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Training Dayz part 1 by P and K HannaLand

Heroes Bridge

37Quadtrillion ME*@#=:


Divine Artistic Novel #:7

Training Days (1990-2030 AD)

Training helps you to prepare for what is to come or what may come. The mission of most University degree programs is to train its students to become critical, thoughtful, productive scholars prepared to address issues occurring during their work lifespan. Daybringer inspires me to train my hardest and achieve the most from my training to carry over into Vocational work. When me and Brigadier hit the gym I always ask him “Why do We train?” and he always responds “To face the forces of Evil!”

It is June 30th 2030 AD and we are at The Kaleidoscope Temple as Sunbringer and 3rd Visionary (now with an Adamantium casing covering the portion of his skull lost to War Eagle in the Events that occur in the Universe in Peril a Multiversal Mythological War) are in their Private office Dressing for their Joint sermon. They are Dressed and Sunbringer opens a Magical screen and it reveals Alpha who tells them the topic that they are to preach on this day. Pastors Sunbringer and 3rd Visionary head to their Sunday School class of 8 to 18 year olds and teach a half hour session with a small choir and liturgical dance team that teaches as they Teach how to read sermons, listen to sermons, give sermons, and then singing lessons, art lessons, Acting lessons, Exercises, Nutrition, Vocational advice and then the Liturgical Dance Lessons. The Children are given a break and head to their chosen set of Vocational Physical Chores. Pastors Sunbringer and 3rd Visionary walk pass Sista Peterson and her Colleagues as they are teaching a sermon on the Patio before the Temple Gardens before they go on that class goes on its nature walk. Pastors 3rd Visionary and Sunbringer check on all the other Pastors and students of Kaleidoscope. The Bell rings and all head back to the Temple to get ready for the Sermons. Pastor Sunbringer and Pastor 3rd Eye go out and take their Seat at the Pastors section with LGBT, Straight ally, Inter pastors, Animal Pastors, Mythical Pastors, Magical Pastors all from the Married arrangements of Monogamous to Polygamy. Each of the Sets of Pastors in their own Marital pairing gives a 10 to 20 minute sermon split equally among each of the members. Each Preaching segment has two choir songs and one congregation song before the start of the new Sermon. During that Temple Session 100 stories from Different Religions or Mythology are told. The Kaleidoscopian free Gourmet Restaurant plays the Lunch is ready song and the congregation piles out. After four hours the Temple rings the Bell to annouce the Evening Portion of the Temple Service which starts with songs, liturgical dances, followed by a puppet show. Three different short plays. A break is called and snacks and drinks are provided in the large and fancy Reception area filled with Religious and Mythological painting sculptures and various other artifacts. Repsyha is in the Knights of Justice Choir section with Queen Justice, Navy Blue, Queen Art, Amazonia, Paintress and many other of their family members. The Other Choirs are placed in floors and rows above each other in the huge Temple. They all sing the same songs in Unision but give Each Choir its specific Solos, duets, and personal variations. The Choirs, Orchestra, and Litrugical Danceers lead the next half hour with many songs as the Liturgical Dancers perform. Another short Puppet Show that was recorded for this day is debuted. The Ancient Mythology of the Day is played next which is a Mythology film from Ourstory that is voted on by the Congregation. The Night ends with a New Mythological Movie Made By Kaleidoscope Entertainment.

the Knights of Justice Training Facility. Sifu Ginru Longbowe is making tea as Doc Scy Fy aka Dirani Musician is waiting on her coffee as she strums her guitar in her lab coat. Sunbringer is in the Kitchen giving the meal orders to the chefs. In the back of the facility is the 4 winds Dojo on the training field. Sifu 3rd Eye and Ongoutou Fairplay aka Kris Soulsby are both dressed in their 4 winds of Kung Fu gi’s. They stand in front of` their obedient and dedicated students; Tan Rahmstrong aka Blue Mind and Che Rahmstrong aka Blue Speed, Leah Peterson aka Sky Tech, Ana Peterson aka Star Tech, Andel Literary aka Blue Soulja, and Zara Literary aka Blue Angel. Tsar aka Blue Mind is a Quantum Telepath among his other varied abilities which grow as he learns about them and applies them for good purposes. Blue mind’s genius became apparent to Flamianna when he at the age of 7 learnt to transform himself into a T rex, after learning the difficult spell by reading further ahead in the spellbook than his teachers’ expected. Leah Peterson aka Sky Tech is the Child of Milo aka Navy Stallion and Dana Peterson aka Ace Commander. Leah is a Quantum human with Technotelepathy and Technokinesis. Technotelepathy allows users to communicate with Computers and technology with AI and even telepaths can’t detect the conversations. Technokinesis allows users to create technology through telekinesis and also to control that technology. Sky Tech’s creations tend to be planes, jets, and helicopters. Anya Peterson aka Star Tech is also a Quantum human with Quantum Technokinesis, Techno telepathy, and solarkinesis and she is able to give her creations special energy along with the ability to create solar magnetic shields and shoot solar eye beams. Che Rahmstrong aka Blue Speed who is too fast for his own good as he is a cheeky devil is like a rude version of Fairplay as they both can be very good at any sport or discipline they choose, Blue Speed who is the male version of Queen Justice in appearance and also has the Universal freckles that glow and can be used creatively to show special magical universal artistic analogies of universal justice. Blue Speed was so fast that he relied on his super speed which matched some of the fastest Quantum or any other species ever recorded. The thing is Blue Speed had other abilities which he needed to learn to master as he had a tough, rough and long road to his ultimate destiny. Blue Mind and Blue Speed are the children of Nikki Soulsby aka Queen Justice and also have powers of Lady Ultra imbued in them along with the abilities inherited from both of their parents. Some of the other students Nasim Soulsby aka King Justice, Sahir Soulsby aka Super Revo aka Revolutionary, Selimaah Soulsby aka Navy Princess, and Nexus Soulsby aka Soundproof are with Sifu Milo Peterson aka Navy Stalion who has them in the Virtual Simulation combat room. Each of these young adults are Quantum humans who can create Telekinetic Constructs and have Sound Manipulation abilities. Nasim is complaining to the others as he hates how hard Sifu Milo training sessions are. Nasimaru is unaware that his thoughts are being displayed on Sifu Milos computer who smiles as he deploys King Justice in a solo mission on one of his hardest created simulations to date. Navy Princess gets a mental image from the telepathic bond that her and Nasim share and she screams in fear at what Nasim is facing. Navy Princess shows the image to Radical who is super excited and roars like a defiant lion ready to get it on. When Sifu Milo here’s this he sucks his teeth and deploys them into a super hard duel team mission in the Imperial islands against Vex and the Cyberdemun armies. To imagine Navy Stallion’s training technique; similarities can be found Magneto training the X men in the Age of Apocalypse series.

Zebra has the last set of Students; Athena Soulsby who is a mixture of her Father Aquiliez and Mother Yasmine and she has Telepathy and telekinesis like her father, Mandela Gudney who is half Dragud and Half Quantum human has the three eyes like his father Sekou and the Features of his Father Paul and a Legendary set of Dragud Wings. Paul Gudney Jr. who is the color of Sea Chime in Skin Colour the three eyes has smaller Dragud wings but has Quantum telepathy and Telekinesis, and Francis jr Careaboutya who is the splitting image of his father in looks except the colour difference and ability. Zebra is training them in Charney Magic. Mandela asks “If I have these abilities why do I need to learn magic?” Zebra “ A Versatile hero is ready to face what ever is thrown at him. What if they cast a spell to cancel your powers? What if they cast a spell on your friends? What if they inject you and take away your Powers? What will you do in those situations Mr super powers?” Mandela simply starts reading the spell as the others laugh.

Francis Careaboutya aka Archisirus, Artiesta (the older sister of Archisirus and Art Mage) , Art Mage aka Darnold Careaboutya, Polar and Magic King aka Isaac Fountain ; are in a meeting with Lightspeed and Cliptopia as they try to design sevaral new Community Buildings for Kaleidoscope Theory. Beauty Star who is the wife of Archisirus Arrives with Canard Ocean as they bring lunch and research material. Lightspeed aka  is in front of Architects Palace having a smoke break and as he stares at his car in horror, shock, and then concern as his nephew Wildspeed of 14 years old driving named Wildspeed who tries to sneak and park his Mercedes jeep and then jumps out the car racing down the streets of Lighthouse cay laughing wickedly. Mystic King aka Ivan Waerfall a 5foot 3 Bahamian Olympian Quantum human and his daughter Mystic Princess a 5 foot 5 half Quantum human and half Gerbil Charney have just arrived from their magical training. Mystic Princess joins the other students as Mystic King goes to talk with Sifu Longbowe. Ninja Tech is the youngest Sifu in Knights of Justice history his real name is Kimar Soulsby aka Ninjatech and he bows when he comes through the dojo and calls Andel and Zara for their turn at the Virtual combat simulation training. 3rd Eye and Fairplay both bow to Ninja Tech who leads the young teens away to train. Zara trembles because she knows Sifu Miles is creating the simulations today and his training sessions are the most intense, insane, wildest, and toughest you will find in almost any Virtual Combat Simulation training session. Sifu Milo preaches training your hardest for the ultimate gains to achieve Ultimate peace in the streets.

In Cuba at the Kaleidoscope Temple Pastor Reina guerrera aka Rachel Rodriguez bows and let everyone know that the food is ready. Pastor Unidad who is Reina Guerrara's Spouse is making sure the Kaleidoscopian Staff are fed as the Kalei Waiters and Matradees make sure all have their meal and focus on their upcoming physical portion of their training lessons. Pastor Reina is reading several Scriptures and Mythology stories to the 7 year old students to the 10 year old students and then does teaches them several Liturgical Katas.

Empress Ramdee is at the Lighthouse Cay Educational Library with th 7 to 15 year old students teaching them World History, Cultural, and Interfaith lessons. Boomshack is at the Kaleidoscope temple going over Religious Laws with Pioneer, Proficient and Karmitra. Karmitra takes a gift from Boomshack and steals one of Ninja Tech's Cyber Cycles and heads to the Library to Help Empress Ramdee wiith the lessons and give her Boomshacks surprise gift. Empress Ramdee lets the Children debate with Each other about various topics during each topic and gives breaks before moving on to new topics. The Peace Builder Children create thank you cards for Empress Ramdee and the International Peace Educator Staff; during the first portion of their snack break.

3rd Eye blows a kiss to his Husband Daybringer aka Paul Gudney who catches it and places it on his heart. Wildspeed comes racing in tells Bluespeed what he did before he aces to hide behind King Mystic who is laughing. Monumentus who is from Inagua and is 4 foot 3 foot tall and a whole 2 feet and 2 inches takes the Monumental Knights who are 10 of the bravest Disabled Heroes in the Bahamas to Repsyha for Private Training Sessions. Lightspeed can be heard cursing from a block away. Blue speed Laughs as an Angry Lightspeed storms in the training facility screaming “where is that little bastard.” King Mystic laughs and tries to stop Lightspeed from using his belt on Wildspeed. Sifu Ginru coughs and the fighting stops. Lightspeed then takes Wildspeed to the simulation training for a lesson from Navy Stallion.

Sifu Sunbringer takes the Charney recruits and the New Kaleidoscopians and begins training them in the Basic Peace Keepaz Liturgical Katas. Sifu Starbringer is Instructing the new Vocationeer and Love Guard recruits in the Divine Promise Liturgical Katas. Sifu Master Mystic Zebra is training Humble, Sunny, and the Scientifica Recruits the Divine Liturgical Kata Sceintific Defense. Sunbringer leaves Ken Gudney aka Solar Dragon in charge of the training and spaing sessions as he checks on his of the lessons before going to work on a surprise gift for 3rd Visionary aka 3rd Eye's evolved Divine form.

3rd Visionary goes and grabs his training bow and arrows and indicates to Fairplay which lesson he is going to start teaching. 3rd Visionary instructs his students to get ready. Tan is nervous as 3rd Visionary telepathically instructs him of what to do. Che begins to listen in and smile as 3rd Eye pinches him on his arm with telekinesis for listening in. 3rd Eye Shoots an Arrow and Blue Speed Races to Catch it as Blue Mind Moves the Arrow to carry it towards a target several miles from him but Blue Speed Adjusts and races back to steal arrow and Blue Minds Bird Watching book from his back pocket as well as one of 3rd Eyes Shuriken’s. He is behind them laughing and the 2 search themselves. 3rd eye laughs when Blue Mind pulls Blue Speeds legs from underneath him and playfully punches him, he separates them before it gets serious. 3rd Eye says “That’s Enough! Training is not complete you can horse around later. Very good Blue Speed. And Blue Mind can the Mind be faster than the foot? Now it is time to do your Weapons training.” 3rd Eye noticed both of them powering up on each other as they were play fighting and knew it would get serious fast he wipes his forehead in relief when they don’t notice. 3rd Eye sends Fairplay for the other students when the Virtual Combat Training Session signal goes off signaling the change of students. Blue Mind Bows and grabs his Axe Spear and begins to do Kata 43. He is slow but skilled and moves gracefully through the Kata. Blue Speed grabs his Padua as he gives 3rd eye the thumbs up and then seconds later he is behind them recording them with his Video Camera. Blue Speed gives 3rd Eye the Camera and 3rd eye watches the slow motion of the video; it is Kata 24. The video of Blue Speed doing Kata 24 is still played out faster than the average person and he even does a Bruce Lee imitation by brushing his nose with his thumb at the end of the Kata. 3rd Eye Sucks his teeth and calls Blue Speed a “Cheeky Monkey” Fairplay aka Kris Soulsby walks in with King Justice aka Neiko Soulsby, Radical aka Sampson Soulsby, and Navy Princess Selina Soulsby they bow and begin running laps after the 100 pushups. Fairplay begins to do Kata 57 with his Psionic Kata as him and King Justice, Radical, and Navy Princess all have Quantum Psionic Abilities. The Kata is Flawless and Fairplay bows as King Justice begins with his Psionic Sai’s he is execution is perfect and smooth and he moves stealthy like a Tiger. Radical and Navy Princess begin their dual kata and they both use Psionic Sai’s like their father Briga. These two show off their Acrobatic ability with Kata 23 and both nail it and they give a high 5 before returning to their place in the training line. Blue Mind raises his hand and 3rd Visionary says “ Speak Padawan” Sifu do you think we are gonna be good enough to be on the Knights of Justice. Blue Speed shouts “What do you mean were on the team already!” 3rd eye retorts “Yall are in training and are too young to be in the field wait your time and your talents are tremendous just be patient.” Blue Mind asks “So why are you not with The Knights of Justice Uncle Sekou?” 3rd Eye sits with his legs cross and calls all of them to sit in a circle. 3rd Visionary prays and Sunbringer teleports next to him and punches 3rd Visionary three times as 3rd Visionary waits until Sunbringer says he can tell the story. The Other Students prepare to listen as 3rd Visionary is allowed to use his Telepathy with the Story when Sunbringer says so. As 3rd Eye says “Well it’s a long story before you all were born. I too was once on the Training Squad but I didn’t make it out of Training because of my temper which made me a danger in the field.

Well truthfully my portion and Daybringer's portion of the story begins when Alpha and the Divine Love Council allow Ajaw Repshya and Queen Dragari to see visions of me; 3rd Eye and my love of loves and only love; Daybringer always choosing each other no matter how far they are separated and no matter what is done to the other. The Mothers accept the Loving Choice as Hermatta blesses them with the Blud Charney and Blood Dragon armies to defend the Two Future Divine Love Council members. Ajaw Anarrah begins watching over the Soulsbys and Gudneys.

Queen Dragari and Ajaw (which is Mayan for Queen) Repsyha are trying to keep Daybringer and 3rd Eye from walking into the Multiversal Cursed paths. The Divine Love Messengers begin going over Defensive Love Protection and Rehabilitaton proceedures with Queen Dragari and Ajaw Repsyha. The Love Soulja's begin to start heading into the field and carying out what the two Royals thought was for training. Queen Dragari puts on life time as Star Bringer brings tea and Snacks as they watch several Movies and talk. Queen Justice arrives with the Books from the library and they cut off the TV and each take turns reading portions of their assigned stories.

Ajaw Boom Shack and King Blue Lava are debating with the Divine Family Protection Council's about Defensive Strategies for Punishing the family members and how to give each their own free time for their personalities to develop. Boomshack get's heated by Dutunja a Council member who is simply on the Council because of Nepatism. When Dutunja tries to insinnuate that Boom Shack is there for the same reason King Blue Lava highlights the differences and actual contributions of each as the Earth calls for a break from the Debate. Ajaw Boom Shack and King Blue Lava head to the Ital Times Cafe.

In the Beginning of our Martial Arts Training on da Soulsby side we had many Physical trainers in Boomshack, Ace Sheriff. Ocean Commander, Repsyha, 5th Eye, Sista Healer, and Queen Gourmet, Boom Shack and Ace Sheriff were tyranical Trainers and everyday at 4:35am training would begin. They were no nonsense coaches and we all listened to avoid severe punishment. Sean and Owen Strongheart would get so good they would begin to win in all the Tennis tournaments they played in. Thunder aka Quintheus Peterson is talented in many sports but they are too afraid of his violent and borderline sadistic nature to let him enter tournaments.

The Training On da Gudney Side can be traced from the Dragud home planet in the Mythological realms down to King Zacharus aka Blue Lava, Queen Dragari, Rainbow Lava God, Rainbow Draco, and Dragon Martial. The Gudneys train with diligence, honor and respect and pride themselves on being humble. The Eldar Draguds Each Year send in their top students to test every Dragud on Their level of Total Good.

During February 12th 1993 AD; Ken Gudney aka Solar Dragon, Ru Gudney aka Red Star Draco are training at an elite Mixed Martial arts training College. Ru Gudney has been targeted because of his talent, abilities, parental lineage, and because he choose a Magiwulf Princess who is targeted for forced marriage by many others. Ru Gudney begins to loose control during the training sessions and Ken Gudney jumps in before the fighting goes to far and teleports Ru to his secret meditation chambers.

During 1990-1994 Discus aka Lou Ironchest and Thunder would take over as our coaches. Discus was disciplined and in Olympic level athletic shape from a young age. Thunder was a physical phenom but a blood thirsty tyrant that enjoyed torturing us instead of training us. For Some reason Thunder never tortured 3rd Eye but he got everyone else. In 1994 Thunder would disappear and be replaced by an alien saint. At least that’s what we all believe as his change was so drastic it had to take a face to face with Jesus Christ himself along with Buddha.

We travel Back to 1994 at one of the 4 winds Dojo’s at Knights of Justice Training Facility on Light house cay. In 1994 Thunder was already banned from martial arts as most in the community feared how dangerous he could become. Navy Stallion, Queen Justice, King Surgeon, Doc Scy Fy, Navy Blue, Doc Fortune, Amazonia, Confuddle, Mystic King, Spirit Friend, Green Bax, Major Justice, Scy Eyes, Polar, Archisirus aka Frank Caraboutya, Sunbeam, Lightspeed, Confuddle, Briga, Harmony, Star Bringer, Redracer, Green Eyes, Yellow Shogun, Daybringer, and 3rd Eye are headed to the Martial arts competition in Miami Florida in the United States.

Navy Stallion, Queen Justice, King Surgeon, Doc Scy Fy, Navy Blue, Doc Fortune, Amazonia, Confuddle, Mystic King, Spirit Friend, Green Bax, Major Justice, Scy Eyes, Polar, Archisirus aka Frank Caraboutya, Sunbeam, Lightspeed, Confuddle, Briga, Harmony, Star Bringer, Redracer, Green Eyes, Yellow Shogun, Daybringer.

Navy StallionSaudi Arabia Yemen Norway, Queen Justice,Mauritius Pakistan Oman

King Surgeon, Comoros Madagascar Seychelles

Doc Scy Fy,South Sudan Democratic Republic of Congo Burundi

Navy Blue,Kuwait Algeria Tunisia

Doc Fortune,Haiti Jamaica Bahrain

Amazonia,Antigua and Barbuda St Kitts and Nevis Dominican Republic Mystic King, Antarctica Suriname Guyana

Spirit Friend, Saint Lucia Barbados Dominica Green Bax,

Polar, Archisirus aka Frank Caraboutya Trinidad and Tobago Grenada
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines SunbeamMarshall islands Nauru Palau

,Briga, Turkey Malta Cyprus Harmony, Mexico Belize Guatemala

Star Bringer Bolivia Argentina Chile

, Redracer,Colombia Ecuador Peru

Solar Dragon Uruguay Paraguay Venezuela Green Eyes, Costa Rica Panama Brazil Yellow Shogun, El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua Daybringer. Federated States f Micronesia PakistGeorgia Armenia

Scy Eyes is in a special tournament which uses your abilities to break a certain amount of tough material such as concrete and then steel. Scy Eyes does his Kata to gather his chi and then blasts through all five concrete blocks. Lightspeed is the first to fight and he faces off against a Chinese Purple belt named Kwan Cheng. Lightspeed is quick and evades two punches a tiger claw and a round house kick to deliver four punches that knock Kwan to the mat. For the Second Point Lightspeed faked a kick and followed with a roundhouse left kick that laid Kwan flat again. Lightspeed pulled a hat trick in the first round and got three straight points without giving up a blow. The final point was won as Lightspeed charged like Mike Tyson and then began kicking like a tae kwon do fighter. Lightspeed finishes Kwan with a sweep and crescent kick to the stomach. Scy eyes is in the second round and he is now blasting against 10 iron sheets each five inches thick. Scy Eyes does another kata to gather his chi and blast through nine of them regretfully leaving the 10th but he still qualifies for the finals. Major Justice is up next and he is nervous. Lightspeed slaps him and says “Bro ya been training for years now fulfil your destiny and let’s all bring home a medal. Major Justice is so nervous that he is overwhelmed by the South American Kung Fu fighter using Snake Style named Jacob Ramirez. Jacob scores the first point with a combination of snake blows to the chest. Major Justice is now angry and he moves so fast he avoids all the snake attacks and jump kicks and lariats Jacob to the ground and elbows him in the belly. Major Justice then scores the 2nd point by running extremely fast and jump kicking Jacob who falls out of the ring. Major Justice scores three in a row after having dropped the first point and finishes the match by spinning out of the way and delivering a round house kick to the upper back. Geo Knowles aka Confuddle is up next and he faces Afro American Kung Fu Expert Micheal Burbaker. Micheal is an amazing fighter and has the crowd cheering for him. Confuddle is overwhelmed and drops the matches first two points to a spinning jump kick and block parry punch combination that leaves Confuddle feeling embarrassed. Lightspeed laughs and says “ha he getting sweep and ain bringing home nothing.” Confuddle blocks and counter punches Micheal in the stomach for his first point. Confuddle then blocks the onslaught of attacks and fakes a punch with his right hand before punching Micheal twice once in the head and again in the right shoulder. The score is tied at two to two and Confuddle sits patiently and goads his opponent into attacking and blocks until he sees his opening and counters with a elbow to the gut followed by a round house knee and then a judo takedown. Mystic King is in the Junior fighting tournament for white belts. Mystic King is nervous as he walks up to the mat. Mystic King is facing Alvin Thompson for Wisconsin. Mystic King is so nervous that he quickly looses the match without throwing a blow. Briga and 3rd Eye are both in the Kata competition. 3rd Eye is called up and nervously walks to the mat. 3rd Eye bows in all four directions and then begins his Kata. 3rd Eye looks fantastic but he has actually forgotten several of the steps in the Kata that he has chosen and the judges notice. Brigadier General is called a few competitors later and does his Kata perfectly but because he is a big boy the judges only noticed his weight and how his body moved so he score a low mark. The brothers cry in the locker. Sifu Ginru Longbowe comes to both of them and says “ya know the first time I saw yal ya both were doing Kung Fu and loving it and yall love for it rekindled my spark so remember even when ya don’t win ya can still love something.” 3rd Eye and Briga go back out to cheer on their friends. In the final round a special alien metal is used called Pharainium and Scy Eyes does his kata and only heats up the armour. Scy Eyes places second as only Giddie aka Felix Etherbastor is able to break the armour. In the second Round Lightspeed faces off against Chinese 5 time kung fu fighting champion Andy Hung. Lightspeed again is quick out of the gate and scores the first point as he ducked underneath a punch and side kicked Andy. The matches second point also went to Lightspeed who faked a roundhouse kick in one direction and followed up with a backhand punch in the other direction. Andy did not allow the hat trick as he adjusted to Lightspeed’s speed and kicked Lightspeed in his chest twice. The two competitors would battle hard and as the clock ticked on the match Andy grabbed Lightspeed and maneuvered behind him and body slammed him on the ground before finishing with a backhand punch that caught Lightspeed in the nose. Lightspeed cleans up the blood and attacks Andy furiously but as Andy blocks the punches high Lightspeed delivers two side kicks to win the matches final point. Major Justice’s opponent for the 2nd round is Confuddle and both hug before the match. Major Justice quickly secures the first point by blocking and countering with a double fisted punch to the chest in stomach. Confuddle gets angry and gains the second point with a spin kick as Major Justice is running at fast towards him. Confuddle uses the Tiger Claw technique and has Major Justice dancing at the age of the mat avoiding the blows until Confuddle trips him and he falls out of the ring. Major Justice is furious and he goes all out as Confuddle blocks all he is given until Major Justice does a bicycle kick that knocks his arms away then tear his jersey and bruises his chest. For the matches final point both competitors gave it their all as both wanted to make sure they go the higher medal than the other. Confuddle gets revenge for the bicycle kick with a grapple and 5 knee combo to Major Justice’s ribs that winds Lightspeed and brings him to the mat clutching his side and Confuddle says “that’s for tearing my Gi!” as he walks of the winner of the match. Lightspeed and Confuddle face off for the gold medal as Major Justice faces Andy Hung for the Bronze Medal. First up is the bronze medal match as Andy looks impressive stealing the point in the first round by side stepping and connecting with a back kick as Major Justice races past him. Major Speed calms down and delivers a punch kick combo that secures him his first point of the match. The referee signals go and the competitors battle to a stand still and are both awarded a point as they connected blows on the other at the same time. The Referee makes them bow to each other before the final point is fought for and Major Justice secures it as he kicks Andy until he falls out of the ring. Lightspeed taunts Confuddle and catches him with a quick back fist for the first point of the match. Confuddle gains his first point as he blocks and elbows Lightspeed. Lightspeed circles confuddle before catching him with a roundhouse kick. Confuddle fights hard but is caught with two quick punches and has to settle for the silver medal. They all travel back home excited about the experience. Lightspeed is laughing at everyone else as he takes home the only gold medal on the Martial arts team. King Zacharus, Queen Dragari, Star Bringer and Daybringer arrive with several of their Dragud family members in the Good Energy Martial Arts Uniforms. The International Grand Mythical Martial Arts Tournament is about to begin as the Musical Performers lead off the Event. The Gudney's take their bench and each prep for their competition. Grand Master Desmond Bethel shuts the music down and annouces the start of the tournament and all the rules. Magical powers are allowed but any lethal or fatal attack will be punished by the Grand Masters. The Young fighters start off as Star Bringer bows to her family and gives a dap to Daybringer and Solar Dragon before heading to perform her Liturgical Magical Dragud Kata called Saints and Dragons. Star Bringer starts with a fire and then makes a slight mistake before finishing strong. The crowd roars and Star Bringer bows to the Grand Judges and crowd before heading back to the family who hug and congratulate her. The other young competitors have their chance to perform their Katas and many are amazingly performed. Star Bringer nervously looks at the score board and is disappointed but still happy she finishes 2nd. Daybringer is up next and is in the Young Magical Spaing Championships. Daybringer's first competitor is Azam Benan aka Shock Claws from Morocco a Lightening Wolf and prodigy at the Wolf Claw Martial School. Solar Dragon speaks in Dragud and tells Daybringer to relax and focus. They both bow to the Grand Judges and then too each other. Daybringer and Shock Claws battle as neither lands a blow for 2 minutes straight before Daybringer uses Shock Claws wild attack against him and trips him before using his dragud tail to secure a point by tapping Shock Claw on the stomach before bowing to the judges as the refree separates them for the next round. They touch gloves and Shock Claw powers up and Daybringer is pressed hard and avoiding the blows before Daybringer recieves a juke fake kick to the stomach and the two are separated as Shock Claw recieves the second point of the match. The third round begins and Daybringer catches both claws and front kicks Shock claw as Daybringer takes a 2-1 lead. The Fourth round begins and as Shock Claw swipes with a lightening ki attack Daybringer spins and back hand hits Shock Claw between the shoulder blades to win the match. The Crowd cheers and they both bow as they shake hands and head back to their benches. Daybringer and Solare Dragon give high five as Daybringer hugs the rest of the family before his next match. Daybringers next match is against Super Brave a Byrdistic mythical from the Republic of Ireland with tremendous potential. They bow to the Judges and then each other as the match begins. Super Brave is quick and lands a knee to Daybringer after a minute of both deflecting each others attacks. The second point is scored easily by Super Brave as he fakes flight before hitting Daybringer with a low stomach punch. Solar Dragon Shouts in Dragud "It ain over yet!" The 3rd round begins and the fight is intense as they block each others attacks before the fight goes to the Air. Daybringer blocks a double outside punch which opens up Super Brave and Daybringer hits him with a double Buddha Palm and Super Brave falls to the mat. The score is Daybringer 1 and Super Brave 2. Daybringer does the Liturgical Spiritual Chi kata as he blocks all of Super Braves attacks and scores a point using the kata. The Score is 2 to 2 and both want the victory badly as the next round will decide the winner of the tournament. Shock Claw uses his Chi/ Ki energy to turn into his Lithening Energy form as the match begins but as he races at Daybringer he is caught with a magical pressure point Chi/ki Dampener attack that makes a Judge cheer for the excellent technique and execution. The crowd cheers again and Daybringer and Solar Dragon do their secret celebration hive 5 and dap combination. The Championship round is next and Grey Storm aka Elegaro Phanting a Elephantoid prodigy from Belgium is awaiting Daybringer after not dropping a point in any match for the last three tournaments. The crowd is completely silent as the Match begins and a Blow that Daybringer makes Daybringer fall to his knees as they both land a blow and a point awarded to each. Loud Gasps are heard as no one expected Daybringer to get a point. They bow to each other for the second round begins and the fight commences as Daybringer is forced off the mat and Grey Storm wins the point to take a 2 to 1 lead. Daybringer is mad and fustrated and Star Bringer walks past and says in Dragud "Imagine someone that size after your love!" Daybringer thinks of a bully that wants 3rd Eye and powers up as his Dragudnoid form muscles up and he grows two inches in height as well. The fourth round begins and they stand in the center of the mat as they block each others blows but feel each block; Daybringer blocks a punch and then uses a Angel wing chop to secure the tie and win the round securing round five and his chance at a Championship. The fifth round begins and Grey Storm tries to uses a Wind Elemental attack to push Daybringer out the ring and Daybringer powers through the Ring as Grey Storm rushes to attack as Daybringer side steps and knees Storm Cloud to secure the Victory as the crowd goes wild and King Zacharus lifts Daybringer up in the air as Queen Dragari kisses him on the cheek. Solar Dragon is up next and he is facing Golden Griffin the Son of the Legendary Peace Keeper Griffin and the Dragud Princess Dragasi from Britian in the United Kingdom. Solar does a Special Honary Bow to the Judges and Golden Griffin who returns the gesture. The match begins and Solar Dragon and Golden have a tae kwon do kick off that takes to the air before Solar Dragon catches Golden Griffin with a kick but catches him before he falls to the mat awkwardly. The Two Competitors give daps and begin the next round as Golden Griffin and Solar Dragon put on a Spectactular display as for 2 minutes of blocks that totaled 2000 blocks each before Golden Griffin hits Solar Dragon with a eye beam to the chest to win the point to even the match up at 1 to 1. The second round begins and each takes the other to the brink of stepping out of the mat as Solar Dragon blocks a upper cut and round house kicks Golden Griffin to take a 2 to 1 lead. The fourth Round begins and Golden Griffin blocks all of Solar Dragons kicks and then catches Solar with a double Pheonix eye hit that brings cheers from the crowd to tie it up at 2 to 2. The fifth round begins and as they block each others attacks for two minutes Solar Dragon catches Golden Griffin with a flaming kick combo that lifts them into the air and stops as Golden Griffin is mad but helps his old friend celebrate the vicotory and is humble in defeat. The two competitors hug and go to their seats. Solar Dragon's next Opponent is Kinetic Flare from France who is a legendary magical fencer and mixed martial artist. Kinetic Flare has Solar on the edge of the mat and avoiding the Magical Fencing sword that extends. Solar Dragon is scratched and his gi torn as Kinetic flare wins the first point of the match. Solar Dragon powers up his Chi/ki in his legs and as the second round begins Solar kicks the fencing arm up in the arm before landing two flaming punches to secure the 2nd point of the match and even the score. The third round begins and Solar Dragon is on the attack and using his dragon claws which have extended to battle the magical blade. Kinetic Flare uses a Energy distraction beam and then cracks Solar Flare in the back between the shoulders to win the third point of the match and take a 2 to 1 lead. As the Fourth round heats up Solar Dragon parry's the magical Fencing attacks and then side kicks Kinetic Flare to tie the match at 2 to 2. Daybringer shouts in Dragud “Lisa's watching in the crowds.” Solar Dragon looks at Lisa who is with her Magiwolf family in the crowd seating area. Lisa blows a kiss to Solar Dragon and Kinetic Flare notices and magically sends her a rose which she throws away. Solar Dragon is pissed and when the match begins grabs the Magical Fence and snaps it before using a Mega energy punch that makes Kinetic Flare puke. The Judges review and award Solar Dragon the match as the cleaners clean the mat. 15 minutes later the Championship round for the 15 to 25 male age bracket begins and Solar Dragon is facing Ice King from The Netherlands who won four out of the six tournaments he has been in while placing second in the other two tournaments. The first round is intense as steam begins to fill the Stadium and has to recycled by the Stadium staff. Ice King freezes Solar Dragon in the air and then throws him to the mat before punching Solar Dragon in the Stomach to secure the first point of the match. The second round begins and Solar Dragon and Ice King fire beam after beam before they lock and Solar Dragon overpowers Ice King who is hit with a dragon fire beam to the ribs to tie the match up at 1 to 1. The third round begins and Ice King guads Solar Dragon into attacking and freezes the mat and as Solar Dragon slips and falls Ice King races in to secure the point with a blow to the back and places his knee on Solar Dragon before the refree separates them as they curse each other. Queen Dragari kisses King Zacharus as the Royal Magical Womens Championship begins for ages 26 and up. Louise Dubois aka Queen Mage is Queen Dragari's First opponnent. Queen Mage is a legendary marital artist who has won tournaments on Each continent. They bow to the judges and each other as the match begins. Queen Mage has Queen Dragari on the Defensive as Queen Mage mixes magical attacks and Martial arts attacks as Queen Dragari blocks each and patiently waits for her opening before using a magical binding spell and punches Queen Mage in the Shoulder to secure the first point of the match.
Belgium USA Canada King Zacharus Thailand Laos Cambodia China

Queen Dragari asks Daybringer what he wants for winnging the Tournament and Daybringer says a vacation with 3rd Eye and the family. Queen Dragari looks at Daybringer smiles and then checks her International Peace Organization Education seminar schedule and then calls Repsyha. Daybringer tells his mum to let Repsyha know its a surprise for 3rd Eye. Repsyha agrees to let 3rd Eye go and secretly packs a bag for him and gives Queen Dragari an Allowance for 3rd Eye. The Gudney's and 3rd eye travel to BangladeshIndia, and Nepal during the Peace Architect Education Seminar dates in each country. Daybringer and 3rd Eye Meanwhile deep in the mountains of Cuba Reina guerrera aka Beatrice Daisy is being trained by her uncle Fernando Daisy on how to use her elemental powers. Reina Guerrera plays with making mounds grow out of the Earth. After Reina Guerrera get’s good at it Fernando shoots a flaming bird at her and as Reina Guerrara panics her Uncle diverts the flaming bird into the sky and outs it. Fernando says “This is why you must practice sunflower so in the heat of the fire you douse the flames.” Fernando demonstrates his ability to go from Earth, Wind, Water, Lighting and Fire manipulation. Reina Guerrara stands up and says “Uncle I am ready to train!” The International Peace Organiztion in collaboration with the United Nations, The League of Nations, Nato and several other Non Governmental Peace Architecture Organizations are having Seminars to start the Global Peace Architect Training Summer Schools. Meanwhile in Lighthouse Cay In the political constituency of Arthur’s Town Jonathon Rolle is in the streets campaigning with Politician Michael Campbell and they go to door to door campaigning. After they finish campaigning Michael sits down with Johnathon Rolle and asks him “So young man what your career is your goal?” Jonathan says “Sir I want to be a great politician like you and the other Bahamian Pioneers!” Michael smiles and goes to his bookshelf and hands Jonathan several books on politics. Michael says “You need to be a good person but to lead you must be and educated person. If you want to pursue politics keep your grades up and your nose clean and watch what happens.” Jonathan takes the books and as soon as he gets home he begins to study. In 1995 in Miami Florida at the Kung Fu Invitational Pharoah, Queen Justice, Navy Blue, Amazonia, Ocean General aka Jane Soulsby daughter of Ocean Commander, Doc Scy Fy, Star Bringer, Daybringer, 3rd Eye, Brigadeer General, Mystic King, Confuddle, Major Justice, Lightspeed, Hollywood and Confuddle all travel back to the competition now seasoned competitors. Lightspeed would take home silver medal as Confuddle and Mystic King both would finish with the bronze. Major Justice lost in the semi finals to Pharoah but injured him so Pharoah was unable to compete further in the tournament. Hollywood took home the gold medal as 3rd Eye and Brigadier general don’t place in the medal rankings. They all still enjoy their time and head home with more great memories. In 1996 Kimar Soulsby is born. Kimar is born prematurely and Boomshack and Queen Ramdee spend many nights in the hospital comforting him. Queen Justice, Pharoah, 3rd Eye, and Brigadier General visit Boomshack and Queen Ramdee to meet their new younger brother. From early on you can sense there is something special about Kimar as he is hyper intelligent. In 1997 Scy Eyes undergoes special training to pilot the knightjet and leaves the competitions behind to focus on flying. Hollywood, Brigadier General and 3rd Eye would get in a brawl with a rival school called Saint Augustus National College which is also on lighthouse Cay. Major Justice and Lightspeed where caught drinking and smoking the Principles cigars and We would all be suspended from training in martial arts as a result. We all picked up different sports and activities. Daybringer and 3rd Eye begin to do more art as Milo and Pierre restart basketball. Pierre would later convince 3rd Eye and Daybringer to try out for the basketball team as they always played team games together at the Soulsby house. Brigadeer and Pharoah would both play baseball and basketball. Navy Blue, Queen Justice, Amazonia, Star Pilot, Star Pilot, Aqua Orca, Doc Scy Fy, and Ocean General all head to the Female Basketball tournament in Orlando. The Girls teams do well and bring home a second and a third place finish and medals. Navy Blue takes home tournament MVP. In 1998 Milo, Aquileze, Pierre, Mystic King, Daybringer and 3rd Eye we would go with the Lighthouse Cay Senior Boys basketball team to Orlando to play in the Orlando Basketball Tournament as Brigadier General would travel with the Lighthouse Cay Baseball team with Polar aka Andros Careaboya, Archisirus and Jaime Knowles aka Charney Shogun. Milo and Aquileze are on the adult team and the training is intense. Bahamians are for the most part short and with Milo being 6 foot 5 he is forced to play Power Forward and Center against 6foot 10 Power Forwards and 7foot centers. Milo struggles a bit at first on offence against the longer hands of the defence until he adjusts and plays extremely well. Aquileze is the teams small forward and at 6foot 2inches he is guarding 6foot 7 to 6 foot 10 inch Small Forwards but he is as strong as them so they can’t dominate him in the post. They would finish the tournament 3 and 5 and get beat in the first round of the playoffs. On the 18 and under competition Hollywood dominates but none of his teammates are ready to play international competition as 3rd eye is so nervous he turns the ball over and shoots air balls. Mystic King is also nervous and doesn’t play well. They finish with a 2 and 6 record and would miss the playoffs but Hollywood is given Best Player in Tournament award and cries as he doesn’t get the MVP. Hollywood doesn’t talk to 3rd Eye on the plane ride home. The lighthouse Cay Baseball team did not fare any better and both came home with poor records of 1 and 9 for the Adult team and 3 and 7 for the Junior boys team. Both missed the playoffs. Brigadier General played well as he was the teams starting catcher. Reina Guerrara has driving with her Uncle Fernando for the last hour and she falls asleep. Fernando makes sure she is asleep before opening the portal to the secret Mystical Cuban Martial arts school. Reina Guerrara awakes and is amazed at the forest temple. Fernando says “ Hey Beatrice would you carry that bag and give this letter to Lady Orquidea.” Fernando watches her enter the Temple grounds and then quietly reverses to go on his mission for the Mystic Elders. Milo, ACHILLES, Francis, Gertrude, and Canard are drinking and enjoying Rebecca and Christine as they sing a blues song. A SECURITY GUARD comes to Achilles and calls him, Achilles walks to the Security Guard and then the door. Achilles comes back laughing. Achilles says “Guess what Kenneth and Pinkey was trying to sneak in.” Francis sips his beer and says “Ain they only in grade 11 tell them relax dey hip!” They all laugh and begin drinking and enjoying Rebecca and Christine’s performance Gertrude gets up and begins dancing. In 2000 Major Justice would get banned from flying after getting caught smoking multiple joints in the plane. He could have gotten away with two but he did not stop. Major Justice decides to try and invent a jet with a Quantum electromagnetic Engine so that he could fly to Amsterdam. As Major Justice bought most of the parts for his experiment and we still question how he was able to acquire some of the more expensive parts. The engine explodes in the University lab where he would sneak into after school hours. Major Justice would awaken with Electro magnetic energy flowing throw his veins and would most often be a hero but would give into temptation and become corrupt at times. Major Justice became a celebrity for a while and would refuse to quit drinking so he was kicked out of the Knights of Justice training camp. In Nassau Jonathan Rolle is in Arthur’s Town taking a break from studying and as he walks to the store to buy a juice he is ambushed and robbed. After Jonathan gives them his money the thugs begin to beat him up until Akemi Strachan chases them off. Akemi picks up Jonathan and says “honourable youth I have seen ya be a good youth all of your days and I am tired of seeing these thugs ruin our neighbourhood. I am a teacher of a Japanese martial arts and I am starting a school for those who walk the good road to be able to defend themselves against villainy. Are you interested?” Jonathan wipes the blood from his lip and says “ Yes sir!”` It is 2001 and We are at the Knights of Justice complex Training Facility on Lighthouse Cay and there is far less technology in the base and before it had to be rebuilt it was a sturdy small Fort. 3rd Eye is training with the Knights of Justice Trainees as Sifu Ginru LongBowe leads the lesson 3rd Eye and Briga aka Brigadier General are doing a Dou Kata and they perform it with a few flaws. Briga gets mad at the end of the Kata and Punches 3rd Eye Briga mumbles “ You didn’t Practice.” Sifu Longbowe says “Both of you 100 push ups and 10 laps for messing up that kata it was painful to watch and then y’all fight no sir not in my house, begin your punishment.” They begin to do the Push Ups and Briga gives 3rd Eye the evil eye. Queen Justice aka Rebecca Soulsby grabs her tai chi sword and chain blade and Pharoah grabs his two Katana’s and they begin to do their Dual Kata which is flawless Queen Justice blends the 2 weapons with precision and they never hit Pharoah who is as skilled with his 2 blades. They bow to Sifu Longbowe and take a seat as Navy Stallion begins his Long Sword Kata. Stallion concentrates to perfect his moves and delivers he begins to break dance after he does the Kata and Sifu Longbowe laughs as he shouts “You want to get funky 100 push ups and 10 laps for excessive celebrating in the end zone!!!” Navy Stallion holds his head down and begins his punishment. After the Lesson They go to the Knights of Justice Cafeteria. Eva Soulsby aka Rephsyha is the teacher for the next lesson and she teaches the course called Yes your a Hero but Business Matters and the young trainees are seated as RePhsyha writes on the Board how much does your lunch cost? And then How much does your Suit Cost? How Much do a Change of Clothes Cost? How Much does your Vehicles cost? And Last How much do your Medical bills cost? Navy Stallion Raps “ Big Bills! das a life with no frigging thrills! cuz me I cost Billions! future trillionaire! Young wild Stallion racing right here!” Queen Justice Raises her hand and Professor Eva says “Yes Queen Justice” “ So how do we find the time to work when we are off saving the world we can’t just take vacation time every world ending event” “You have to plan ahead of time you have to save you have to work hard and cut out the slack and learn ya facts. You must study after college to stay on top of your game! Business matters! The real world has bill collectors who don’t care if you have to live on the street or if you need to get to work to pay them they just want their cut. We need you young heroes to now pick stable jobs and if it’s a world helping job try to get a side gig to pay the bills! Being responsible is part of being a Hero!!!Now who can tell me the cost of 1 Lifesaver jet for the Knights of Justice ? Says Professor Eva. 3rd Eye shouts “ 50 thousand” Briga Laughs “na 2 mil easy” Professor Eva laughs and says “You’re both way off. It costs 40 Million to build each jet. How much do you think it cost to repair each one?” We are now in deep in the Knights of Justice Facility in the Training Lab where Doc Scy Fy is looking at samples of all of the new recruits Quantum cells and checking for any flaws or defects. Doc Scy Fy turns on some Tony Mckay and begins logging all of her findings in her computer and then she writes them out just in case the computer crashes. She files both her File Computer and the written report. Doc Scy Fy tries to find her weed but finds a note from 3rd Eye saying I owe you. Doc Scy Fy punches in the air and swears she then goes into Boomshacks office and as he is sleeping he farts a scud missile type of fart that Doc Scy Fy has to hold her nose and mouth so she doesn’t say anything. Doc Scy Fy grabs his small herbs jar and tip toes out of the office making sure not to trigger his alarm traps that he sets because he is use to his children trying to move his stuff with out his permsion. Doc Scy Fy goes into the Garden with her snacks and begins puffing the hydro weed and smiling. Doc Scy Fy plots how to get back at 3rd Eye for taking and smoking her weed. We next cut to the Knights of Justice Training facility’s recreation room in the TV lounge. Pierre aka Hollywood star Point Guard for the Lighthouse Cay Comets is in the TV room watching basketball with the young trainees and talking with Daybringer, 3rd Eye and Briga. 3rd Eye Says “ When you get drafted ya gatta send me some tickets I gatta watch ya cut tail bro!” and Briga says” do you care which team or city you get drafted to?” Hollywood “Nah I just want to be Rookie of the Year and then MVP of the Finals Like Magic Did it his Rookie Year” “that would be super dope awesome!” says Day Bringer. Daybringer leaves to grab a drink as the others watch tv. Hollywood pulls 3rd Eye and Briga close “yal gatta come to my celebration party for winning College Player of the Year 2 years back to back!” Kimar is using his powers early and Boomshack has to keep constant watch so that he doesn’t destroy the Equipment when he uses her powers and get’s excited. Kimar is a quick learner and begins studying everything early. Kimar is fascinated by technology and begins to get attracted to all of Boomshack’s special equipment.

In 2003 at lighthouse cay Sifu Longbowe's Dojo day. Sifu Longbowe is training the young recruits for the international peace corps. MiLo, Rebecca, ACHILLES, Francis(23),Inga(17), ,SEKOU(18), Kenneth, Conrad, Kimar (7) are all being trained by Sifu Longbowe who teaches them Flying lotus techniques. They train hard for hours on end. Sifu Longbowe signals them to take a break. They all pay attention as he addresses them Sifu Longbowe “As you all know today is your test for your belts, you have all trained hard and i am proud of you all. Students We will begin with Conrad trying out for his Purple belt he will be performing Shoalin Taolu 40!” Conrad bows and says “yes Sifu!” The others sit and watch as Conrad bows and beings his Taolu he is sharp and on point. You can see the hunger in his eyes that he wants this black belt. Conrad bows when he is finished and takes his seat. Sifu Longbowe takes a sip of his tea before nodding and saying “Well done Conrad. Next we have Milo and Rebecca trying out for your Red Belts. Miles will start off with Sword Taolu 28. Milo bows and says “Yes Sifu!” Milo goes and grabs his sword. Milo bows before SIFU LONGBOWE and begins his Taolu. Milo is brilliant as he performs the Taolu and his peers have a look of pride in their faces as he bows and takes his seat. Rebecca Rises. Sifu Longbowe has a proud look on his face as he says “Rebecca you will be performing Sheng Biao Taolu 28!” Rebecca says “Yes Sifu!” Rebecca grabs her Sheng Biao and bows before she begins her Taolu. Rebecca looks graceful as she performs her Taolu and she smiles as she nails the final move. Rebecca bows and takes her seat. Sifu Longbowe “Achilles, Francis, Will now be performing for their brown belt. Good luck Gentlemen. Achilles will be performing Daab Song Mue Taolu 20!” Achilles bows and says “Yes Shifu!” ACHILLES grabs the two swords bows and begins his Taolu he is strong and sturdy and performs well. Sifu Longbowe says “Francis you will be performing Tiger Claw Taolu 20. Francis bows and says “Yes Sifu!” Francis grabs his Tiger Claws bows and begins his Taolu as the Taolu goes on he begins to move quicker hitting the moves with precision. Francis bows when he is finished and takes his seat. Sifu Longbowe takes a big gulp of his tea and then says “Gertrude, Sekou, and Kenneth will now be performing for their purple belts. Gertrude will be performing spear Taolu 12!” Gertrude says” Yes Sifu!” Gertrude grabs her spear bows and begins her Taolu. Gertrude looks fierce like a Amazon warrior she becomes faster as she goes on and then slows down to finish she bows and then does a little jump for joy as she walks back to her seat Sifu smiles. Sifu Longbowe says “Sekou will now be performing Pao doa Taolu 12!” Sekou bows and says ”yes Sifu!” Sekou is nervous as he goes to grab his Pao Doa he drops it as he walks up to perform his Taolu. Sekou picks it up and begins his Taolu he still looks nervous. Khaliodin says “show some HEART!” Sekou focuses and begins to perform amazingly he bows when he is finished and walks back he gives Khalid a dap when he sits. Sifu Longbowe says “Khaliodin will now be performing twin blade Taolu 12!” Khaliodin says ”Yes Sifu Longbowe!” Khaliodin grabs his twin blades and takes his position. Sekou says “Get em Bro!” Khaliodin has a look of sheer determination he bows and then begins his Taolu it is flawless. He bows and takes his seat. Sifu Longbowe is placing down his tea cup as he says “Andros Careboutya stand and prepare your self ice dragon to take your green belt test!” Let me see Snow Dragon From 10 begin!” Andros gets into form by starting with Salutations and carrying out the form with tremendous energy before finishing with salutations and bowing out. Andros sits with a proud smile on his face as him and the others give daps. Sifu Longbowe pours another cup of tea and then says “ Kimar Soulsby stand told young dragon and prepare yourself for the yellow belt form test let me see Flying Dragon form 2” Kimar stands and bows and then begins Flying Dragon by starting the salutations and following through with the form before finishing with the salutations and bowing to his Sifu. The other Students clap that he was able to perform the form perfectly at such a young age. SIFU Longbowe gets up smiling and goes and grabs a bag and returns. Sifu Longbowe smiles and stands and double checks his empty tea cup sucks his teeth and then says “You have all done well this makes me a proud teacher to have all of my students progress in such a manner come and receive your belts!” The students celebrate and each goes to grab their belt in the same order that they performed. Sifu Longbowe leaves and the students continue to celebrate as they gather their things and get ready to leave Francis runs and jump kicks Conrad in his back and runs off laughing. Conrad gets up angry and shouts “dat sneaky dirty bastard! I ga kill em!” Sekou holds Conrad back and says “Calm down Conrad!” Conrad pulls away from Sekou and says “dis ain over!” Sekou shakes his head and says “aw frig yal dudes ain ga neva stop ay!” They all leave the dojo. Our Mythical tale takes us next to Lighthouse Cay's University of the Bahamas pool day. Sekou sits in the bleachers smiling as he watches Paul who is in the pool doing a freestyle liturgical water kata with his team. When the routine is finished Sekou stands and claps. Paul aka Daybringer is a Blond headed hunky bodied white English teenage Boy who jumps out of the pool and lets 3rd eye dry him off as the two kiss and some of the girls make noises as Paul turns bright red blushing. Sekou smiles and says ”You looked magical honey, guess what i passed my test im now a purple belt kung fu pupil a few steps away from being a master honey. Then im gonna join the Knights of Justice just like My Grandfather and Father before me!” Paul says “Das my man im proud of you lets go celebrate!” Sekou and Paul leave the pool and walk to Sekou's Firebird. They arrive Paul's parents house in Lighthouse Cay and it is mid day. Sekou pulls up in the drive way and Paul gets out of the car. Sekou asks “what no kiss honey?” Paul smiles and says “is that all you want? my Dad has gone away for a week! Sekou quickly gets out of the car and chases after him. Later that evening Paul lay in his bed in pyjamas as he watches National geographic on tv. Sekou sits in the bed with the covers over him. Paul says “Baby do you see this Y2k foolishness!” Sekou says “If the world does come to an end i want to spend it lying next to you!” They begin to kiss!”The next day at the Lighthouse Cay movie brigade film studio night. conrad is showing two of his clients stocks as Erica busts in the door in tears. conrad asks “Whats going on Erica, everything allright?” Erica says “You wont make me your woman so imma make myself ya woman!” Conrad says “Im at Work Erica!” ERICA slaps him and walks out. Conrad sits back in his chair holding his head and smiles at his clients. A week later at the lighthouse cay University of the Bahamas basket ball court. Peirre "HOLLYWOOD" Nicholy is dribbling the ball as SEKOU plays defense, Hollywood crosses him over and Sekou chases him to the rim but is unable to stop the basket. Sekou dribbles up the court and Odinras sets the screen on Conrad, As Milo post up ACHILLES, Sekou dumps the ball in as Francis Scrambles for the double team but its too late Milo dunks it. Daybringer is trying to get past Solar Dragon who is playing tough defense. 3rd Eye sets the pick and Daybringer gets the ball to the rim for a flashy lay up. Hollywood then dribbles up the court and makes a fancy pass of the ball to Achilles who drains a 3. Daybringer crosses up Solar Dragon who recovers blocks the shot and passes to Hollywood who passes it back to Solar Dragon for the mid range shot. 3rd Eye brings the ball up the court as Hollywood plays pressure defense and passes it too Briga who passes it back to 3rd Eye as Hollywood loses sight of the ball. Aquillez steps up to guard 3rd Eye who passes it to Daybringer who hits a three in Solar Dragons face and lets him know about it. The game goes on for an hour and they have called for the next point scored to win the game. Daybringer is playing defence on Hollywood as Hollywood passes just before the ball is stolen and Pharoah launces a quick three that rolls around the rim before falling in and screaming “shooters touch losers!” The game is Over and Hollywood and Pharoah celebrate as the others argue about the last play. As Lightspeed is arguing Greenbax climbs up his back and puts him in a sleeper hold and the two fall to the ground. Sekou has to poke Greenbax with charney claws technique to get him to let Lightspeed go who is blue in the face. The others help keep the two separated and then Milo makes them both shake hands.

We are next at the Lighthouse Cay University of the Bahamas dorm. Sekou pulls up in his firebird and drops HOLLYWOOD to the dorms and pulls off Hollywood walks to the door and then turns around we see him walking the street and heading to a Bahama mama's restaurant. HOLLYWOOD orders some food and takes a seat. GIDDIE walks in looking crazy and asks for MAMA BERTHA. Her son EDGAR walks out and says ”Ain i dun tell ya ass we ain payin ya gang jack snot!” Giddie says “mmmmm ya think so ay!” GIDDIE grabs him and begins to beat him up HOLLYWOOD jumps to EDGAR'S Defence and begins fighting GIDDIE the two have an intense battle and then Giddie goes crazy and wild but the cops come and both oof them run. We are next at Navy general’s office. Amaru Soulsby is reviewing Francis Ocean’s file and places it in the Recruits folder he picks up Milo Peterson’s file and begins reading, he places it in the recruits folder He picks up Rachel Soulsby file and smiles as he reads. He picks up two files Achilles’ and Francis file and shakes his head he puts them into the recruits folder, he picks up Sekou Gudney file and puts it in the recruits folder, he looks at Khalioddin Soulsby File and puts it back in the watch folder. BOOMSHACK knocks and enters the room. Dion says “Hey Dad hows it going, you called me!” Arthur says “hey son, i was just going over the new recruits as the former leader of the Knights of Justice i want you to oversee the training of the new team. It is in my personal opinion that Milo and Rebecca should compete for the leadership position. Dion says “fine choices!” Arthur says “im not sure about these other 4; Achilles, Francis, and Conrad are a bit wild i dont know if they can handle the responsibility. Then There's Sekou he still gets his nerves and if he hesitates in the field that could leave him dead in the water.” Dion says “Let me get my hands on em and i'll give you the best team!” We are next at Lighthouse Cay Daybringer's room night. Paul is on the computer as Sekou watches tv, the phone rings and Sekou Answers. Sekou says “ Hey Dad, are you serious, you really think im ready sir, i'll make you proud Dad i promise, aight see you at training sir bright and early Sir. Daybringer says “ Looka my man say he's gonna be a super hero, come make me feel good!” 3rd Eye smiles delightfully. At the lighthouse cay Fort of Justice training centre. BOOMSHACK looks at his watch it says 5:59 am and Conrad just arrives Francis speeds past him to make it to the line up of Ivan, Inga, Darnel, MiLo, Rebeca, Achilles , Nicole, Sunbeam , Gertrude and SEKOU. Boomshack says “This is the Knights of Justice if you can't take us seriously then you have no place on our team Francis and Conrad 100 push ups and 10 laps around the field!” Francis says “ Sir I wasn't technically late i was here at 5:59 am sir!” Boomshack say “Boy Dont Fuck wit me Get ya ASS on Da Floor!” Francis says “Yes sir1” Conrad laughs “Hahahahahahaha!” Boomshack gives Conrad the death stare and says “and you lil shitass conrad give me 100 extra for laughing!” Conrad says “Yes sir!” Boomshack says “There will be 7 members that make the cut and 1 leader, Give Me your best Effort because this world deserves nothing less!” All of the recruits shout “Sir yes sir!” Daybringer and 3rd Eye are at the Gudney's house as Daybringer tells 3rd Eye to stay with him and come to a Family event. 3rd Eye feels torn and tells Daybringer that he already promised Hollywood and that may be the last time they get to hang out for a long time as College and career oportunity will separate us from how we were when we were younger. Daybringer remembers all the days of them all hanging out and gives 3rd Eye permission to go. Daybringer takes 3rd Eye into his room before he let's 3rd Eye leave. We are next at Lighthouse Cay Coconut Lounge Night Club. Hollywood is taking shots of Tequilla with Brigadier General and 3rd Eye and Brigadier General says “ ok Guys I gatta call this a night I have class in the morning” Hollywood gets mad “Don’t spoil the night man lets keep drinking” and Brigadeer General responds “ No Sir I gat Sifu Longbowe to deal with tomorrow I stay on point, peace out, yo 3rd Eye don’t get too mash up we gat class” 3rd eye responds “ I hear ya bro lata” They all give daps and Brigadier General Leaves the party. Electron aka Steve Shoranga comes to the party with some treats and 3rd Eye. Eats one Maurijuana brownie and then starts to eat another. Hollywood tries to stop him “ Bro ya only posta have 1 and chill”. 3rd Eye says I don’t feel to good and have to run to the bathroom. People can hear him sayin “I gatta purge the demons” later in the party 3rd Eye is using his Telekinesis to make himself fly and he says “ I’m floating I’m floating” Hollywood Pulls him down as Giddie a henchmen for the war criminal WarEagle burst through the night clubs door. He loudly orders a beer and is served quickly. 3rd Eye who is still floating accidently knocks it out his hand and 3rd Eye comes down and apologizes; he punches 3rd Eye who collapses onto a table hitting his head and blacks out with a concussion. Hollywood squares off with Giddie who is a 4th Degree Black belt. Hollywood comes in with 2 quick jabs to the face and mouth. Giddie stumbles back and he licks the blood that is running down his face. He runs at Hollywood who juke steps and drop kicks Giddie, the blow catches him in the mid section and Giddie stumbles and fall. He recovers quickly and jumps to his feet. He breaks two bottles in anger. He begins to swing wildly and manages to stab Hollywood in his shoulder, with the sharp shards of glass on his his 5th attempt. Electron jumps in and is ganged by Edge and Ruckus. Hollywood pulls the shard out of his shoulder and rushes Giddie. He hits him with a figure 8 punch kick combo and Giddie falls the floor. Giddie quickly pops a steroid enhancer into his mouth. He is full of energy and begins to laugh and move like a wild Silver Back Ape he Blocks all of Hollywood’s Attacks and then breaks Hollywood’s Knees. He continues to pound Hollywood as he lays screaming on the ground unable to move to avoid the blows that Giddie continue to rain down on him. Just before Sifu Longbowe enters the nightclub Edge Warns Giddie and they all run out. Daybringer is crying over the unconscious 3rd Eye and holding him. 3rd Eye wakes up in the hospital and sees Daybringer as they cry and kiss. 3rd Eye then looks across and Sees Hollywood; he sees the Knees and Holds his head and all 3 eyes cry as he sees Hollywood’s Future change. He then notices Electron who has been bandaged from stab wounds. 3rd Eye Cracks his Knuckles and Read Electron’s Mind to find out who did it. Daybringer senses what 3rd Eye wants to do and agrees and they leave the Med Bay hospital like Ninjas as Daybringer flies and 3rd eye uses his Telekinesis to help him down the window and side of the building. They head to the WarEagle’s base as Brigadier, Spark aka Angel Shoranga Electron’s younger brother, Polar and Law Rebel aka Kai Peterson are already ahead of him “Who all was involved in the attack?” asks Law Rebel “ Giddie, Edge, and Ruckus” says 3rd Eye. The Guards are at the gates and Law Rebel messes up their Technology and 3rd Eye makes them think they are getting another command to man the back gate. The six of them slip out and they follow 3rd Eye who has telepathically located Giddie, Edge and Ruckus. They wait as 3rd Eye informs them that Giddie and the others were in a meeting with Wareagle. Spark doesn’t wait and bust in the door and shoots Edge with a lighting bolt. Edge crashes into the wall behind him, Wareagle Screams in rage and 3rd Eye fights to control his mind as WarEagle fights back against the mind control. Daybringer transforms and begins attacking War Eagle. Brigadier is attacking Giddie as Polar and Law Rebel attacks Ruckus. Spark starts to Help Daybringer and 3rd Eye and begins to Shock Wareagle who barely flinches as Edge tries to chap Briga from behind with a cutlass 3rd Eye uses his telekinesis to pop a vein in his wrist and as the rest of Wareagle’s Army come in 3rd Eye throws a smoke bomb and pulls his unit out the window. He helps them land and they all scatter. Wareagle Screams “you all are dead, I’m coming for you all its War!!!!!!!!!!” As they Run down the streets Law Rebel Technopathically calls his Black Beetle emergency van and the computer Artificial Intelligence brings the Van to their location they hop in and he turns on the camouflage mode. Daybringer holds 3rd Eye who is nervous “I killed him but he was gonna kill Briga I had to do it” he repeats and Spark says “take it easy bro we still here right” They all give daps. They head to Law Rebels Hero Cave deep in the Mountains of Lighthouse Cay. Meanwhile at Doc Scy Fy’s Private lab she is being visited by Harpoon, Melody and their Daughter Spearsong. She has contracted a deadly disease after she had been kidnapped and experimented on by the Lynavan Government. Spearsong is on Doc Scy Fy’s Examination bed holding herself and she says “The last torturous thing they did before My mother and father; Queen Melody, Harpoon and their Siren army came to rescue me was inject a deadly disease spitefully called wipeout. There was also a major problem as others were infected in the concentration camp. Many were rescued and it is now transmitting to all life under the Ocean and I think several countries on land. The Serenade medical facility is full with no cure in sight we need your expertise Doc focus on curing our great ocean for whose sake I beg.” Doc Scy Fy smiles and says “ Listen my sister we gatta go on vacation together I promise you I’mma help make you and the Ocean better. Doc distracts Spearsong by pointing to a painting on the wall, Hey what do you think about that art work by Edgar?” as Spearsong looks at the old masterpiece she is injected with the painful shot of antibacteria made up from adding a portion of Lady Ultra’s donated blood which will boost the homeostasis portion of the brain with the only side effect is additional abilities. The rule though is that as your body conquers the disease a portion of your blood has to be donated to create a vaccine for the populous. Doc Scy Fy smiles as she points out facts about how Edgar met the Chickcharney. Spearsong is dizzy and high and as she looks at the artpiece she starts to see colours enhance and the virus in her eyes being destroyed by her white blood cells which are now superpowered. She begins to smile at the beauty of this particular chickcharney in the oil painting. She doesn’t even notice as Doc Scy Fy withdraws some of her blood and goes to examine it before making the vaccine for the others. The next morning when they turn on the TV Edge’s Mother is crying “We want Justice my boy was a good boy! ”His cousin shouts “we need to be paid he was our breadwinner how can we survive.” Reina Guerrara was crushed that her Uncle left her to Train at the 15 year Elemental arts training program. The Teachers have been no nonsense from the start and each day Reina Guerrara feels tired beyond reason. The worst time so far was when the Mystics teleported them into the war zone training ground. The students spent six months surviving in the wilderness while being attacked and ambush several times a day. Reina Guerrara and her classmates are meditating in front of the temple when Fernando’s Jeep pulls up. Reina Guerrara is still furious with him so she decides to ignore him and closes her eyes to meditate. Fernando opens the door and get’s out of the car. Fernando has to use Wind manipulation to grab his things as his right arm is now gone. Reina Guerrara by chance happens to glance her Uncle with his right arm missing and she forgets her anger and runs and hugs him. Reina Guerrara says “ Uncle Fernando are you ok what happened to you, my God who did this to you!” Fernando kisses her on the forehead and says “We have much to talk about but first I must speak with the Mystic elders!” We are next at Lighthouse cay kinetic Institute and Eva is using her ultrasound on Hollywood’s knees. Eva says “so Perry, what position did you play again?” Hollywood says “point guard mum!” Eva says “i just knew your were good from watching those highschool games of you and Sekou, i never knew the positions but i liked to watch you guys. That game when you had 30 assets was awesome!” Hollywood says “Assist mum haha!” Eva says “Assists ok makes sense now!” Hollywood asks “so do you think i can play again?” Eva says “I promise you i will do my best, have you considered life beyond basketball!” Hollywood says “Me goin to the NBA has been my only dream i dont know what im gonna do!” Eva says “you are a talented and driven fellow im sure you can find something, but don't give up on your Basketball dreams just make alternative plans cuz baby even without the injury things happen and you never know where you will end up.” Hollywood says “Thank you mum i'll look into it, so what was it like to be a Knight of Justice?” Eva says “fighting side by side with my team to save the world was an honor and a blessing!” Hollywood asks “do you think Sekou has a chance to be on the Knights of Justice?” Eva says “i think he does, if he gets past his nerves, like how he use to freeze up on the court until you or Khalid would push him to excel, if he can get to that level without having to be pushed by someone else then i see him as a leader.” The news report then cuts to the Royal Commissioner of the Bahamas Police force Thomas at a Press Conference on the Death of Evan “Edge” Williams as he says “We don’t support no vigilante justice and I don’t care who his family is or what dey done we will be cracking down on Quantum Humans as they are a danger to our society that’s why we have the Quantum Human Act; only those that you see join the Police Force , Defence force, or International Peace Forces are sanctioned to use their abilities, he was only in training and he walked in to an establishment and cold blooded killed that man, do you want a person with that kind of power walking in your house and killing you? That’s why I am forcing the Government to Look at the New law I am proposing that if a Quantum human does not join one of the Government sanctioned forces they take the Human Again Vaccination!” Law Rebel cuts the TV off “ They out dey damn mind out dey retarded mind, do you know Quantum Human’s have a Right an Entitlement to exist with their abilities without being a soldier they will cripple free will and when a random hero is needed what’s gonna happen. Hello 911 how long did you take to respond? Ooh you’re on the other side of the island? Self defence Ma! Citizens Arrest! Y’all be talking out y’all mind. If they try take my power I’ll crush dem!!!!” they are interrupted as Navy Stallion radio’s in “Rebel answer me now who killed Edge”? 3rd Eye says “it was me he was trying to kill Briga and I just reacted they almost killed Electron and crippled Hollywood the night before!” “ Though shalt not kill 3rd Eye, the Knights of Justice Aren’t Killers that’s not a hero. How the hell will we get you out of this mess” says Queen Justice “it was an accident” responds Daybringer Defensively. “What are Mom and Dad saying?” asks 3rd eye “They are freaking out the police have been looking for you and they have questioned Mom 4 times already” responds Queen Justice. “Should I turn myself in?” asks 3rd Eye, Daybringer says “no way!” as their is a pause. “Wait until we have your defence team ready to walk you in. The police are gonna make this a big case they want to give you the Human Again Vaccine!!!” responds Queen Justice. 3rd Eye cries as Daybringer holds him and Brigadier General talks “We’ll keep him calm until you get the defence team we can’t let them take his powers!”. The next morning Eva aka Rephsyha 3rd Eye’s mother is at the base she has used her telepathy to track 3rd Eye down. 3rd Eye and Daybringer walk out of the base to the drive way as Rephsyha says “what did you do? How could you kill that man we taught you better than that!” Daybringer defensivley responds “he was trying to kill briga and Sekou didn’t mean to do it!” 3rd eye hangs his head as tears trickle down his cheeks as his mum hugs him. Rephsyha says “we’ll work this out” as she flies off. 3rd Eye and Daybringer go back into the base.” Rephsyha comes back with Sea chime aka Dave Soulsby 3rd Eye’s uncle and a top lawyer in the Bahamas. Sea Chime takes a seat as Law rebel brings him a cup of tea. Sea chime begins by saying “ Now tell me how the fight went down, so I can build your defence.” 3rd Eye repeats the course of events leading up to the killing of Edge. Sea Chime finishes his tea “ you were too careless with your powers but you’re young and I know you panicked so I will put in a self defence plea. If they were not so well connected to this corrupt government this would not be a problem, but War Eagle is connected to many corrupt government official’s and they have the power. Be prepared they will argue for a harsh jail sentence. I will request that you be sentenced to house arrest because you have been a positive asset to our community. I will remind the judge of how you demonstrated courage on many occasions, of your heroics as a young man to help rid this planet of crime. I’m waiting to see which Judge they give us ,I only hope that it is a judge who is not on War Eagle’s Payroll!!!” Pobeda and Wareagle are gambling in a poker game. Pobeda tries to bluff Wareagle with his hand but War Eagle has the better hand of cards and wins the pot. He takes everything that Pobeda has. Pobeda gets up from the table and screams “how can the Son of a God have no luck.” WarEagle says “Cheat me through your divine favour and I will kill you. You need to sit down you bitter loser. You have won 2 bets out of 3000 and owe me your soul and service. Now go fetch me these specs from the Mech Lab in the office of Dr. Aiesha Bowe.” Pobeda smiles as he loves to go on these criminal missions as it gives him a rush and a high. Wareagle shakes his head after Pobeda smiles and waves as he teleports to get the job done. Bludwyvern enters the office and brings Wareagle the Unicorn horns, hearts, tongues and teeth. Wareagle and Bludwyvern then summon Rau Servitor. Jonathan Rolle has been training for years in politics and various Japanese martial arts techniques from a Bahamian Shogun named Akemi Strachan. Akemi reveals to Jonathan that that the Merciless Militia controlled by WarEagle control several politicians in the Bahamas and have been interfering in Bahamian politics for years. Jonathan vows to himself that he will take down the Merciless Militia to free the Bahamas of corruption. Lightspeed is studying engineering and working part time as a graphic designer to help his parents with his school fees. Captain Velocity comes and visits with Lightspeed while he is in England in University to complete his Engineering degree. They are at a fancy restaurant eating fine cousine as they both have steaks as lightspeed has the tenderloin and Captain Velocity the Fillet Mignon. Lightspeed tells his Grandfather “Since I am making enough money to support myself and I can complete my inventions I think I don’t need this degree and I’m thinking I can just make it rich from here gramps!” Captain Velocity says “ Trust me my boy there is no rush, even though you can build now completing your degree with mold your mind better in the future, learn Patience and watch what happens!” Lightspeed eats a piece of his steak slowly and says “ I trust your wisdom gramps and I will stick it out I promise sorry ya know how my thoughts race some times!” they finish eating and then go to a park and race each other as Captain Velocity still wins each race but Lightspeed is closer to winning than he has ever been. Greentech is on the boat with Navy General and Ocean Commander and he is taking it all in and learning from them as they operate the boat. Ocean Commander notices Green Tech and decides to teach him how to drive the boat. Green Tech revels in the opportunity and takes advantage of every moment. Ocean Commander and Enviri Empress who are Green Tech's Parents mark Green Tech with the Environmental healer training path. Green Tech remembers each mistake made by the other Environmentalist who just pursue money and then begins writing down the benefits aswell of the Dangers to the environment from each of the Forced and rushed inventions. July 18th 2007 AD; Ninja Tech, Pioneer, Fairplay, Proficient, and Karmitra are in the Minivan as Daybringer drives and 3rd Eye tests them about Martial Arts Theory and Concepts. When they make an error 3rd Eye allows Boomshack or Ramdee to Telepathically correct them. Ninja Tech is building Martial arts Technology advanced concepts for each fighting style. Pioneer is calculating the Financial cost for each of Ninja Tech's Inventions. Fairplay is creating Fighting Simulations in his head as he tries to get the others to listen to the Important training concepts by using his Telesynthesis to emphasize points as him, Daybringer, and 3rd eye laugh as the others get mad. The Young Martial Palimentary Tournament is about to begin. Daybringer parks in front of the Tournament Center as the Soulsby's check their 4 winds Gi's and then head into the Tournament Center.

2012 AD MP Glenda Soulsby-Musican is in her Government office on Lighthouse Cay evaluating ways to improve Lighthouse Cay and the Bahamas in General. Jonathan Rolle comes in and Mrs Musician stops her duties and begins to mentor Jonathan who takes out his notepad and begins taking notes of the key essentials to Good Governance. Jonathan would spend 3 months on Lighthouse Cay and visited with Mp Glenda Soulsby-Musican every work day. Johnathan’s Master Akemi has also requested that Jonathan visit with Sifu Ginru Longbowe who begins training Jonathan in Chinese Sword styles.

Yellow Draco is on a date with Abigale Bartholemew aka Prietess Magy a peace Brigade member and they enjoy the Party. Navy Soca arrives and is on a date with Raquel Cometary aka Star Runner a Peace Brigade member.  Solar Dragon and Lisa BlueWulff aka Moon Fang a Peace Brigade Member arrive at the Rainbow Light Ball. Queen Dagari and King Zacharus arrive at the ball in elegant Dragud Attire that honors the Divine Rainbow Magical Deities. General Cadillac and Holy Sista arrive in Divine Christian attire as they have Crosses and flowers and palms on their Ballroom attire. Navy General arrives with 5th Eye in Royal Bahamian Attire. Queen Justice and Heavy Duty Arrive In Divine Rainbow Justice Attire as Heavy Duty's Suit is primarily Black with Rainbow designs. Former PEace Keepaz General Griffin and Princess Dragari arrive in Divine Dragud attire. Sunbeam and Polar arrive in Divine Environmental attire. Green Tech is with Jam Soul a Jamaican Quantum Human with Sound Manipulation abilities. Navigator arrives with Majestic Reporter his girlfriend of Four years and Justice Media's lead Columnist. Brigadier General and Harmony Arrive and immediately hit the dance floor. The Sisters Repsyha, Aqua Nurse, and Blue Witch arrive with Daybringer and 3rd Eye.  Boomshack and Empress Ramdee arrive in Rastafarian Attire.  Boomshack gets angry as 3rd Eye and Daybringer dance a bit wild and goes to pull 3rd Eye as Daybringer stands in front of him. Boomshack nods and Daybringer passes Boomshack the Golden Chronic case. Boomshack gives Daybringer a dap and heads to the smoking section with Air and Smoke recycling Vents that help Power light house Cay and Several islands in the Bahamas but the Technology and acceptance of Marijuana is still a trecherous battle. Navy Soca and Star Runner are having a blast and many try to pull Navy Soca to dance with them. Navy Soca Refuses but they dance on him until Star Runner punches one of them and the Security drag them all out as they try to gang Star Runner. Daybringer grabs 3rd Eye and dances with him until he hears 3rd Eyes Sound Ambassador Verse mixed into the Songs. Daybringer teleports 3rd Eye home.

2015 AD Fernando begins to once again take over the training of Reina Gurrera and teaches her how to use her abilities to counter different elemental attacks. Fernando then tries to teach Reina how to combine her powers with magic spells. Reina is relying on her Elemental abilities and even cheats and uses her abilities and fakes it like a spell when she forgets the incantation. Fernando counter and shows her what the combination would really do. Fernando stops the teaching and makes Reina Gurrera study her spells.

2008 AD Navigator aka Ianeonei Musician is studying history for his exam latter this week. Navy General comes in and begins to test Ianonei on historical facts and then heads to work. Ianonei continues to study as Doc Scy Fy his older sister brings him some food and Ianonei continues to study. Ianonei over hears Doc Scy fy and his Mum Glenda Soulsby-Musican talking about 3rd eye and his case and Ianonei stops studying and begins to worry about his cousin. 5th Eye sneaks into Navigator's Office and tags him with the Divine Law training Path and then disappears. Navigator begins reviewing the Maritime laws while taking breaks to study Oceanography.

Sifu Ginru is training Jonathan Rolle and is impressed with what he already knows and how quickly he picks up the new techniques. Pharoah interrupts the Training Session and begins to tell Sifu Ginru about the Incident with 3rd Eye. Jonathan has listened in on the conversation and begins to make a plan. Sifu Longbowe is visibily frustrated and has to cancel the rest of Class as he goes to seek out 3rd Eye and Brigadier General to get the full story. Jonathan puts on his ninja outfit and heads to War Eagle’s base. Jonathan is able to steal the video footage of the fight which shows 3rd Eye was acting in Defence of his brother who would have been killed with out a serious reaction. Jonathan sneaks out of War Eagle’s base undetected and waits until the next morning to deliver the tapes to Ginru Longbowe who takes them to Sea Chime.

The others leave Daybringer and 3rd Eye as they know tomorrow 3rd Eye is going to jail. Daybringer cooks for 3rd Eye and they watch a movie as they cuddle. After the movie Daybringer puts on some slow songs and they hug and rock as both cry. Daybringer leads 3rd Eye to the bedroom and they make love. Daybringer and 3rd eye both can't sleep so they talk and cuddle until 6am the next morning. Daybringer drives 3rd Eye to pick up Repsyha. 

It is June 24th 2015 AD; We are next at the Police station as Rephsyha, Sea Chime, Briga and Daybringer went with 3rd Eye to turn himself in. Daybringer screams as 3rd Eye is fitted with a power dampener and their Telepathic link is weakened. Daybringer has to be carried away by Repsyha and Briga as 3rd Eye is cuffed and placed in a holding cell. The next morning 3rd eye is taken to the Courts with the rest of the prisoners on the bus. 3rd Eye’s family are all waiting on him out side the Court complex. His case will be heard before a judge in court number 54. They cry as he walks past in chains hanging his head. 3rd eye is seated next to his lawyer and has to wait for his matter to be heard as there are many cases ahead of his. Judge Tobisu walks in the room , Sea Chime sucks his teeth. 3rd Eye picks up that it must be one of the judge’s on War Eagle’s payroll. Judge Tobisu listens to the matters and dispenses with them efficiently. Finally 3rd Eye’s case is called and his lawyer requests house arrest based on to 3rd Eyes character and his heroic services to the planet. Judge Tobisu denies him bail and orders him to be held in Maximum security prison until the trail. The trial date is set down to be heard on 25th of June, 4 months away. 3rd Eye is transferred by bus to the maximum security prison. 3rd Eye is photographed identified by giving his finger prints and strip searched before he is given his clothes with number 589 on the front. 3rd Eye is then taken to the barber room. 3rd Eye cries as the Prison Barber cuts his hair. They Fit a Power Damping skull cap onto 3rd Eye’s head. 3rd Eye is checked into his solo cell and he balls up and cries himself to sleep.