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What about the NFL adding a new Rule that would allow Additional players on the Field but it must always match and be called for with appropriate time and imagine the Variations on the Line ups from Defenders and Offensive players being placed in different formations which should not give a single defensive formation as the only set for all plays wit two variations lol Why shouldnt a Offensive player be able to block a Quarter back Further after the first front line in a Sport do you realize the extreme risk for injury when you give your all as a Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Tight End or Running Back, but the Teammates cant continue to block for only a limited portion of the possession and look how many can tackle and how many Concussions and years of life are taken from the players.


Scientists group dung beetles by the way the beetles make a living: rollers, tunnelers, and dwellers. Rollers form a bit of dung into a ball, roll it away, and bury it. The balls they make are either used by the female to lay her eggs in (called a brood ball) or as food for the adults to eat. Tunnelers land on a manure pat and simply dig down into the pat, burying a portion of the dung. Dwellers are content with staying on top of the dung pat to lay their eggs and raise the young.

Practical examples

Automatically generated examples:

Noninvasive transperineal ultrasound showing the rectogenital septum (S) cephalad to the perineal body (Pb), which constitutes an incomplete partition ventrocranial between the rectum (R) and the urogenital organs.
Imaging Atlas of the Pelvic Floor and Anorectal Diseases - Page 7 (Mario Pescatori)

Owing to craniocaudal mobility of the uterus of about 10 cm, the bottom of a unipara's rectogenital pouch which, exceptionally, was not deep was variably situated.
Acta Chirurgica Scandinavica: Supplementum (1951)

The reflection of peritoneum between the genital organs ventrally and the rectum dorsally is the rectogenital pouch (excavatio rectogenitalis).
Miller's Anatomy of the Dog - E-Book - Page 311 (Howard E. Evans)

Surgery in the anorectal area needs to be performed considering the great importance of the rectogenital septum, which is known in the clinical literature as Denonvilliers' fascia.
Pathology of Childhood and Adolescence: An Illustrated Guide (Consolato M. Sergi)

The non - occurrence of obliteration theory is, moreover, supported by two 7-8 month fetuses in which a deep and wide rectogenital pouch had persisted.
Acta Radiologica - Volume 39 - Page 107 (1953)

Another sheath, trunks turn upward until they reach the placed slightly anterior to the rectogenital upper border of that fascia. They then de- septum, encloses the uterus.
International Abstract of Surgery - Volume 95 - Page 234 (1952)

The most dorsal of these is the rectogenital pouch (excavatio rectogenitalis, 1), which is bounded dorsally by the rectum and ventrally by the uterus and broad ligaments in the female, or the genital fold in the male.
The Viscera of the Domestic Mammals - Page 18 (NICKEL)

From dorsal to ventral, four pouches are recognized: the pararectal fossae, rectogenital pouch, vesicogenital pouch, and pubovesical pouch. The pararectal fossae are the peritoneal spaces on either side of the mesorectum.

Sifu Gino Bowe

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The Kaleidoscope Acting Method created by Kwame Hanna

Table of Contents

1)Acting Exercises

2)Acting Appreciation and Respect

3)Roles in film

4)Scene continuity


6)Prop Training

7)Genre of Film

8)Stage acting

9)Entertainment hosting

10)Practice Scenes

11)Scene Choreography

12)Type cast Escape plan

Acting Exercises

Breathing Exercises- Start the practice by doing breathing exercises stable 2 minutes, breathing exercises with yoga 3 poses, breathing exercises with a short slow but steady routine (Slow dance, tai chi, walking back and forth).

Push up Punishment -Every time you mess up a line 10 Push ups (For the entire Acting Routines)

Sit up Punishment Everytime you miss a que for your line you do 10 Sit ups (For the entire Acting routines)

Does the Voice match? In this exercise the actors use different voices from characters placed in a box. First Practice talking in as many different accents as you can naturally remember. Next practice in the voice of the role you want to try out for next. Practice talking like people with different personality types. Practice speaking like people in position of authority. Practice speaking in a voice to everyone at practice. Now Pick the character voice out the box and in one on one conversations and group conversations compete with each person at practice until a winner is picked.

Hurricane Tongues- Use any tongue twister you know while acting like you are in the middle of the worst hurricane. Next Use any tongue twister you know like your are in a hurricane that is not dangerous. Pick your favourite line from a movie and act like your are in the worst hurricane. Next repeat the Line acting like you know this will be a hurricane that is not dangerous. Improvise lines when for a strange reason you find out its the day of the hurricane you knew nothing about. Practice safety routines in extreme situations like flood, someone injured from a flying object, The roof is torn off, lighting strikes the house; while using a tongue twister first, another favourite line, and finally while improvising.

Yoga Lines- While stretching in yoga poses speak the lines of the script.

Line Dancing- While speaking the lines of a script dance a freestyle dance at first and then practice the lines with more advanced dance steps.

Exagerated movements While speaking the lines of a script, tv show, Icon, Hero, or book; slowly do extreme movements for the first 2months of training and gradually perform quicker Exagerated movements.

Specific Movements- this exercise involves the Actor/ Actress performing specific movements like setting a table and repeating a simple line while performing a specific action with the props. As the months progress add more lines and change set,props, improvise and change script.

Squats while pretending to be another character for 4 sets of 30 seconds.

Career Acting-Career Acting involves the actor(s) and Actress(es) all acting as people in the same Career. The First One to mess up has to be the last one to pick the career role scenario.while the others compete until a champion is selected and they pick the Careers of all the other actors/actresses.

Heroes and Villians- Actors and Actresses are all selected to be a hero and a villian. Start by improvising the scene with your partner(s) and at the end repeat your favourite Super Hero Line or Super Villian line.

Fantasy Land – Repeat the Lines while acting as your favourite fantasy character in the scene. Improvise Lines for that character in roles( That Character as the Main character, Co Lead, Supporting cast, Extra) and scenes the director chooses. Practice being different types of Fantasy creatures in different Genres of film. Practice being your favourite nonhuman character and improvise lines in different scenes ( so imagine its a castle, a Wizard, mage, mystic, or witches house, A knights house, a black smiths house, Social Events, at work, Shopping, Narnia, a Magical ocean, a Magical forest, a Magical Dessert, or a Magical Frozen fortress).

Action Packed- The Director gives you an action like running for help, sports, breaking up a fight, jumping, dance competition, fighting and then hiding, fighting and then dieing, Fighting and making jokes. The first 3 runs are all improvised and the final two are with lines from your favourite movie or story.

Your Creation- Pick the age of the character, character personality, genre of film and act out scenes that you make up or how they would have been in your favourite movie.

Acting Appreciation and Respect

Acting is a craft passed down through the generations from each race in their own way the Europeans took a great respect for the craft and Developed it in to the greatest collection of art forms that is currently with us. The Acting Craft has created and captured many beautiful moments in history and imaginative wonders. The Craft has also been abused and used to promote racism, Hatred, Violence, Gender and preference stereo types in many ways that destroys society. When i heard an Actor said the craft was for sissies i realized he did not know the Bravery it takes to Act in Roles In Life when Even only two fans desperately need it to be represented at its best at cost to that actors or actresses; dreams, career, and life. Film is an Educational tool as well and its best lessons will always need its best Acting. Acting is for the brave and ignorance should never be accepted and promoted in such a wonderful craft. Acting is not just knowing your lines! It is understanding your role! Acting is not a competitive sport but a collaborative process that takes the entire team from you the Actors and Actresses to the entire film-making team that contributes to your success!

Da Rolle-Hanna Effect

Another Example of the Rolle-Hanna Effect is the way in which Cartoons and Animation can trick us into believing that the character(s) is(are) saying a specific line without having to have the exact lip movements associated with a word or sound. If we examine people with the same dialect for lip mechanics for different words and sounds there will be variation in the lip movements to generate that word or sound. Variation in tongue sizes, teeth sizes, lip sizes and other contributing vocal mechanic factors will play a factor in the variations of how an Individuals lips move to speak. 

A Way for the Chinese and other Foreign films to improve the Quality of the English Dubbed films is to not just say the translated words, terms or phrases but to add to that sentiment as often times the English translation is shorter. 

Da Desperation, Crowd, Soldier and Mob Effects By KH

Part 1: Battleship Potemkin 1925: Runaway Baby Carriage During Odessa Steps Massacre Montage

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3D TV Episode 1: Varak Kaloustian

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