Pastors Paul Barr, Paul Rolle, Paul Hanna, Paul Rudland, and Paul HannaLand Were Threatened by a scream heard at the Hanna House Hold in the Bahamas in Blair as they threaten his families around the corner daily. We ask that People Stop Threatening Them as they are doing Divine and Spiritual Work Daily and beg for their protection

Vegan Delights

Drink Special Recipes 

Patient Guiness - bottle of Guiness 330ml at 7 percent vol, 1 can of Club Soda. Mix  1/4 of the bottle of Guiness with as much Club Soda as the cup with Ice and mixture can hold but mixture is for a 12-14oz cup. 

Golden Mead - A Kalik Gold and a can Club Soda. 12- 14 0z cup. Pour a 1/4 of a 330ml bottle of Kalik Gold and then as much Club Soda to as much of the cup that the mixture and ice can hold.

Sandy Ambrosia - a 330 ml bottle of Sands Beer and 1 can of Tonic Soda.  Mix 1/4 of the Bottle of Sands and as much Tonic Soda as the Cup and ice can hold 

Gourmet Recipes