Vegan Delights

Drink Special Recipes 

Patient Guiness - bottle of Guiness 330ml at 7 percent vol, 1 can of Club Soda. Mix  1/4 of the bottle of Guiness with as much Club Soda as the cup with Ice and mixture can hold but mixture is for a 12-14oz cup. 

Golden Mead - A Kalik Gold and a can Club Soda. 12- 14 0z cup. Pour a 1/4 of a 330ml bottle of Kalik Gold and then as much Club Soda to as much of the cup that the mixture and ice can hold.

Sandy Ambrosia - a 330 ml bottle of Sands Beer and 1 can of Tonic Soda.  Mix 1/4 of the Bottle of Sands and as much Tonic Soda as the Cup and ice can hold 

Gourmet Recipes