Divine Council

The Divine Council is formed by Alpha, Hermatta, Brosyleon, Kawiya, Pugadeus, Abati Gazi, Ibu Jagat, Oloron and other Divine Deities that are trying to help grow and build Special Universes as they teach Mythical Stories and Parables while recalling Their Guard Duties.

A Favor Among the Divine by P and K HannaLand

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Divine Council

37Quadtrillion ME*@#-=:

Story takes place from E.A.Time Zero to 4.6B (Earth Age 4.6 Billion)

Divine Council #15:

Divine Artistic Novel #15:

A Favor Among the Divine

A Favor Among The Divine.

There are periods in human history during which increased demonic activity corresponded with various incidents on earth and throughout the Multiverse. A rise in demonic activity accompanied such occurrences as the destruction of the continents, Jerusalem, World War 1, the rise of Nazis and World War II, the Rwandan Genocide, civil war in Somalia and many other tragic events which would eventually lead to world war III and Divine War XXXX245.

Our story begins with Alpha The First Positive Thought taking form and over time having Divine children that helped the Divine Hermaphrodite build parts of the first original Heaven. Alpha would become corrupted by A reformed Omegarus who hexes Alpha after druging Alpha and stealing some of Alpha's blood. Alpha runs through dimensions to not harm who the First Divine Eternal Supreme Judge Alpha Loves most. The Other Thought Deities come into existence and they first battle with Omegarusha and some of his children until Posyleon his 4th child brokers a peace treaty with the Other Deities after reasoning with his parent about Good and Evil. Hermatta who was one of several deities to emerge from Dark matter Energy and joined the thought Deities would encourage the peace and Posyleon would fall in Love with Hermatta. Alpha Split in 2 to rid the evil from the Divine deity and Omega emerged. Hermatta would begin creating most of the Universe and pushed for the creation of the Divine Council. Posyleon would begin theorizing how to maintain life throughout the Universe. Mulrainbowven had the Inhabitants cheering as the Divine Council was on the Verge of Evolving the Correct MAnner Again.  Hermatta’s Additions in the Original Heavens Universe. Hermatta is introduced to Brosyleon from Alpha. Hermatta agreed to marry Brosyleon and they begin to help recruit Judges and various other Council Members for the Divine Love Councils. Hermatta challenged Brosyleon to see if he had the Mind that could be an Eternal Lover as Hermatta wanted eternal love. Brosyleon would spend 3000 years creating lyrics and poems trying to win Hermatta’s heart which he own at poem 5 but Hermatta pushed him to prove the Divine Deity would last as an Eternal Lover.

The Elder Solarians (The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and the Moons of the Solaris galaxy which is our portion of the Milky Way Galaxy all ascend to the Divine council and are allowed to create their own forms. The Sun and the Planets where these deities eggs or cocoons. The Solarians would first join the Allguard and do a duty in the Hell Realms for 20,000 years of continued work and service. The Young Deities also still manage their original birth forms from a distance.

Chaos is a child of Alpha and also an Hermaphrodite. On June 1st one Billion Multiversal Era Olorun was sent to the Milky Way Galaxy by Posyleon but during his time there his mind was damaged in a fight with Chaos and he lost his memory. Olorun had been trying to save Gaia who had been sent to help the Earth and had been captured by Chaos and who had been brainwashed.

Gunugagap the 2nd Child of Alpha was also a Hermaphodite but was War thirsty and always wanted to fight to prove himself. In the year 1,800,040,031 Multiversal Time; Gunugagap would start a war that would damage the first heaven. During a key point in the war Hermatta would punch him so far he crash landed In Europe and the Earth turned him into a mountain. Several European races would emerge from his Eyeballs which eventually turned to caves when the Children burst out both eyes.

Several of the Hermaphrodites split and form the Divine Dividers and from them would emerge the line of the Brothers, God, Yaweh, Ra, Jade Emperor, Brahma and Jah and their wives, The Divine Goddess The secret wife of God, Selami the wife of Yaweh, Hathor, Sekhmet, Bastet and sometimes Satet; The wives of Ra, Jade Empress the Wife of the Jade Emperor, Saraswati the wife of Brahma and Da Eternal Empress the wife of Jah. The new male and female Deities would try to stage a Coo and would be banished to Earth where they were reborn and lost the memory of the original Heavens Universe. The Deity that secretly resides in Japan is called Kaijun who was also sent on a secret mission from Abati Gazi to observe the other deities.

Over the years the Deities would regain their memories when they began to behave. Some of the Deities memories were given back to them by Convicts of the Hell realm who escaped. Hermatta and Posyleon would gather all the Deities and reveal all of their past to them. Most of the Deities would repent and rejoin the Divine Council after their experiences in the Third Dimension.

The Divine Council meet together everyday and over 4000 Hermorphadite deities, Gods, and Goddesses would always arrive to the Council meetings. Hermatta is head of the Council and the Supreme Judge. Posyleon is the Supreme Punisher. Most of the Solarians are on the Divine Council. The Sun, Earth, Neptune, Jupiter, and Several Moons while the others remain on the Allguard. Recently the Earth and Sun would soon Celebrate when their Descendent Buddah ascending to become a legendary member of the Divine Council. The Council is divided as some of the Gods and Goddesses on the Council want to overthrow the elder Divine Hermaphrodites. Arguments erupt at every proposed Spiritual bills and the new laws are contested on both sides. The Deities leave the council and the Monumental Deities (Deities with disabilities) are furious as they felt they are being overlooked and mistreated in some of the other heavens and throughout the Multiverse.

Hermatta lay in the Divine bed shared with Posyleon who is also deep asleep. Hermatta begins to have a vision of the future and knows it is a vision and not a dream. Hermatta awakes screaming “War is coming!!!!” and Posyleon awakens angry and begins to dress. Posyleon presses the Divine Council and Allguard buttons. Posyleon goes to Hermatta and kneels and allows Hermatta to reveal the vision of the future.

We are at the Allguard station and Fikiri is at the emergency radio. Fikiri turns the radio to a universal emergency broadcast station and says “This is the spiritual allaince log number 13.8 Trillion M.A. Message 12 and We are sending out an informative message of peace as we search the multiverse for Heroes! We will continually send out messages as we hope they reach the ears of the heroes or other messengers from other dimensions who wish to bring peace to the multiverse! Many blessings I am fik’iri a meli’āki of Equalia. I am a servant of Karima a Goddess the Defender and Ruler of Equalia and it is my honor to introduce you to the Heroes Bridge. In the year 4.2 Trillion M.A. This Special Bridge was made as a passage way for the Dieties , the heroes of the Allguard, and the Messengers to access the other dimensions in times of great need. If selected to the Allguard or as a messenger understand you have received a great honor and must respect the rules. For the Heroes and Messengers Dimension 1 is off limits. You can send a message but any attempt to enter this dimension and you will lose access to the bridge. Now I think its about time I give a brief history lesson about the Dimensions in the multiverse that the the Heroes Bridge has access to. In the Multiverse, Dimension 1 contains the Heavens' of many Dieties. This is the Original Universe that spawned the other 4 Universes. It can be said that Time 0 originated here in Universe 1 when the first Dieties or Diety came into Existence. Universe 1 is the birthplace of the Original Dieties. Many heavens were created in this vast Universe. Some Dieties are Good and benevolent by nature, others have desires that they must learn to control, some are cruel, and worse yet some are evil. With this combustive mixture, Problems arose in Dimension 1. The spiritual wars began and Dimension 1 was almost destroyed. The Evil Dieties had to be defeated and these evil Deities were imprisoned in Dimension 1. After a time of peace and joy among the Deities the creative spirit began to blossom and many mythological creatures were created. It was not until multiple first generation creations overthrew their creators, that the creations were banned from this Dimension and the other Dimensions were created. Dimension 2 is the Mythical Realms where the first creations and messengers of the Deities Reside and live out their existence. The Trial Domains is the 3rd Dimension and it is where the creations, were toned-down, to prove moral theories amongst the deities. In the Heroes Bridge Multiverse, the Mythical realms and The Trail Domains have Daughter Universes, which were created by the Deities. Dimension 4 is Limbo this is where the good atheist and those that are undecided upon go. Limbo is for those with a 2nd chance at redemption. The Last Dimension Hell was created by the deities to send those who are pure evil or do great acts of evil, until they are redeemed or for eternity. The Evil deities from the first spiritual war are also trapped in Hell. In Dimension one there are many heavens within a humongous Universe. Each Heaven has its own set of planets and homes for the Deities and their children. The Known Heavens in the Heroes Bridge Multiverse are; 1) The Great Beyond, 2) Omeyocan, 3) Equalia, 4) Orun, 5) Trāyastriśa, 6) Mount Olympus, 7) God's Kingdom, 8) Zion, 9) Valhalla, 10) Tian, 11) Utopia, 12) Scientifica, 13) Celestial paradise, 14)fields of Aaru. ābati gīzē-aka Father Time- came Into existence with the first set of Deities and when he united with Ibu Jagat aka Mother Universe who also came into exitistence with the first set of dieties. These two special Dieties created the Heaven Equalia. ābati gīzē and Ibu Jagat had several children; Heroxon, Karima, Defari and Liyu. After the spiritual wars ābati gīzē forms the first Cosmic Council which is a Unified Spiritual Allaince that assists the Divine Council. Eventually ābati gīzē decided to leave Equalia and the Cosmic Council to go on a mission to save and maintain Eternity for all. Karima was chosen as ruler of the Heaven Equalia and took Abati Gize's place on the Cosmic Council. Karima fights for the souls of those who value Equality, Peace, and Justice. It was Karima who created the Heroes Bridge to save souls from the other Dimensions. In the year 8.3 trillion M.A. The Council would form the first Allguard.” Fikiri begins to cry stops and salutes. Fikiri continues with the broadcast by saying “The First Allguard and many messengers sadly gave their lives in the First Great Mythical war. The Mythical war began as a few of the mythical creatures went out of control and attempted to take over the multiverse!These Curropt Creatures first conquored 10 of the mythical realms in that Universe. Several Dieties along with the first Allguard went in and...” Karima telepathically communicates with Fikiri and tells him “They are trying to free Heroxon”. Fikiri panics and then gathers himself before cutting off the radio and telepathically telling Karima “Empress divine I will stop them!” Fikiri transforms into a green flaming Owl and leaves to stop Heroxon from being freed.

The Grand Divine Olympus Olympics begins and each day is exciting and filled with many competitions this year it was Gods versus Goddesses. Many Gods and Goddesses from around the Universe visit for this grand competition. On the last day is the Archery competition. Artemis and Apollo competing against each other in an archery competition. The tournament consists of 5 diferent events. The first to win any 3 of the events will be decleared the winner. One of the conditions for this competition is that the Gods are forbiden from using their abilities. In preparation for the tournament both Gods have built their own bows. Artemis built herself a recurve bow from Lemonwood. Apollo built himself a longbow the wood for his bow is from Osage orange one of the finest bow woods. Many of the Gods have gathered to watch the competition. From the far east renowned archer Hou Yi and his wife Chang'e are guests of Zeus. Nike stands between Artemis and Apollo and tosses a coin in the air. Artemis shouts “heads” as the coin spins in the air. The coin lands on the ground and Nike declares Apollo the winner. “ladies first” declares Apollo with a confident smile. Target archery is the first event. Artemis takes the field her bow and quiver filled with arrows. The target is set at 200 meters. Each archer is allowed 10 arrows and the score is taken upon completion. After Apollo takes his final shot the scores are tallied. Apollo wins the first event. In the second event the archers set up for Roving marks. Roving marks consists of archers shooting at an initial target and as they progress they shoot at a new target from the location of the previous target. There are 5 targets in total one shot each. Artemis is determined not to lose a second time and she is flawless in her execution as she wins the second event convincingly. The twins are highly competitive and niether is about to give ground. The third competition is flight archery. In this competition the archer's shoot 20 arrows with the goal of launching their arrows as far as they can. The arrow shot the furthest distance wins the contest. If the arrow is broken however the shot does not count. Artemis stretches her bow string to the limits and let's her arrows fly. Her furthest recorded distance is 3100 yards. Apollo just edges her with a distance of 3150 yards. The 4th event is popinjay. Popinjay consists of a long pole with a carving of a bird sitting atop. For this competition the pole stands 50 feet tall. Hermes has to fly to set his wooden bird atop the pole. Artemis hits the wooden bird in the center of its head while Apollo hits the pole but misses the target. The twins are now tied at two apiece and once again a coin toss will decide who shoots first. Artemis wins the coin toss and decides to shoot first. It has come down to the 5th and final event winner take all. The last event of the tournament is a variant on field archery where there are multiple targets. For this competition the targets are hidden within a forrest and the archer's have 5 minutes to complete the course. There are 10 targets hidden within the forrest each having 8 concentric rings, three gold 5 black. Confidently and swiftly Artemis enters the forrest. Artemis has one thing on her mind winning the tournament. She nails the gold center ring on 5 consecutive targets. On the 6th target Artemis is distracted for a brief second and hits between the outter golden ring and first black ring. For the 7th and 8th targets she regains form and hits the center dead on. Artemis time is recorded at 3minutes 45seconds. Apollo enters the forrest eager to out do his sister. Initially Apollo keeps pace as for the first 3 targets he hits the center. As Apollo takes aim at the fourth target a hand emerges from the underworld and touches his ankle. Apollo's shot misfires. Apollo has a vision where he sees himself winning the heart of a beautiful maiden. The vision stirs a greed in Apollo to win so badly that he forgets the rules and uses his abilities. Apollo guides his arrow to the golden mark. A loud horn can be heard in the distance. A look of anger, disgust, and embarrassment sits on Zeus' face. The horn signifies a violation. It is discovered that Apollo cheated and Nike awards Artemis the victory. The Gods leave the tournament disappointed. Zeus apologizes to Hou Yi and his wife Chang'e as they depart. Furious Zeus hunts down Apollo. Zeus scolds Apollo for cheating Artemis. “Conniving!!!Pretender!!!Get Out of my Sight!!! You Are Banished!!!” screams Zeus and with that an ashamed Apollo vanishes from Mount Olympus. That night a celebration is held in honor of Artemis' and the Goddesses victory on Mount Olympus. Gaia, Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Artemis, Nike, Hades, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes, Dionysus, Jade Emperor and Empress, Hou Yi, Chang’e, Jah, Eternal Empress, several angels from Zion, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahama, Ra, Horus, Sekret, Osiris, Oloron, Oya, Oludomare, the Elder Solarians (The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and several Moons), Hermatta, Posyleon, Several Scientificans, Karima, Wayze, Ahuya, Maatau, Odin, Thor, Loki, several Valkyrie, several angels from 2nd Heaven and Kaijun are all in attendance. The Deities feast and enjoy music in honor of Artemis. During the celebration Hermes presents Artemis with a gift A quiver with a never ending supply of arrows. Hou Yi congratulates Artemis. “ You are an exceptional goddess who meets the challenge, you do not seem to be in awe of what is built around you.” says Hou Yi. Artemis smiles “ a woman must not accept she must challenge” says Artemis. “in the year to come if you be it not afraid we shall be here celebrating another of our victories.” says Artemis as she winks. “i accept your challenge my lady.” says Hou Yi with a bow. During the celebration as Zeus is distracted Hades is in Hera's ear trying to convince her to betray Zeus. “He has another one” whispers Hades. Hera stares at Hades with a pained look. Hades leads Hera to a quiet spot. Hades shows Hera; Zeus' youngest daughter. Hera begins to cry as she looks at the baby. “we can put him to sleep so that he never awakes?” says Hades. An enraged Hera agrees to poison Zeus. After the Party an intoxicated Zeus pulls Hades aside. They begin to argue “You have everything while I have nothing but death, tragedy, morn and scorn. You have a wife that wants only you while I have a wife that only wants to get away from me!” cries Hades. With that Hades vanishes from Mount Olympus. The next day Zeus trains with Athena on a deserted island in Greece. Athena makes a proposition with Zeus that if she wins this last battle then any God that commits rape from this day forth would be unfit to rule in Mount Olympus. During that battle it was said that no God could have beaten Athena not even Zeus. Zeus walks away defeated and angry as Athena smiles at her victory and eminent leadership of Mount Olympus.

Hera sneaks away from Mount Olympus to meet Hades. Hades gives Hera a potion that would make Zeus sleep an eternal slumber. Hades then tricks Hera and attacks mount Olympus and Hera is taken captive. Poseidon, Athena, Artemis and Apollo are able to fend off the attack by Hades but Zeus is still trapped in his sleep. Poseidon sends Hermes to find Asclepius. Poseidon makes the decision to go rescue Hera. Athena is left in Charge of Mount Olympus. Hades, Chaos and Tartarus deliver damaging blows as Poseidon crawls still trying to free Hera. Chaos throws Poseidon off a cliff. Poseidon's body hits the ground leaving a crater. Poseidon is left for dead and Calypso recovers his body. Hades bargains with Ate and Kali who join his wicked plot. Hades convinces Ate and Kali to create disorder for one of Zeus' favorite cities in Greece. In return Hades promises to first help Kali capture Kalki. As promised Hades delivers Kalki bound in chains to Tartarus who imprisons Kalki. Riots begin to erupt in the city of Athens and News reaches Athena and she sends Astraea to handle it. Astraea battles Ate and Kali as she tries to defend her city. Hades next target is Elpis. Athena sends Apollo and Artemis to defend Elpis from Hades and Chaos. During the battle Apollo sacrifices himself so that Artemis may escape. Bound and badly beaten Apollo and Elpis are delivered to Tartarus who keeps them prisoner. “There will be no more hope and the sun will not rise in the morning, the world will be as dark, miserable and tormenting as my home” rages Hades as the skies of the world go grey. When Elpis is taken captive by Hades; Gaia, the Earth and Oduwa all fall ill. Calypso is able to heal Poseidon and both head back to Mount Olympus. Hades then frees Cronus with the help of Chaos. Asclepius finds a cure and gives it to Hermes. Hermes brings the cure and Zeus is awoken. Cronus is after Rhea and Zeus defends her as Poseidon sends Gaia With Calypso to seek help from the Orisha's. Zeus and Poseidon battle, Cronus, Hades, Chaos and Tartarus. Zeus sends Rhea off with Athena “I am a warrior I want to fight father” says Athena “Dearest daughter bravest of all Warriors you have done well in my slumber and I am proud. Now I have given you a task that I value over my own well being and that is the protection of my Mother.” says Zeus. Chaos goes after Athena and Rhea. Calypso takes Gaia to Yemaya who is with Oshun who in turn seeks the help of olorun and Obataala in travel to the great palace atop the highest peak in Ikole orun (orisha heaven). Ori tutu cool headedness Olorun sends in Oshosi, Oya and Shango to aid Zeus in his battle with Cronus. Athena is able to trap Chaos. Obataala seeks the aid of Baosheng Dadi to heal Gaia. Imperial inspector at the heavenly gate. After Cronus and Hades are defeated they escape. Cronus sends Hades to free Typhon as Cronus heads to Eygpt. As Cronus touches the shores of Eygpt he is spotted by Benu. As Cronus travels about Eygpt Benu follows him. Benu follows Cronus until Cronus arrives at a Bar in a secret city in Egypt. Benu leaves to go report the arrival of Cronus to Atum. Cronus goes into a bar and is greeted by two women. Cronus is led to the cellar. Cronus sits at the table patiently awaiting his host. Kek a being with the head of a frog and the body of a man and Kauket a being with the body of a woman and the head of a snake emerge from the darkness. Kek and Kauket join Cronus at the table. The Destinies, Fates and Witches are sent to Athena to show her the story of her birth, the prophecy, and the pain her mother went through.

On the Heavenly planet of Scientifica Prime which is 30 times the size of Earth. The Scientificans go about their business of creating inventions to help the multiverse. The Scientificans invent most of the equipment for all the heavens in the first Dimension and most planets in the Mythical realms. A lot of their inventions have slipped into the other three dimensions. The problem with the scientificans is that they think that they are above the law. Several Scientificans Wizmund, Minduwunda, Scienzbrain were arrested for trying rule Scientifica but instead of sending them to the Divine council to be judged and sentenced to the 5th Dimension the Hell realms. The Scientifican Judges decided to place them in a personal Scientifican hell dimension created by them. The Scientificans would begin sending all their criminals and violators there.

Oya is in Ketemah in her palace with her husband Shango. Shango bought and created the palace for her as a wedding gift. Oya grabs Shango who is dancing and playing an ancient African Instrument called a Balimba and kisses him. Shango puts the Balimba down and Oya stops him and says “Whether the air fragrant or foul to breathe with God in every moment Shango you are Megalopsychia.” Shango smiled and got mesmerized by Oya’s beauty. Oya had big beautiful eyes the color of honey.

The Divine Council would again meet but the Monumentals with the Help of Posyleon expose all the abuse bestowed upon them by their parents and siblings. Some of the Deities scream when they see Hera throwing Hephaestus from Mount Olympus. Hera would sneak away and teleport out of the Divine council in shame as would most of the offending parties. The Monumentals are awarded grievances by the Divine council. Some of the Deities try to hide it but are angry the monumentals were awarded what they consider to be too much for them.

Gorex is a Warrior angel in the service of Jah and the Eternal Empress. When Jah and the Eternal Empress are away on Official Divine Council duties; Gorex decides to steal some of Jah’s sheep. Gorex cooks the special Sheep and shares the meal with several other angels of Zion. Gorex makes a deal with several Rogue angels of 2nd heaven to sell off several animal species of Zion for slaughter and meals by the Angels of 2nd Heaven and their guest. Jah and the Eternal Empress feel the loss but don’t understand what is missing as yet and are perturbed. An Angels of Jah called Ayahaia spots Gorex slaughtering a Goat and is killed by Gorex and his friends. Jah sees this and sends Gorex and his friends to hell. Jah is in a bad mood and he next goes and sends several gay and lesbian angels of Zion to hell. The Eternal Empress says “let those last ones out they were all in love and virgins, they talk with me of marriage and love not lust and desire.” Jah ignores her and the Eternal Empress teleports to Multirainboven to Kawiya’s house. Jah becomes depressed with out her and the Skies of Zion reflect his deep sadness. On Valentine’s day Jah sends a Valentine’s gift for the Eternal Empress and special herbs to the Eternal Empress’ Sister the Ital Empress who is going to visit the Eternal Empress and asks her to get the Eternal Empress to talk to him. The Ital Empress promises to try her best and leaves with the gifts.

There is a Ball at Mount Olympus and Shango is the first dancer on the floor when the heavenly Olympian Band plays at Zeus’ diner party. Shango gets Athena to dance. Zeus challenges Thor after Thor is drunk and tells Zeus he will beat Zeus, Jah and Shango in a lighting throwing contest if Zeus was ever brave enough to add the event to the games of the Gods. Jah laughs as he puffs a joint from Hermes garden. Zeus sets the tournament for one year and all four leave the party ready to train to win the title of most powerful lighting God. Loki decides that to honor Asgard, he would help Thor win. Loki transforms into a bee and travels to Africa and then to the Heaven above to Shango’s home. Loki uses his magic to read Shango’s mind as he works in his yard collecting vegetables for hi household. Loki comes across the memory of Shango killing his family using lighting and begins to bring the memory to the forefront of his thoughts until it consumes Shango who falls to the floor crying. With his work done Loki next travels to Greece and then Mount Olympus and he flies around Zeus’ head as Zeus watches the new women who have reached marrying age. Loki takes a cue from Shango and makes Zeus see images of him striking his family with lightening. Loki laughs as both were weaker after he psychologically disrupted them. Thor wins the Tournament easily and takes the prize proud and very boastful about it.

God’s Kingdom is a huge Planet ten times the size of Earth. God and the Divine Goddess are trying to stop the Angels from killing the wives and husbands of their children to try and replace them with one of them. Jesus was sent to Earth so that he could fall in love on Earth and get married away from the Eyes of the Angels but Satan monitored his birth from the beginning and set about exposing him to the other angels. God is about to sentence 100 gay and lesbian angels from 2nd Heaven to hell when Ahuya teleports into the Judgement Chambers. Ahuya holds up his hands and creates magically the divine signs of peace and love. The Divine Goddess smiles and says “they can go with you as I love them all!” Ahuya smiles and teleports them to Equalia. Mivanchel screams “they were nasty sinners and deserved to burn!” God removes Mivanchel’s Mouth and then says “How many sins do you commit a day as a head Angel? Should you burn for still sinning in heaven?” Mivanchel flies out crying and enraged. Several other angels see him and leave with him.

We are next in New Asgard as there was a Ragnarok or Apocalypse to the Old Asgard due to the war like nature of the Norse Deities. The Other Deities of the Divine council called for Ragnarok after the Norse Deities kept rewarding the War hungry instead of the peaceful. Frigg and Hermatta talked and they began to reform the Norse religion and Balder was Chosen as King of New Asgard and had to keep eternal Peace among the Norse Deities. King Balder welcomes Karima and Wayze. King Balder takes them to diner Hall with his council. Karima Drinks the Huge cup of Mead even though Wayze pleads with her not too. Thor notices Karima drinking the large cup of mead and tries to challenge her. The two try to out drink the other for the rest of the evening. Wayze and Balder simply ignore them and talk. Wayze takes Balder to another room and reveals what Loki did during Zeus’ tournament and what the repercussions would be if Loki is not punished.

Eshu is in Ketemah causing trouble with the Kings to sleep with their wives. Oya tells Eshu what Loki did to Shango and that she thinks Loki might be the best Trickster. Eshu says “Nonsense watch how I trick him into giving me the crown!” Oya leaves smiling. Loki is studying King Balder and creating a plan to trick him into giving Loki more freedom. Eshu talks to Heimdal and brings him a gift bu Heimdal refuses it and says “You getting Loki back will please all of Nu Asgard you are welcome to punish him. Eshu smiles and still leaves the gift in Heimdal’s room. Eshu begins to follow Loki unaware and would cause all of his Lies to be revealed as Loki a pathological liar continually tries to swindle the other Deities. Loki is beaten up several times after revealing himself to the Deities and tries to figure out what is wrong with himself. Sigyn would try to comfort Loki but to no avail. Eshu torments Loki in his dreams and as he lay next to Sigyn; Loki reveals how many times that he has cheated on Sigyn unaware. Sigyn begins beating up Loki and then leaves him. Loki chases after her wondering what is wrong. Eshu begins to laugh so hard and long that Loki returns and catches him. Loki and Eshu would begin to battle in Loki’s home but the fight would spill out into the Downtown district of New Asgard. As King Balder arrives both would teleport away but Heimdal makes Loki teleport into Balder’s Personal Prison.

We are back in Mount Olympus and Ares is furious and now thinks Zeus is weak he decides that he will prove that he is the Strongest God of all and decides to beat Thor in combat to prove it. Ares goes about his daily chores and creates a clone to carry out his duties as he grabs his weapons and armour and teleports to New Asgard. Thor is training and drinking in his training field at the back of his palace. Ares attacks Thor and the two gods battle in the sky. Ares cuts Thor and Thor strikes Ares with lightening. Ares recovers and blasts Thor with a magical energy beam. Thor get up and looks at his split mead and gets furious. Ares and Thor clash Hammers in the Sky as Thor Kicks Ares in the Belly and then pounds him on the back with his hammer. Ares dents the Training field but throws his hammer at Thor and it hits Thor in the Stomach. King Balder senses the battle and teleports to Thor’s Palace. Ares senses Balder as does Thor and the two agree to fight latter as they both run. Thor smiles when he gets a plan and decides to free Loki to allow himself to escape Balder’s wrath and occupy Balder with Loki’s mischief.

We are back on Mount Olympus and Athena trains with Achilles. Even though Athena keeps beating Achilles he keeps trying and changing strategies that intrigue Athena. Athena falls in love with Achilles and kisses him as he is about to strike. Achilles drops his sword and embraces the Goddess. Ares is Training with Poseidon who is unaware why Ares is fighting so intensely. Poseidon stops the training when Ares breaks Poseidon’s training staff. Ares smiles and believes he is ready to take over Mount Olympus.

King Balder searches through the Multiverse and finally captures Loki and takes him for sentencing before the Divine Council. The Judges are tired of Loki’s war causing antics and Sentence him to the Hell realms for 10 years. Loki cries and pleads with Thor to free him but there is nothing Thor can do. Balder and his Soldiers take Loki to the Hell Realm and ensure that he serve his sentence.

1490AD(M.E.)The beautiful aqua waters glisten as EVAH who is 12 years old and MAWLI who is 10 play at the edge of the water. Mawli looks for shells at the shoare as Evah swims. Evah dives deep and finds a beautiful Shell. Evah gives the shell to Mawli. Evah and Mawli walk back towards the village and Evah sings to him as they walk through the trees. EVAH sings “hush little hunter/ step by step/ we'll catch diner/ if we sneak/” On their way they are stopped by a gang of other kids lead by the bully IRUA who pushes Mawli down and takes the shell. Evah is angry and unleashes a furry of punches that take no effect she is hit in the head and falls to the ground she begins to hear the thoughts of everyone around her. Evah here's NUFU one of Irua gang thinking "why wont he stop bullying, theres so much others things to do, ireally wanna go fishing". Evah gets up and confronts Irua. Evah says “give us back our shell” and Irua says “Go find it” and Irua throws the shell in the bushes and Evah runs after it. Evah soon finds it and gives it back to Mawli who smiles. Evah then goes up to Irua and tries to fight Irua. Irua begins to punch Evah and instinctively Evah shuts down Irua's mind they both collapse. the children run and Mawli sits crying over his sisters body. The children come back with father Twanetti who picks up the children one at a time and carries them back to the village. The Arawak tribe surround the children concerned and the shaman conducts a ritual. The children are placed in a hut side by side. The Shaman continues to pray over them. Father Twanetti consoles the parents. FATHER Twanetti says “From what the children told me and from what I can see I think Evah takes after your ancestors sister Aiuwha and is blessed with the powers of the mind.

Irini asks “What about my child Irua, Father, what will happen?

Father Twanetti responds “we must try to wake Evah” Aiuwha says “i will try and wake up my daughter!”and with that Aiuwha leaves her husband Enami's side and gets up and goes to Evah. After a few hours Evah awakes with a jump. Aiuwha cries with joy and Enami comes and hugs his daughter. Father Twanetti comes to talk to Evah and says “Evah my dear child it is a blessing you are awake how do you feel child?” Evah groggily responds “i feel strange Father my mind is racing and full of thoughts that are not mine.” Father Twanetti smiles and says “Concentrate dear child can you hear Irua's Voice” Evah doesn’t try and says “i dont want to hear Irua's voice she will attack me!”

Father Twanetti says “relax Evah i will not let her touch you. No w concentrate!” Father Twanetti guides Evah's hand to Irua's head. Evah closes her eyes so that she can concentrate. Evah says “she is in a cell and she is crying. Father Twanetti says “let her out!” Evah shivers and says “i'm afraid to!” Father Twanetti says “you are a good girl Evah let her out!” Evah opens her eyes and at the same time Irua opens her eyes. Irua looks at Evah and screams. Irini comes and grabs her child. The tribe celebrate and a special meal is made for Evah by the shaman. Evah and Mawli wake from their beds. They catch themselves and go to take a bath. Evah and Mawli head to the beautiful aqua water and yellow sand Exuma Beach. Evah dives into the water and washes her stress away she swims like a dolphin and Mawli joins her under the waters. The children return to their hut and Evah begins to make bread with her mother Aiuwha. Enami asks “how are you feeling my evening star?” Evah says “i am fine daddy i can block out most of the toughts it helps if i keep busy. Enami says “Your mothers aunt was just like you she was touched by the spirits, you will be a great sage just like her. Come Mawli it is time we make fish traps for supper.” An hour later Mawli goes and joins his father Enami for his lesson in how to make the fish trap. As Enami teaches Mawli how to make the trap he guides him and says “see you bind it here!” Mawli asks “is Evah going to be alright Dad? Enami confidently responds “yes she is strong!”

Mawli asks “didnt one of our ancestors went mad with power i remember an old tale Father Twanetti told us?” Enami says “yes this is true and it is told as a reminder to not go corrupt. your sister is strong in character she will not lust for power.” Mawli asks “does the power always go to girls?” Enami laughs and then says “no there has been males with this ability, your children may one day carry such power. Back in the Arawak Village at Evah’s Home. Evah watches the bread bake as her mother plays the flute. The men return to the village and some come sit and listen with thier family as others begin carving a new totem pole at the request of the Shaman. Evah gets overwhelmed with the thoughts of the other tribe members and gets a headache she has to go lay down Aiuwha stops playing the flute and takes Evah to bed and tucks her in. Aiuwha prays as she watches over her daughter. The next morning Aiuwha wakes up Evah. Aiuwha says “come dear child we shall go to the shaman he will help you!”. Aiuwha walks Evah through the Arawak Village to the shaman's home. The Shaman welcomes them in but Aiuwha leaves Evah to attend to her tribal duties. The Shaman and Evah both sit on the floor meditating. The Shaman says “you must learn to be at one with the universe little one. Everything will try to communicate with you mentally and you must learn to channel this thought energy and remain calm.” Evah says “but it gets confusing and scary!” The Shaman says “you must be strong young one, you are blessed, use your gifts to your advantage take charge of your mind.

Across the island of Exuma in a set of caves; Irua is bullying Giuha and one of his gang Nufu feels bad and tries to stop Irua. Nufu says “That's enough Irua, can't you see how terrified he is your hurting him?” Iru laughs an evil laugh and says “i love watching em squirm”

Irua punches Nufu and continues to make Giuha cry. Nufu runs back to the village to call Evah. Evah is eating some corn as she sit by her hut.

Nufu comes running and has to catch his breath before he says “Come Evah Irua is bullying Giuha in the caves!” Evah puts her corn down and gets up shaking she slowly but surely walks to toward Nufu and then the two begin to run. Evah freezes when she hears Irua screaming.

Nufu notices and says “Evah be brave!”Evah concentrates and begins to communicate with Irua telepathically. Evah “Irua are you bullying again is it time to go back in the cell!” Irua cries and says “get out of my head ahhhhhh im sorry, im sorry dont send me back there i beg you.”

Evah says “Apologize to Giuha and never bully again or its back in the cage for you!” Irua apologizes, cries and runs back to the village. Evah picks up Giuha who thanks her. The next day Evah, Nufu, Guiha and Mawli are playing together. The following night The tribe gather around the fire as dancers and the shaman give a performance and then father Twanetti begins to tell his tale. The children are delighted and frightened by the story. Most of the tribe head to their huts after the story. The children go home all still excited from the tale. In the morning Evah is making bread when Mawli comes running and says “Liuna is missing!” Evah asks “Do they know where they last saw her maybe i can help?” Mawli says she was playing by the forest. Evah gets up and says “lets go!” Evah leaves the mixture and cleans her hands they head towards the forest. Evah and Mawli walk into the forest Mawli begins to call out but no response Evah concentrates and walks deeper into the forest. Evah leads Mawli who looks around as the animals make their noises. They find Liuna by a tree with a broken leg. Evah stays and tends to Liuna and Mawli runs to get help. Over the next few days Evah, Mawli, Nufu, Guiha and Luina all play together.

As Evah, Mawli, Nufu, Guiha and Luina play by the water Aiuha comes running in the distance a storm can be seen. Each of the children run to their homes in the Arawak village. At Evah's home the winds shake the hut. The winds are fierce and the children are kept low as the hut is torn apart. a loud crack can be heard and a tree suddenly and devastating hits the hut crushing Aiuwha. Enami lifts the tree off just enough and Evah and Mawli pull their mother she moves from under the tree smiles at her children and dies. At the Burial Grounds the tribe hold funerals for all that died in the storm Evah and Mawli are crying and they are comforted by the tribe. The Arawak wake was at the Village Bon Fire Pit. Evah is sad and holding herself close looking at the fire and asks “What happens when we die father Twanetti” Father Twanetti comes closer and says “ after death, there are before the soul Two ways; each ending in a final goal. To light and life all the kind-hearted go, The cruel and unkind to dark and dismal woe. A month later they are at the Bon Fire Pit with the tribe eating a tribal meal. Evah is serving the soup to her brother Mawli as they go to sit and eat with the other tribe members. The tribe are gathered in a circle and Father Twanetti tells a story “it was a long time ago before we had the Banana Tree a Monkey spirit had a garden of Banana Trees and the wiseman Mawken stumbled across the beautiful bounty….” a spear hits Twanetti in the chest and the tribe members scream and run as they are ambushed by canibals Mawli fights back and pulls Evah with him. Nufu is trying to save Irua who is being dragged away. When Enami Falls Evah freaks and she begins to shut down the cannibals minds. She walks in anger punishing the greedy savages until she is hit in the back of the head. Mawli, Nufu, Guiha, and Luina come to her rescue each firing arrows at the cannibal that knocked Evah out. They pick up Evah and run towards the canoes. They retreat and as Mawli pushes the canoe out, he is speared through the back and dies. The other keep Rowing as Some of the cannibals get in canoes to come after them. Evah screams for her brother, family and friends. The village is in flames as the children race away from the Cannibals. The Earth moves Charney Island closer and the children reach the shores. They dock on the beach and run for it they makes it to the forest The cannibals dock on the beach and enter the forest chasing after them. The other children are separated and Evah runs through the island jungle where she hides behind a large tree and waits as the Cannibals march hungrily through the forest. Evah is cornered and the Cannibals see her. As the Cannibals creep closer The Chickcharnies swoop in and break the necks of the Cannibals twisting their heads completely around. The Chickcharnies come to the rescue and kill the cannibals, but they let Evah run through the forest on her own as Dupree a 4 foot fairy watches her progress. Evah enters deeper into the island jungle and goes into a dark forest area where she hides behind a big tree, and she cries thinking about her family. Flamianna walks out of her home in her half human form and picks up the sleeping Evah. She carries Evah inside her home to the guest bed. Evah wakes and is afraid She runs through the house until she is in the kitchen with Flamianna who is serving the chickcharney (her grandchildren). Evah screams as she has never seen any strange creatures like this before. Mangeno tries to stop Evah but she is even more afraid of him she runs out the door and Flamianna goes after her. Flamianna screams “I beg you to stop dear child, we will keep you safe!” Evah stops and asks “What are you?” Flamianna hugs her and guides her back to the home and says “i am the Daughter of a being known as Karima and this is my island. You met my husband Mangeno and My grandchildren who defended you from those greedy savages.” Evah cries and says “They Killed and ATE my FAMILY!!!!” Flamianna hugs her tighter and says “Im sorry dear child my daughter in law was eaten by a cannibal as well dear child i feel your pain rest easy with us so that you may grow strong.”Evah cries in Flamiannas arms as she guides her back to the house. They Enter the home as Flamianna holds the door open and Evah takes a few steps inside she is still afraid of the other members of the household who stand in the front room awaiting Their Guest. They all warmly greet Evah and try to keep her happy. When Evah began to feel up to they let her go meet the other residents of Charney Island. Evah would grow up on Charney Island and become a student of Flamianna. Evah would Marry the Son of Karmus who is named Karmicheal. They would have many children 10 in all and a few 3 to be exact came out completely human while the others where halfbreeds. Evah joins the Council on Charney island and becomes a Judge. Evah is beloved on the island and favoured by Karima. As a Reward for a life of good Evah is rewarded with heaven and is selected to train to be a judge on the Divine Council. Karima takes Evah and her family to the Peace Fortress on Equalia. Flamianna visits buts prefers the Earth.

In Zion at The Imperial Judgment Chambers; Jah is about to sentence 10 gay and 10 lesbian Rastafarian angels when Karima teleports there and says “ Great and kind Emperor Almighty ruler of Zion please do not condemn them to hell but let me take these ones to my heaven as I judge them all as spiritually good and sound and they would be blessed they only walk a different way from you sir let them go where it is accepted.” Jah ponders as he takes a puff from his 18inch joint which is close to one of his roaches as Tunuga his general angel says “ Emperor dey must burn in hell for their nasty sins!” Karima looks offended and says “so is a horse a sinner by birth because that is their canal, maybe I should get the Divine council to take all the horses out of Zion then!” Jah drops his joint “Me can’t loose Neguses bey shut ya mouth fa I strike ya down dis a Goddess Empress only a few seasons younger dan I but still someone you should know who she is before you speak and embarrass us all now leave this meeting ya dun fe da day.” General Tunuga flies out angry and embarrassed. Jah passes Karima a joint and then says “Yes Divine Queen you may have their souls I know des set been good other wise and this was hard on me mind.” The Eternal Empress teleports into Zion and into the Judgement Chambers. The Eternal Empress brings Jah some snacks and roots wine and says “Now I will come back home!” Jah kisses her and smiles as he passes her his joint which she smokes as she sits on his lap hugging him. Karima takes the Rastafarian Angels to Equalia. General Tunuga is in a hidden dimension on Zion where the Zealot Angels of Jah reside, and he informs them of what happened, and they decide to attack Equalia.

On the Heavenly planet Svarga loka and at the Trinity council chambers. Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma are judging the Hindu’s through the multiverse and sending their reward or punishment by their Acolyte Karma. Posyleon teleports to the Hindu Trinity Council and sits in and watches the Hindu Deities. After the Hindu Deities finish their judgements for the day. Ganish comes in and leads the Deities including Posyleon to the special lunch to Celebrate Brahma’s birthday.

At the Cosmic Council in the First Dimension the Heavens Realm is Ābati Gazi and Ibu Jagat. The Cosmic Council has a branch in Most Dimensions and Ābati Gazi has been noticing a rise in crimes throughout the heavens. Ābati Gazi calls in the reserve Allguard members while simultaneously increasing the search for new Allguard members. Ābati Gazi sends a message to the other Deities throughout the Heavens. The message says “The first Dimension is a special place and We have each been blessed with a Special Paradise. How the Heavens conduct themselves reflects throughout the other Dimensions and Universes. We are the Parents and Children of great and powerful beings with special powers and ability, we must remember that even the highest can give in to temptation and all must face judgement by the Divine Council.”

We are now in the war room on Equalia and the two leaders open the arms room located in the back of the room. The Goddess and ruler of Equalia Karima is With Ahuya who is the father of her children and her best friend. They are preparing for war as both place Armor on Each other. Wayze who is Karima’s Wife and the child of Horus and Serus and Maatau who is the son of Maat and Zeus when he raped her when he transformed into a giant Octopus. Wayze and Maatau enter already dressed for war. The angel Rhokani teleports into the war room and gives the report. Rhokani says “ Empress Divine we are now under attack they ignored are calls for peace and began attacking. Karima commands Wayze and Maatau to stay behind as her and Ahuya teleport to the battlefield in the space above the Planet where Equalia resides. The Rogue Zealot angels from 2nd Heaven are overwhelming the Equalia Angels. Karima and Ahuya join the battle and begin trying to turn the odds. Kompasyon, a pink haired angel is surrounded by 10 Zealots and ganged. As Kompasyon she screams. Karima transforms into a giant 50-foot multicolored Owl and begins tearing through the Zealot Army. Ahuya Transforms into a 40 Magiwulf (Werewolf mixed with Chickcharney) and begins casting powerful magic spells and howling devasting Sound attacks. The Zealots retreat and Karima and Ahuya begin tending to the wounded and mourning the dead.

In the Heavens Dimension is a planet called 2nd heaven. The Angels of God and the Divine Goddess reside here. We travel to a Flash back of a horrific event that occurred on the Heavenly planet. Atop one of two twin towers, He stares into the sky, eyes fixated on the moon. The tears on his face begin to dry; he says a silent prayer and makes his descent. Swift and effortlessly he propels his body through a window into the large and elegant dining hall of his enemies. His enemies are caught off guard as they are celebrating. They are startled by the attack and scramble for their weapons but it is too late. He is merciless in his assault, decapitating numerous foes in a matter of minutes. He wastes no time lingering and navigates his way quickly through the tower knowing he may soon succumb to his injuries. As he enters the main chamber, his body collapses to the ground. Horrified by a sight that no father should ever be cursed to see as (one of his sons) is being devoured by the lord of this castle, his wail rocks the towers. His senses are being bombarded by pain, anger, grief; it is the grief that overpowers them all. He stares on, unable to move and does not notice the guards approaching him nor does he care. The lord looks up, begins to laugh and continues to eat, as he feels no true threat has arrived. A cold chill runs up the warrior’s spine and he weeps and pukes uncontrollably. Still shaken with grief, he rises to his feet and splits the remaining two guards in half. He begins to make his way toward the lord and makes a mad dash, but the lord continues his feast and does not even bother to look up as he effortlessly brushes aside his attacker. The exhausted warrior is about to mount another assault when he notices that his other two children still live. He is further enraged at witnessing the mutilation of his other child’s face by the lord’s mistress. With every ounce of strength he has left, the warrior attempts to free his surviving children. With the mounting rage and adrenaline pumping he makes his final, able to recover his children with an incredible burst of speed and escapes by using his powerful wings to help him break through a wall. As he flies through the cold night, he realizes that the rescue has come at a dare cost. Using his hands he tentatively touches the dagger that the lord’s mistress implanted deep within his back between his wings. He knows his life is about to end, yet he must get his children to safety. Home is no longer an option. The first line of defense has fallen and he can only pray his angel brethren are able to protect his children and fend off the terrible minions of hell.

Long ago, the task of defeating the efforts of the demons in overthrowing the world was entrusted to the rank of angels known to humans as the Powers. The Powers, so it is said, were the very first angels created by God. They are acknowledged defenders of the cosmos against Lucifer and all his forces. The Powers maintain cosmic order and equilibrium. They are the guardians of the heavenly paths and police the routes to and from Heaven and earth. Their realm is 2nd Heaven, where they have set up seven strongholds or kingdoms to keep hell at bay. 10 years ago, around the beginning of Cosmic war III, the fallen angel Metranon (the head of Lucifer’s 4 Horsemen) began his assault on 2nd Heaven and demolished four of the seven during the ten-year period.

Deep within the fortress Jafari sits at his desk reviewing the plans for a fifth time trying to find fault with the strategist’s plans. He stands stretching his arms and wings, he is a tall dark skinned and broadly built man with a baby face hardened by a war too many, his wings are enormous and a magnificent shade metallic gold with emeralds outlining the wings(a sign indicating his ascension(mastery over his powers). After cleaning the feathers he almost left behind he walks to his balcony and shakes out his locks trying to gather his thoughts. Jafaryi often goes to his balcony when he feels stressed from his duties the fresh air often brings clarity. There is a knock on his door and he gives the command to enter, one of his Generals Tawni enters the room she is slim beautiful woman with a caramel complexion and Chinese features her wings are a stunning shade of canary yellow (her wings are just beginning to show changes as she nears ascension), “my lord did you have time to read over my plans” says Tawni quickly as she glances around his immaculately clean office, he beckons for her to come in and have a seat. He slowly walks back to his desk and sits down and replies “yes I did, are u certain of the numbers that occupy that castle” as he rolls up the parchment and hands it back to her “Yes my Lord my scouts are always accurate” she replies confidently “well I can give you around 10,000 warriors” she begins to interrupt, “I must keep enough here in case of an attack! and I must send another 5,000 to Rais, there is no way I can give you any more than that” he says sternly, she fights to hide a pained look upon hearing the name of her husband Rais. “thank you my lord I will begin preparations at once” says Tawni courteously and she begins to rise when Jafari grabs her by the arm “I cannot afford to lose you, I would rather send another but I know you are too stubborn and impetuous to listen, if things take a turn for the worse, I am commanding you to withdraw” “yes big bro” she says with a smile, they give each other a big hug and she whispers in his ear “how does your wife deal with someone whose so anal and might have a slight case of OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder)” “she hates it, and don’t forget to pick up the feathers you dropped” he replies with a large laugh. As she leaves his office she is approached by her disciple Phylicia, an extremely talented young warrior with Eurasian features, who is as fierce as she is attractive, her wings are shade of royal blue. They walk in silence down a long hallway until they approach a window overlooking the training grounds where only two warriors remain engaged in an intense workout regimen “Life has dealt them a cruel fate hasn’t it” says Phylicia to her mentor Tawni who nods in agreement. “Are they accompanying us on this campaign” asks Phylicia eagerly “you would be miserable if Leo did not accompany us, besides that fact I feel they are essential” says Tawni as Phylicia blushes profusely “it still pains my soul that one of us would do that to them, both are clearly still scarred by the ordeal, Karael still does not speak to anyone but Leo and even then he only whispers” says Phylicia,

replies Tawni as her face becomes red with anger her hands erupt into blue flames. “Their time will come mistress” says Phylicia in a calming manor and wipes the tears from Tawni’s face. As they turn back to the window they are surprised by Leo as he sits in the window sill, as he is off mixed race he is a light brown complexion and his wings are magnificent they are silver with navy blue tips, he kisses his aunt on the cheek and rushes to Phylicia lifting her off the ground “how are my two favorite women in the world today” says Leo “your getting sweat and funk all over me” said Phylicia “you luv my funk” replied Leo “save the mushy stuff for private, your uncle has granted me permission to lead the assault on Nu Jerusalem, Nisroc is the commander of the fallen occupying that region” says Tawni as Leo interrupts “when do we leave” “in 48 hours, where’s Karael by the way” says Tawni “Uncle came and got him I think they are gonna try and git Karael to gain more control over his powers” replies Leo “well I’m off to go check on the supplies I will want to talk with both of you after dinner” says Tawni. Phylicia begins to ask a question and before she is able to speak Tawni quickly says “yes you may stay with him I will see you at dinner as well” as she rolls her eyes. The forest area of Nu Haven are the most beautiful on all of 2ndheaven one can get caught in awe while beholding the mountainous view of rich greenery that are formed by the simple beauty of the forests. These forests are unlike those on earth, they are unmolested by man and contain Trees, flowers and wonderful beast that many consider mythical on earth. Jafari and Karael sit in silent meditation in a clearing close to a waterfall. Jafari begins to think about his two nephews and how different the two young men are. Leo has coped well over the years and Karael is still maladjusted. Leo has already taken a bride and Karael ignores his suitors, he has tried over the years to provide all the love, attention and discipline that he felt they needed but he still feels like he has failed Karael. Leo has blossomed and already is as strong a leader as the legendary High Angel Michael, Karael is potentially stronger. Karael has never spoken to his uncle but he has a smile that can brighten the saddest soul but when he is depressed as he often is, others are rarely blessed by his smile. His bouts of chronic depression, affects the use of his powers causing them to fluctuate. His Powers are of the highest caliber among angels as he already is potentially an equal to Hadarniel (the highest ranking angel on 2ndHeaven) which is denoted by his extremely rare black wings with red tips. Lately Jafari feels that they are having a breakthrough with implementation of new meditation techniques. The animals of the forest gather around them as all is in harmony, the Fung Hwang birds (Chinese phoenix) come so close that Jafari and Karael can pet them, the regal Qilins arent as close but they graze on the grass nearby. Karael’s smile broadens and more animals come and sit in a circle surrounding them. In the distance a sasquatch can be heard howling, the smile on Karael face slowly begins to fade and the animals become uneasy and scater. Jafari takes notice but does not react, he opens his eyes and sees Karael standing with his sword unseathed, Jafari winks at Karael who smiles in response and throws his sword, it flies by his uncles head and hits Karael's intended target. In an instant Karael is in the air darting past his uncle, Jafari turns around slowly, as he looks around he sees Karael easily dispatching two demons. Jafari yells out “bring the last one to me” Karael nods his head, he returns to the ground and walks toward his sword. The Demon lies on the ground bleeding perfusely, his putrid blood staining the earth killing the grass underneath, he shouts profanities as he tries to remove the sword from his stomach but his efforts are futile. Karael leans over his prey as the demon furiously tries to stand, he grabs the demon by its throat and lifts it into the air slowly and painfully removing his sword as the demon screams and fights to free himself he scratches Karael arm to no avail breaking his claws in the process. Karael throws the foul creature toward his uncle as if it were a rag doll, Jafari simply streches his long arm in the air from his seated position and catches the beast by its throat. Jafari then places his hand on the demons forehead extracting the information he needs from the souless creature and sets the creature aflame. The Ashes are blown away and Karael returns to his seat opposite his uncle. “they were a scouting party sent to evaluate the strength of our castle” says Jafari, a concerned look appears on Karael face “no worries ma boy their armies are still far way in Nu Jerusalem, I think it is time we go and get cleaned up for dinner what say you” says Jafari, Karael smiles bearing his pearly white teeth and he rubs his stomach. him and his uncle make their journey back to the castle. As a twin less twin Karael suffers from survivor’s guilt. There’s a sort of void left when one’s twin dies, the uniqueness of life as a twin carries over into the grief they feel. Karael often still has flashbacks of the horrid event when he lost his other half. As Karael comes out of the shower he stares in the mirror and hates what he sees, the pain in his eyes the scars on his skin. He wishes he could be more like his older brother Leo, but he is unwilling to let anyone get close to him, how can he everyone he loves dies. Memories of his Mother, father and his twin torment him.

Leo enters Karael’s living quarters and notices his younger brother in tears breaking the mirror ( it looks as if Karael is screaming but no sound escapes his lips). He rushes over to try and comfort his brother but he is too late Karael begins to erupt and Leo is blown out of the rest room soaring several feet, his back is implanted deep into a wall. Leo quickly gets up as he knows he has little time before things go from bad to worse. Leo strugles to reach his brother, as he reaches Karael, Leo embraces him telling him “erything gonna be alright man, calm down bro please”. Karael cries uncontrollably saying “i can't lose anyone else, in his hushed tone a slight tremble in his voice. Leo consoles his sibling and says “bro ya gat me and i ain never leaving ya.” Originally Nu Haven was a training facility where all the young angels were sent for training until they were mature enough to be sent off to join the war, but due to the recent loses of Nu Jerusalem and Purgatory it has be turned into a military base. On 2nd heaven Angels here are allowed to procreate to replenish and strengthen the forces. The facilities are a mixture of modern 21stcentury environmental friendly technology while combining the solidarity of several large fortresses of the low Middle Ages and the elegance of a Renaissance residence. Most of the technology on 2nd Heaven was bought from Scientifica. Given that Nu Haven has the largest populace of angels remaining each fortress contains angels of the same rank where they dine, rest and train. The main fortress in the center of the land houses the highest ranking angels on Nu Haven. The dining hall is extravagant filled with fine tableware fit for kings and queens on Earth. The luxurious assorment of foods give off an aroma that wets the mouth and teases the tastebuds. Phylicia sits anxiously awaiting her lover at one of the many tables in the main dinning hall where the generals and lutienents dine. “I wonder whats keeping them” she says to Tawni who is picking food off of Phylicia’s plate. “ don’t not worry yourself so much dear child, they will be here shortly”says Tawni between bites.

Not all angels under take the task of defending 2nd heaven, some are the chefs, severs and musicians. While they do not fight they are of equal importance and well respected by their brethren. These Angels have the tasks of keeping the warriors well nourished and their music and entertainment lifts the spirits of their brethren. A beautiful angel prepares herself to sing as Karael and Leo walk in and she waits for them to be seated. Leo takes a seat next to the love of his life and Karael sits at the table closer to the angel who is about to sing. Her voice is divine and she stares at Karael the whole time as she sings her song of unrequited love but he never looks up. As she finishes her song he is the first to clap and the other angels join in giving her an ovation and she is presented with flowers. She leaves the stage and takes a seat close to Karael. “she’s persistent aint she” says Tawni to Phylicia “I think its cute, its obvious he likes her, why else does he only sit close when she is about to perform”

Back on Mount Olympus Athena Attacks Zeus. Athena Slices open the belly of Zeus and grabs her mother and runs with her frightened mother. Athena vows to never go back to Mount Olympus and searches with her mother and several other deities and her now lover Achilles. Ares helps patch up Zeus who goes looking for his love obsession Athena’s Mother. Hera is furious and chases after Zeus. When Zeus sees Hera he begins to hide and change forms to get away but Hera keeps changing forms in order to catch him.

On the 25th of December 1925AD Calypso and Athena attend a Junkanoo festival at the Arwakana hotel on Lighthouse Cay in the Bahamas. The junkanoo parade consists of music and performers dressed costumes that are elaborately designed. The costumes are made of cardboard, crepe paper, aluminum rods, and tie wire. The final touches of the costumes are done with glitter, stone, studs and decorative beads. During the performance Calypso notices Oya and Shango; she raises her hand and waves. Oya notices and shows Shango that Calypso is hailing them; they both smile and wave in return. Dancers from the parade invite members of the audience to come and participate with them. Oya and Shango join the dancers and begin to enjoy themselves. Calypso tries to encourage Athena to join in but she refuses. Calypso won't let Athena spoil her fun and makes her way down to join Oya and Shango. The Junkanoo music is primitive and the rhythm infectious. As Calypso dances a band consisting of drums, cowbells, horns, whistles and brass begins to “livin up”. Oya and Shango begin to do the Vola Shuffle as they make their way to Calypso. Calypso and Shango begin to dance. As Athena watches she begins to remember what happened to Calypso the last time her and Shango got together and decides to make her way down to the parade. Calypso and Shango are begining to get a bit intimate on the dance floor. Shango leans in to kiss Calypso. Athena takes Calypso's hand and teleports them to Mount Olympus. Shango is left kissing the air when he opens his eyes. Oya is laughing as Shango dances it off. Hermes travels to the island of Kos and arrives at the home of Leto. Hermes is greeted by Leto who informs him of Apollo's location. “Apollo has taken refuge in a cave and has not spoken to anyone, I hate to see my son so miserable, whatever you can do to return a smile to my boys face would be greatly appreciated.” says Leto “i will try my best my lady.” responds Hermes as he leaves to find Apollo. Hermes he hears a familiar sound the chords of a …. playing Hermes locates the cave and enters. Hermes attempts to talk to Apollo who is still ashamed. “i want you to return with me my brother” says Hermes “ I am unworthy to sit amongst the Gods, I am nothing but a greedy …. failure” says Apollo. “well if not Olympus then meet me at my home brother. For I do hate to see you like this” pleads Hermes and with that he is off. In the forrest on one of the islands in Greece Artemis hunts a monstrous tiger that killed her favorite sheep. Mahes greets Artemis and says “Beautiful Goddess would you break your vow of Chasity and be my wife?” Artemis looks at Mahes and evaluates him before saying “ I'm I something that you want to conquer and leave so boast of your conquest?” Mahes looks hurt and leaves a gift before teleporting away. Artemis leaves the gift but her Nymphs recover the gift and take it to Artemis’ special home.

Several days after Hermes visit with Apollo Leto comes to visit him. The garden is a wonder to behold and is filled with special animals. Hermes thanks Apollo for teaching him Animal Husbandry and highlights to Apollo that while he messed up he is still good at heart. Hermes tells Apollo “The measure of a man is not weighed soley by the mistakes he makes but by what he does when he is found in er”. Hermes would leave a reinvigorated Apollo and would later convince Zeus to speak with Apollo.