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Oceanica's Allball


Listen up every one Now here are the rules of allball!Any Gender can play and the team must consist of 50% of each gender. The ball must stay moving while you move. If you bounce it with your body (hands, head, knees) or dribble or kick it with your feet or roll it with your body you can still move and switch techniques but if you hit a defender recklessly or try to force your way through them its an offensive foul. When you pick up the ball or it stops for 2 seconds you have to pass the ball or shoot at one of the 4 rims to hoops at either end horizontally and 2 sideways rims vertically. Each rim has the same point value of 1. If you foul a shooter the shooter is allowed 3 shots that equal 1 point each. After Each point the ball can be passed from center court or out of bounds but always 15 feet from the hoop or rim. Allball is a team sport and 8 members can be on the court at any one time. A substitution can only occur if its a dead ball. There are 20 minutes a quarter for 4 quarters. The team with the highest score wins. There is an 8 foul limit and then you are disqualified from playing.The court is 30 x 30 if the ball goes out of bounds the last team to touch it loses posession and the ball must be passed back out. There is a 3 second penalty for stnading near 8 feet of the rim or sideway hope.