fruition!” Virtuoso stands and says “It’s a story as old as time, the brutes want everything life can offer and more.Proten nods and says “We have tyrants that enforce horrible things on us now this is the most freedom I have had in my life the most where what I had to say counted !” Master Tayna drinks his wine and says “I have been down that same road brother our leader gives us less weapons and when the losses occurs he kills the general. We are living in slave nations and we must find a way to free each nation as they stifle our growth.” Blue Ghost drinks his water and says “Yea life has been rough I just take it on the chin and keep praying for better days!” Gold Star smiles and stands and says “The Unity ga come pon dis Earth and we goin to help bring forth those seeds to flowers, bushes and trees. Black Houngan slaps Gold Star on the back before saying “ That’s the spirit Gold Star lets bring down this Axis of Evil so Unity can grow on this blessed Earth!”

The Peace Keepaz are taking on the armies across the globe they have to or more genocide will occur. More heroes are standing up and some going solo while others join up with army platoons, units and brigades. They have to protect the Atlantic Ocean and help take down the Nazi army. The Super Soldiers are on all the islands and the Peace Keepaz separate to try and protect the island Nations. Proten, Master Mystery, and Gold Lion all say that they have to go to handle their home lands. They say their goodbyes and head toward home to try helping their war torn countries. Virtuoso heads with Faraji to help out. Beryl Temple is in her bed as she hears the explosions as the Germans bomb England. Leslie Temple grabs Beryl and the other children and heads to the bomb shelter. The house explodes as they walked quickly down the bustling streets in the neighbourhood as people rush to the safety of the bomb shelters and the children cry as Leslie tries to keep them all calm. Beryl tries to help stop the other children from crying.

We are next back on the Exterior of the Atlantic Ocean in the Windward Passage between Cuba and Hispaniola and U boat-126 simultaneously patrols and then torpedoes the Gunny, Barbara, Cardona, Texan, Olga, Colabee, and oil tankers Hanseat and Halo.

We are next in America in the florida waters and the U boat-504 moves south from Florida.

We are next in Munich Germany on a cold day .It is February 22nd 1943 Sophie, Hans, and Christoph are led to the guillotine. The Executioner carries Sophie first and Hans starts to fight but he is gun butted and falls to the floor. Sophie spits and says “Such a fine, sunny day, and I have to go... What does my death matter, if through us, thousands of people are awakened and stirred to action?”

The Executioner lines them up and the last thing we see is the blade falling. Master Mystery is battling the Super Soldiers and uses magic spells to kill each of the super soldiers. They next send warlocks and witches after Master Mystery who is able to evade them and pick his spots to take them down his small Coven aid him. There are times when there simply are too many German soldiers amped up with super juice and armed to the teeth so the Coven picks its spots to attack. With The German army hunting Master Mystery he is unable to free Russia but his boats In the fray aid the Russian cause.

We are next in the Atlantic Ocean and it is 1943 we are onboard The Booker T. Washington which has left port in America and heads to carry troops and supplies to Europe. Several enemy planes are spotted and Captain Mulzac readies his crew. Captain Mulzac shouts “They have come to stop our aid. Aid that will help the soldiers of peace and Democracy. Stand firm and bring those planes of hate and death down “ The Gunners salute and take aim they do not allow the planes to get off any clear shots before they are all brought down. The German Super Villians land on Andros and Blue Ghost begins to take on the 4 Super Villians by himself as the others try to catch up to Blue Ghost who is giving the Villians more than they can handle. He Begins to use his Physics Manipulation ability to make all 4 move at a slow velocity. The German Super Villians are captured and imprisoned. Virtuoso leads the charge back into France he is joined by Griffin, Electron, Artist Mage , Gold Lion , Blue Ghost, Gold Star Jamaican , Black Houngan and the other 190 Nations Super beings and Soldiers help locate most of the U boats and destroying them they unite with the French liberation army and help liberate France before heading to Russia.

In The United Kingdom Lancashire Bamber Bridge agreed to host the American Servicemen mainly from the 1511th Quartermaster Truck regiment. The 1511th was part of the USA’s Eighth Air Force. British Envoys lead the 1511th to Mounsey Road to Air Force Station 569 which was affectionately nicknamed Adam Hall. Another set of British Envoys would lead the 234th US Military Police Company to the north side of town. The 1511th Quartermaster Truck was a Logistics unit. The duty of the 1511th is to deliver Military grade Material to other Eighth Air Force bases in Lancashire.  Sadly during World War II the US Armed Forces were still racially segregated. The soldiers of 1511 Quartermaster Truck were almost entirely Black, and all but one of the officers were White, as were the MPs. Military commanders tended to treat the service units as "dumping grounds" for less competent officers, and the leadership in the unit was poor. The people of Bamber Bridge supported the Black troops, and when US commanders demanded a color bar in the town, all three pubs in the town posted "Black Troops Only" signs.

On the evening of 24 June 1943, some of the soldiers from the 1511th Quartermaster Truck regiment were drinking with the English townsfolk in Ye Olde Hob Inn. Two MPs, Corporal Roy A. Windsor and Private First-Class Ralph F. Ridgeway, responded to a report of trouble at a local pub. The MPs had standing orders to arrest soldiers who were out of camp without a pass, were disorderly, or were not in proper uniform. When they entered the pub, they encountered one soldier, Private Eugene Nunn who was dressed in a field jacket rather than the required class A uniform. They still would ask Private Nunn to step outside. Private Nunn and several of his commrades begin to argue with the MPs, with local people and British servicewomen of the Auxiliary Territorial Service siding with Nunn and his comrades. One British soldier challenged the MPs by saying, "Why do you want to arrest them? They're not doing anything or bothering anybody." A Black Staff Sergeant William Byrd, would defuse the situation but, as the MPs left, a beer was thrown at their jeep. After the MPs picked up two reinforcements, they spoke to Captain Julius F. Hirst and Lieutenant Gerald C. Windsor, who told the MPs to do their duty and to arrest the Black soldiers. A group of MPs intercepted the soldiers on Station Road as they returned to their base at Mounsey Road. A fight between the soldiers and officers’ brakes out in the road, which leads to shots being fired. One of the shots struck Private William Crossland of the 1511th in the back and killed him. Some of the injured Black soldiers return to their base, but the killing causes panic as rumors begin to spread that the MPs are out to shoot Black soldiers. Although the colonel was absent, acting CO Major George C. Heris did his best to calm the situation. The Unit’s Only Black Officer, Lieutenant Edwin D. Jones, manages to persuade the soldiers that Heris will be able to round up the MPs and see that justice was served. However, at midnight, several jeeps full of MPs arrived at the camp, including one makeshift armored car armed with a large machine gun. This act would prompt the Black soldiers to arm themselves with weapons. Two thirds of the rifles were taken, and a large group left the base in pursuit of the MPs. British police officers said that the MPs set up a roadblock and ambushed the soldiers. The Black soldiers warned the townsfolk to stay inside as a firefight broke out between them and the MPs, which resulted in seven wounded. The fighting stopped around 04:00am the next morning with an officer, three Black soldiers, and one MP having been shot and two other MPs beaten. Eventually, the black soldiers returned to the base, and by the afternoon, all but four rifles had been recovered.

The Indians fought with distinction throughout the world, including in the European theatre against Germany, in North Africa against Germany and Italy, in the South Asian region defending India against the Japanese and fighting the Japanese in Burma. Indians also aided in liberating British colonies such as Singapore and Hong Kong after the Japanese surrender in August 1945. Over 87,000 Indian soldiers (including those from modern day Pakistan, and Bangladesh) and 3 million civilians died in World War II. Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck, Commander-in-Chief, India, asserted the British "couldn't have come through both wars I and II if they hadn't had the Indian Army."

A major famine in Bengal in 1943 led to 3 million deaths due to starvation, and a highly controversial issue remains regarding Churchill's decision to not provide emergency food relief. The Pains of Decisions that cost soo many lives. Those we see as heroes in one aspect become villains in another.

Indian participation in the Allied campaign remained strong throughout the world war 2. The strong financial, industrial and military assistance of India formed a crucial component of the British campaign against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The Strategic location of India at the tip of the Indian Ocean, its large production of armaments, and its huge armed forces played a decisive role in halting the progress of Imperial Japan in the South-East Asian theatre. This was a vital and necessary blow that would hinder the Axis Forces. During World War II The Indian Army was one of the largest Allied forces contingents that took part in the North and East African Campaign, Western Desert Campaign. At the height of World War II, more than 2.5 million Indian troops were fighting Axis forces around the globe.

We are next in Germany and it is the 21st July 1944 AD A Prisoner with a large pink triangle on his chest named Otto Schimd walks pass the other concentration camps some of the other prisoners with other colored triangles spit on him as he walks pass German Officer Peter Fischer walks pass and gives out a long stare at Otto who tries to avoid eye contact Otto gets a sudden thought and hears a voice in his head saying "stay strong". Otto firms up as the guards lead him to a room where he is taken and beaten. Peter watches as Otto is given an injection before leaving. We are next on the interior of his mercedez car. Peter drives off and the two officers let him out the compound after a short inspection.

Red sun calls for a one on one with Griffin who boldly accepts the challenge. The other Pray over Griffin and some want to take Griffin’s place and take on Red Sun. Griffin Tells them not to worry and heads out to Face Red Sun. Red Sun set’s a trap and has several Super Nazi’s face Griffin first and as Griffin Faces them Red sun Picks his points to Attack Griffin.

We are next back in America and it is December 1944 Lieutenant Harriet Ida Pickens and Ensign Frances Wills congratulate each other after being commissioned as the first African-American WAVES officers. We are back in Russia and the cold weather is freezing and the Caribbean super heroes are not use to this cold a temperature. They have not been at their best as they haven’t adjusted to the cold. Artist Mage has been protecting them and defeating large segments of the Nazi army on his own as his creations and him casting magical spells was a wise decision that blitzed the Nazi super army and they had no answer. We are back in Germany in 1945 and Peter goes inside and locks the door he sits in a chair and begins to concentrate, he reaches out to the mind of Gail. Peter says “Gail I am moving in, here are the locations to as many camps that I could find. I have seen some of the Cold water immersion experiments done on the prisoners at Dachau concentration camp performed by Sigmund Rascher.”

Red Sun is awaiting Griffin who flies in as Red Sun Darts toward him like a hawk Griffin avoids him and both blast beams at the same time that cancel each other out. Red Sun Tackles Griffin who rolls and kicks free and Griffin begins blasting at full force and catches Red Sun on his 4th mid air teleportation. Red Sun curses as Griffin blast him one last time slowly killing him and making him burn molecule by molecule.

Germany; The Grand Stand Day 1: The majority of the Pink Resistance stand in a circle as Hanz prays. After the prayer all arm up. The bombs go off. Hanz grabs the binoculars and looks out the window and sees the first tank in flames and the Nazis walking through the path where the Tank exploded. Hanz grabs his gun and his helmet and starts charging most follow and a minority stay. The Snipers on the roof begin to fire. Nazi's begin to fall and Hanz and the Army begin to take down the Nazi's. Kenneth gets hit in the shoulder and stomach; he screams and falls to his knees Atile stands in front of him and starts Firing with precision taking down Nazi after Nazi. Atile takes a bullet in the leg and falls to his knees and keeps firing. Kenneth gets his gun up fighting through the pain and starts firing again. Bertrun is in the front line Firing and she rushes to gun butt a Nazi who is about to stab Ainsteiner. Bertrun is shot in the back and she turns and shoots the Nazi in the cheek. She Keeps Firing as Ainsteiner tears and ties a piece of his shirt around her wound. Ainsteiner starts firing and then throws a grenade. We are back in Russia and Bruce is with the Unit helping to free Russia. We travel across thes seas to Jamaica on a Hot windless Day and The Nazi super Villians touch down and begin taking on the Jamaican army Gold Star arrives and goes at the Super Villians firing off solar beams and chi energy beams at the Super VilliansThe Remaining Army push forward and they kill 2 of the Super Villians and capture the other 5.

Germany Austroplis Day; Grand Stand Day 4 Jenna helps bring food and serve the Army. Jenna brings a plate and a painting to Bertrun who kisses her when she sees the beautiful painting of the two of them in a garden kissing. Gilfred starts to sing and Johan begins to calm down. Gilfred says “..” Johan dances and says “I love that song!” Gilfred looks at him and says “I know now calm down and focus!” Germany Austroplis Love camp Day; Carsten is Wearing Kenneths Teachers coat and he is holding the gun firmly as he looks through the Binoculars. The freed children and teenagers sit as Micheal is teaching. Elfrida is patroling the Roof and checking Each Direction and sending signals to Gilfred. On Day 9 Gilfred is taking down Nazi's one after the other and he doesn’t notice the Tank from the blindside which blows Gilfred and a portion of the roof away. Johan Begins aiming at the Tank and fires the Rocket Launcher blowing up the tank. Johan celebrates but is shot in the neck and slowly dies. Germany Austroplis Day 10: Bertrun, Hanz, Kenneth, Delmira march on the perimeter. Bertrun runs to try and save Delmira and is shot in the ribs and falls. Delmira is over powered and stabbed in the heart and dies. Bertrun shots the Nazi who Killed Delmira but is shot in the shoulder but she does not drop the gun she shots the Nazi who hit her and then shoots another and another until she is shot in the leg and then the helmet and falls. She rolls and gets to her Knees and starts Shooting, she hits the two Nazi's that shot her and throws a grenade. Some of the Nazi's are hit and the others retreat. Bertrun aims and fires but there is no more bullets. The Nazis come out of hiding and walk toward her they are 10 feet from her when the Allies come and start firing at the Nazi's until they surrender. Colonel Hill spots Bertrun and runs toward her and some of his men follow. Bertrun says “There are some citizens left Under the Basement in the Brown building 7 houses south from here please save them for me and tell Jenna I will always love her!” Bertrun falls over and dies. Carsten runs with tears in his eyes and doesn’t stop until he finds Kenneth's Body on the floor. Carsten holds Kenneth kissing him and crying. Jenna is walking slowly and each step is heavy. She falls on Bertrun's Body and her wails make some of the Allies cry. The soldiers give All the grievers time but after a few hours they forcefully take the bodies. They allow the lovers to hold the hands.

Bruce Temple and his unit storms the shore of Germany and his unit get’s far leading a clear way up the beach for the other units to follow. Bruce makes it far on the front line but his unit is ambushed and as Bruce is shot in the chest and falls to the ground he looks at his photos of his wife and children and slowly dies.

The Peace Keepaz fly into German airspace undetected they park the Dove jet and try to meet their obectives of shutting down the Nazi war machine. Griffin says to the team “If Peace be the goal then you know what must be done!!!”

The Heroes head out towards their objectives they strike all the Nazi Vessels of war, the warships, u boats, and jets. Blitzkreiger and his army chase after the heroes Electron stops to take on Blitz Krieger who is simply to fast as Electron charges up Blitszkrieger blitzes him and stabs him multiple times as Virtuoso leads the charge to try and take down Blitstkrieger who retreats but taunts Virtuoso chases and falls into Blitzkrieger’s trap where Blitzkrieger Blitz him instead of retreating and he shoots Virtuoso in the heart. Blitzkrieger goes to hunt the other heroes. Gold Star and Black Houngan find Virtuoso and the ring goes to Gold Star. They begin attacking the concentration camps and freeing the prisoners. Wise Tusks and Artist Mage find Electron and Artist Mage begins Drawing Doctors and Nurses who come to life and begin working on Electron. Wise Tusks begins to help Electron as well using healing chakra techniques. Athena comes down to Earth herself to defend them as they heal Electron. Griffin, Blue Ghost and Gold Lion are at Hitlers Hide out and Blitzkeiger is attacking them like a feral animal. BlitsKeiger runs away when they overwhelm him and calls for back up as he tries to keep a distance. Blue Ghost turns and takes on the other high security guards going all out as he knows Hitler must die today. Gold Lion Tackles Blitzkeiger before he cuts Griffins on his throat. Gold Lion and Blitskeiger both stab each other Griffin blasts Blitzkeiger and then hits Hitler with Quantum Eye beams killing both. The sad thing is Gold Lion is also dying and Griffin sees this and holds him close. Griffin says, “hold on big fella you can handle this I know you can” Gold Lion smiles and breathes his last breathe. Griffin and BlueGhost stand over him crying.

Griffin walks up to Emperor Haile Selassie and brings Gold Lions Armor and medals. Emperor Haile Selassie calls Gold Lions Lionesses and cubs and they come out and wail as they hold onto his armor. Elleanor Roosevelt asks “Griffin can you stay on and lead the Peace Keepaz as we don’t know who or when another tyrant will rise up.” Griffin responds “I will with honor your grace!” Eleanor Roosevelt’s work on behalf of human rights was amplified by her work with the United Nations (U.N.), which was founded two months after the end of World War II. President Harry Truman appointed Eleanor Roosevelt to be part of the first U.S. delegation to the U.N., and she went on to chair the Human Rights Committee. Here is Eleanor Roosevelt’s Transcript of Speech on Human Rights 1951 Paragraph One: I’m very glad to be able to take part in this celebration in St. Louis on Human Rights Day. Ever since the declaration of human rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, was passed in Paris in 1948 on December the 10th , we have fostered the observance of this day not only in the United States but throughout the world. Paragraph Two: The object is to make people everywhere conscious of the importance of human rights and freedoms. Paragraph Three: The reason for that is that these are spoken of and emphasized in the Charter of the United Nations, and the declaration was written to elaborate the rights already mentioned in the charter and to emphasize also, for all of us, the fact that the building of human rights would be one of the foundation stones, on which we would build in the world, an atmosphere in which peace can grow. Paragraph Four: For that reason, all over the world we’ve encouraged the Association for the United Nations to observe a whole week before United Nations Day comes around to explain the United Nations and what goes on in that organization and when we come to the celebration for human rights we try to particularly have people study the declaration so that they will really understand what were considered to be the most essential rights for all people to have throughout the world. Paragraph Five: They fall into different groups and one reason that we are now considering the writing of a covenant or covenants is because we feel that these rights should sometimes be actually written into the laws of countries throughout the world, and that can be done by the adoption of covenants and the changing of laws to meet whatever a country has accepted in a covenant which will be written in treaty form. Paragraph Six: These things must be well understood because even though you pass, you accept treaties and countries ratify those treaties, the real change, which must give to people throughout the world their human rights, must come about in the hearts of people. Paragraph Seven: We must want our fellow human beings to have rights and freedoms which give them dignity and which will give them a sense that they are human beings that can walk the earth with their heads high and look all men in the face. Paragraph Eight: If we observe these rights, for ourselves and for others, I think we will find that it is easier in the world to build peace because war destroys all human rights and freedoms, so in fighting for those we fight for peace. From 1946 to 1953, Roosevelt served as a U.S. delegate to the United Nations, where she oversaw the drafting and passage of the Universal Human Declaration of Rights. Roosevelt considered the document, which continues to serve as a model for how people and nations should treat each other, one of her most significant achievements. From 1961 until her death the following year, Roosevelt headed the first Presidential Commission on the Status of Women, at the request of President John Kennedy (1917-1963). She also served on the board of numerous organizations, including the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) and the Advisory Council for the Peace Corps. Later in the 1960s Eleanor Roosevelt’s continued support of the civil rights movement and an anti-lynching bill earned her the ire of the Ku Klux Klan, who put a $25,000 bounty on her head.

Written by P and K HannaLand