First Curse

Divine Council’s AllGuard ME #1: Divine Artistic Novel # 3

Dread Blood: First Curse

  When was the first curse? Was it Him? Or Her? Or Before? “As I take a bite of my JuJu and taste the sweet crunch I ponder on and on about who was it that received the first curse?” Ponders Anara to the other researchers at the Eternal Time Tower. “A Curse most often is connected to the world of Magic. In Africa Juju,  is a Magical power or an object that has been deliberately infused with magical power. A curse can also be called an anathema, commination, execration, imprecation, malediction, or malison. A curse is a form of wish such as an evil prayer or spoken curse that some form of denial, illness, hardship or catastrophe will befall or attach to a person(s), place(s), or object(s). In the 21st Century; children and adults use curse words that disrespect and are meant to make you go away, bow, hate yourself, or kill yourself. The term curse may refer to a prayer, wish, specific physical expression, or declaration that would be made effective by a supernatural or spiritual power, such as a god or goddess, spirit, natural force, or from the Divine Creator. A Curse can be cast through a spell by magic or witchcraft, Warcraft, Shamanism, and Mysticism; these types of curses can also be called a hex or a jinx. Some Curses are unbreakable such as those set on beings that committed unforgiveable Sins. For the Spells that can be reversed or eliminated elaborate rituals must be done. Reversing or ending a curse is sometimes called “Karmagi”, "removal" or "breaking".  To break or reverse a curse; the Prayer, spell, or wish must be dispelled, or the sin atoned for and often requires elaborate rituals or prayers. In the 21st Century the black majority would say the first curse is when the whites came to Africa; though They are still modern slaves, that black majority should know the majority of whites actions will still rank highly on the offensive sins list but it was not the first curse. Us researchers at the Time tower know it started a very long time ago before the Earth was born. This Multiverse is far older than many assumed. Many have been cursed throughout the Billions of Years of existence; some deserving and others undeserving.” Says Anarrah as Spaceheart stops filming and lets her know that he will be sending her the footage immediately via Bluetooth transfer. Anarah sends her recording to Fikiri who will edit the footage for the Multiversal News Broadcast.  Anarrah was made of parts of the Legendary Anansi after his tragic murder by a god who felt Anansi cheated him. Anarrah was brought to life by the Sun and Earth. Anarrah checks out of her part time job to go on Allguard duty as the Demons are revolting in the Hell Realms. 

Fikiri receives the email and watches the footage of Anarrah using magic to recreate the story. At the Dawn of Time and in Heavens Infancy; Hermatta one of the first beings to emerge from the Universal birth matrix; begins to create and Omega who emerged from the evil thought energy in the Universal birth matrix is jealous of Hermatta and begins to say the foulest things ever spoken at that time. Omega would fall in love with Hermatta and when she chooses Brosyleon, Omega tries to kill Brosyleon. Omega would begin trying to corrupt or kill Hermatta’s creations. Hermatta would place the curse on Omega that if the wicked inter would not stop killing; Omega will cease to exist. Hermatta cries as Omega continues to try and kill but is prevented and simply rots as Hermatta sacrificed the Divine Inters own self to stop Omega and kept appearing as new beings. Omega tried to kill them all causing the evil minded Inter to remove itself from existence. Omega’s children and certain descendants are still trying to curse Hermatta to this day.

 10000 years later the Divine Inter Hugar killed the inters former mate the kind hearted Mymori to stop Mymori from remarrying.  The Divine Council would Curse Hugar by changing his Deity form into a demonic one before sending him to the Hell realms. Hugar spent a 1000 years crying but when they showed him the reincarnated Mymori with her husband in a test Hugar still tries to kill them both. The Divine Council who still want to save his soul and prove rehabilitation simply extend the hell sentence.

Another major curse came after the Heavenly Planets Were created after the first 80,000 years of existence.  The abode of the blessed are Mulraiboven,  Omeyocan, Equalia, Orun, Trāyastriṃśa, Mount Olympus, God's Kingdom, Zion, Asgard, Tian, Utopia, Scientifica, Celestial paradise, and fields of Aaru. The Major sin that brought the curse occurred on the Heavenly Planet Scientifica. Einvae kills Luvthynkir one of the inters parents to try marry the other named KindScynce. The first one hundred Deities from the Heaven planet Scientifica to be cursed are now the Scydemun elders who have amassed the largest demon army in the Multiverse. The Scydemuns have casted more curses than anyone. The Scydemuns curse their victims with the intention of forcing them to sell their souls to the Scydemuns.

 An Important early curse to mention, came about after the Gods and Goddesses where created. Several of them were cursed after they tried to start a war to eradicate the Divine Inters and place themselves as the creators of existence. The curse banned them from the Heavens Dimension until they atoned for their sins. The deities that did not atone have their Heavens located in the 3rd Dimension. 

Many Mythicals (Divine Messengers, or first creations) were the next to be cursed when they revolted and tried to rule the Heavens Dimension. The first set of Mythicals that were cursed were banished to the hell realms. Nearly All the Mythicals there after were banned from the Heavens Dimension to their own Dimension and only allowed to travel to the other realms with the permission of the Divine Council. The Mythicals that break this law are then hunted to be taken to the Hell Realms. The Mythical revolt also caused the creation of the Allguard, and 3rd dimension. 

The Demon Pantheon which is the most powerful demuns from across the multiverse combine their powers and create Rau Servitor in Retaliation to help create more Super Demons. Rau Servitor asks to be shown what is happening every where. The Demon Pantheon agree and watch with Rau Servitor. They watch for an extremely long time and then Rau Servitor asks to be allowed to begin. The Demon Pantheon Celebrate as Rau Servitor is quick and has already begun to bring them powerful new demuns that are strong enough to face the All guard Teams.

The Mythical Planet Scimythla is a Technology wonder that rivals Scientifica. Scimythla is the home of A special set of spiritual Artificial Intelligence. A Unit of Fixatrons try to conquer Scimythla and the Multiverse and were cursed to lose their souls until they atoned. The Fixatrons were Sentenced to the Hell Realms. The Scy demuns would free the Fixatrons and get them to join the Scydemun army.

The Mythical planet Migudoma is the Planet closest to the Sun in the Mythical Realms. Migudoma is the home of the Fire Lion Tribe and the Black Dragons come here to give birth and then migrate to other planets. The First Fire Lions to be cursed where the Fire Kings who killed their brothers and their offspring to rule the Fire Lion Tribe. The Fire Kings were sentenced to the Hell Realms but sold their souls to the Scydemuns and now reside in Hellome 

  Melaki is a Mythical planet where The Angels of the Rainbow reside here with other Divine, Humanoid and Animal formed beings that were derived from the Divine Inters, gods and Goddesses. Several Alien forms was derived from these mythical creatures. The First cursed on this Mythical planet where from the Humanoid portion from a tribe called the Vuturani. The Vuturani tried to eat the other Mythicals to gain their power. The Divine council would curse them and seal their mouths forever. The Scydemuns would eventually free several and allow them to eat any species they like. 

 Asyaitica where the child of Jade Ren, Shénshèng de Ren and the Divine Inters Marital mates were given as a wedding gift from Hermatta and Brosyleon. The Divine Inters would make many mythical creatures on this planet.  Xiezhi, Luduan, Suanni, dragons, Makara, and many more. The First curse to bestowed in Asyaitica was from Taotie the fifth child of the first dragon of Asyaitica. Taotie was a savage glutton with a goat’s body, a human face, tiger’s teeth, human hands and the voice of a baby and its eyes are under its arms. Taotie broke into the Heavens realm several times and ate all of Jade Ren’s favorite food. Taotie then went back and tried to eat Jade Ren’s pets and was cursed. Taotie was punished by Shensheng de Ren and forced to fast in a hell realm. The Hell Guards had to stop Taotie from eating its own body. Taotie was fed but left in the hell realms. The Scydemuns would get Taotie to sell its soul and release Taotie on many different planets and help him escape when in danger.

The Mythical planet Dragonia has the most variations of Dragons in the Multiverse. A tribe of Dragons named Dagari never worked to grow their crops and instead of asking for help or offering to work they decided to steal from the other dragons. The Dragari were cursed to lose their hands, arms, and feet and were banished to the Hell realms. The Dragars simply turned cannibal after a fight with a Dragud and when they smelt the blood they ate the Dragud. The Dragars where also cursed and lost their wings and were sent to the Hell realms. The Vegan Draguds and Dragudnoids are at War with the Meat eating Dragons and Dragonoids

  On the Mythical planet called 2nd Semaya is where Yahweh's Angels Reside. The Angels are of all the colours of the rainbow and had many different forms. The First curse occurred when the Angel Ahweh killed the husbands of several different angels and forced the wives to have his children. When Ahweh’s parents found their other sons they cursed Ahweh and he lost his genitals and was sent to the hell realms.  

The Mythical planet called 2nd Heaven is where God's Angels Reside. The Angels behaved well for many years. Lucifer who was at first not as talented as the other angels lured them in with his beauty and stole their talents. Lucifer would learn to channel the power of the Deities and began making some of the other angels believe he was the best fit to rule because of his beauty, talent, and intelligence. God loved Lucifer soo much that he made a special Hell separate from the Hell Realms and placed only Lucifer in it. After Lucifer tried to rule Heaven God cursed Lucifer and made him hideous and Demonic looking. 2nd Heaven is still at war to this day as different Factions are at War and some of Lucifer's Fallen have opened a portal and conquered a country on the heavenly planet.

  The 8th planet in the Mythical Universe is Ourguard which was created by Odin and Frigg. Many Mythical Creatures created by Odin and Frigg along with Asgardian Heroes reside on this Heavenly planet. A Rogue army of Odin’s called the fist of Odin was the first to be cursed as they tried conquer all the other Mythical planets for the glory of Asgard against Odin’s orders. They were cursed by having their minds wiped and placed in Odin’s own personal hell separate from the Hell realms. The Fist of Odin sold their souls to the Scydemuns to regain their fighting abilities. When the Asgardians were cursed with Ragnarök for the sins of Loki and Thor they lost knowledge of Ourguard.

The beautiful Olympia is the 9th planet in the Mythical dimension.  Demi gods, Titans and creatures created by the Olympians reside hear. Several Titans were the first cursed on Olympia when they beat several gods in sporting events and began to continually embarrass the gods every time after. These titans were sent to Hades in a hell separate from the Hell realms. As Hades left them in eternal Tourment with guards he thought he can trust to attend to the others, they would be freed by the Scy demuns. theïkó on would curse many of the Greek gods, and goddesses with the theía timoría and they were banished to the 3rd Dimension.

Olodumare is a Divine Inter and Judge of the Divine Council. As Obatala waited on the Creation of Oduduwa, Obatala created Yurubahaz in the Mythical Realms. Many mythical beings were created here. There was also a set of Black Humanoids on Yurubahaz. They wanted Obatala to destroy equality and tried to make themselves to be the favorite creation on the planet. Obatala cursed them and banned them to Hell Realms. On their way to the Hell Realms they were intercepted by the Scy Demuns and sold their souls. The Scy demuns released them on Chromaticon in the 3rd Dimension where they allied with Oylri who conquered the planet and named it after himself.

Rashenla is a Mythical Planet created by the Divine Inter who is one of the main Judges of the council is kayin 'iilahiun the parent of the God Ra. kayin 'iilahiun named the planet after Ra and allowed Ra to help create a tremendous amount of locations and creatures. Ra would tell kayin 'iilahiun that the Inter sex beings were an abomination and tried to wipe them from Rashenla. Ra was cursed to kayin 'iilahiun’s personal hell for him. Ra would escape as he now resides in the 3rd Dimension. kayin 'iilahiun would curse Ra to lose his memory of the Multiverse.

Omeyion was created by a Divine Inter who is one of the main judges on the Divine coulcil named Omeya. Omeya was the one who gave the idea for what we call Purgatory. Purgatory is where spirits await judgement while rehabilitation programs are given as an option. Many beautiful creations exist on Omeyion. The problem on Omeyion is cannibalism and Omeya curses them to lose their teeth and sends them to the Hell Realms. The Scy Demuns would capture them and in exchange for their souls gave them demonic new teeth and a cut of the losers of any war for them to consume. 

 The 13th Planet in the Mythical Universe is the Makubwa Sayari. On this planet there are many Dinosaurs, Titans, and Giants that all roam this heavenly planet. The problem on this planet like Omeyion is Canniblism and Carnivores. Many different beings from this Mythical planet were banished to the Hell Realms. Since they were heavily guarded the Scy Demuns used special bacteria sized drones to copy their DNA and create clones. The Originals were let out to Hellome once they sold their souls.

Abati Gazi created the 14th mythical planet Mythuvah in a Solar system where each of the planets has parallel versions of the Original set of Mythuvahians. The Charnies and many mythical creatures reside on this heavenly planet. Several crooked Chick Charnies who tried to steal the Divine spell books from the Divine Heavens Library. As Abati Gazi sent them to the Hell Realms where they were teleported to Hellome by the Scy Demuns. Abati Gazi had put tags on them and connected the video footage to the Divine Council’s Sin Council.

Zionubion is a special planet in the Mythical realms where Jah and the Eternal Empresses Angels Reside here with many special Spiritual Creatures. Amadi was the first Angel cursed here as he tried to conquer Jah and Marry the Eternal Empress. Amadi would convince several other angels who were not happy with their wives and wanted the wives of several other higher up male Angels. These fallen angels were cursed to a Jah’s Special Hell outside of the Hell Realms. The Scy Demuns would make them sell their souls for a chance to one day over throw Jah and they all accepted. They are all plotting on each other as each believes themselves to be the one for the Eternal Empress.

The first Curse in the 3rd Dimension occurred on all the planets at different points in their evolution. The first of the planets inhabitants to learn to use curses also staggers over the Universal timeline. Each of the sentient species has a first cursed. Each of the Sentient species also has the first of them to cast a curse. All shall not be revealed here but key curses that have affected the each of those planets across their histories shall be touched on.

The First planet to incur the first curse is Chromaticon which is now called Oylri. The Chromiods are the primary species and their skin colours range from Blue, Green, and Silver. This humanoid species grows to an average six foot in height with dwarfs and giants. While Oylri has committed the most sins in Chromaticon history against popular belief he is not the first to be cursed. The first curse on Chromaticon occurred Millions of years before Oylri’s birth. The first sin was caused here when the first species the Chroma’s became Carnivores instead of herbivores.

 Also in the 3rd Dimension’s Universe is the Planet Oceanica. Oceanica was cursed when the child of a god and a Mythical cursed the Landians (Humanoid) who were the primary species until they killed and ate her Sea children. The lands eroded away and the Landians lived in boats, submarines, and various ocean vehicles until they created artificial islands. The Aquatic life on Oceanica far surpasses that of the surface dwellers and always has on this planet. The Landians are also cursed with plagues on their Artificial Islands so it is an Apocalyptic struggle to survive on this planet for the Landians. The Landians refused to leave and many of the other Carnivore Deities have blessed them for that and they are now at war with the Sea life for control of the planet. The Scy demuns pick off those that are willing to sell their soul for divine meat.

On the Planet Nubia the Moral Yesewi (humanoids that are mostly black) are the primary species. Nubia was the last planet in the 3rd Dimension to receive the first curse as many of the species were herbivores but as some Yesewi began fighting the animals they began cooking the loser. Some of the animals would smell the meat and come begging and to share the blame and lesson the harshness of their sins they begin feeding the animals and teaching them to hunt each other so that they could escape accountability while increasing the meat. The first Witch and Warlock to start using human sacrifices occurred after the first million years of existence. The first cannibal would emerge as when they boiled the body parts in the spell they cooked the remains for themselves and shared it with their favorite pets. The Scy Demuns would give them power and abilities for a share of the Yesewi flesh. Mugar and Wulieah would charm other Nubians into becoming Carnivores and they cursed the first Yesewian to try and tell on them. The others feared Mugar and Wulieah while also envying their power. The Scy Demuns who could not get Mugar and Wulieah to sell their souls; would get the other Yesewian cannibals too. 

  On the Planet Kuturn the Triphoids where the first herbivores to be cursed. The Triphoids are Half human half triceratops that are a carnivorous species that grows to an average of 9 ft tall. The Curse on the Triphoids came when they betrayed the Herbivore alliance and after allowing the carnivores to weaken the other armies helped the Herbivores win but only to keep them as food sources for the Triphods. The Triphods hunted them in secret at first until they were discovered and then did so boldly. The Triphoids are now the primary species now, with dactoids a half pterodactyl and half human species close in population range only because they help catch the best food and sell most of their catches to the Triphods. The Triphoids send out raiding parties to other planets to collect various meat sources.

We are next on the planet Daunip where the Waspeans a Half human and half wasp species are the primary species that grow to an average of 14 feet. A Tribe Called the Yellow Jackets were the first Waspeans to be cursed as they almost wiped out every other color of Waspeans. The planets inhabitants serve the Yellow Jackets and must obey insane and abusively strict laws. The Yellow Jackets have been tampering with other planets Governmental affairs to weaken each planet before they attack and take over the planet.

On the Part Organic part Cybernetic Planet Ts’eḥāyi lives the Tyons. The Tyons are robotic beings with souls and they have created numerous forms that are humanoid, animal, vehicle, or combinations. The first cursed on Tyon came when a peaceful visitor, Ambassador Rosan from the planet Laobos was turned into an energy source. The planet would erupt in civil war as most fought to protect other life as powerful segments fight over the Energy source until Ambassador Rosan dies. The Tyons try to cover it up and faked video footage of Ambassador Rosan leaving Ts’ehayi.   

 On the planet Paetrix the Rabbiteans which are a race of half human half rabbit primary species. The Rabbiteans were hunted at first and then revolted and killed all the species that hunted them. Several Rabbiteans began preaching that you have to eat the predator to beat the predator. Most Rabbiteans fed into this propaganda and began eating their enemies. After the Rabbiteans had wiped out all the Predators they began to attack the other animals and stop their evolution so that they would be only animals alive for food.

Deep in the 3rd Dimensions Universe if the giant planet Grion. The Arachnideans which are Half human half spider avg 8 ft are primary species on Grion and rule with a cruel system meant to torture the populous before the Arachnideans hunting festivals. Most of the men and women on this planet don’t live together as the men are normally abused or eaten if they stay in the Women’s home too long. The Arachnidean men have just learn to visit and bring the females what they need. The Female Arachnideans are the only heads of Royal families and the only members of government.

The planet Cainus was known by another name before the Cainoids became the prime species they are half canine half human. The Felions were also numerous on this planet along with many other intelligent species.  The Felions were hunted to the brink of extinction by the Cainoids as they were jealous the other animals favored the Felions and hunted the Felions to the brink of extinction. The Divine Council cursed them to not find any other planet. When the Cainoids find out they are cursed they sell their souls to the Scy Demuns who promise them that they will be the Scy Demuns favorite Species. Several Canoid factions who were friends with the Felions broke free from their enslavement and started a revolt. The other sentient animals are divided as many were lured by the promises of the Scy Demuns for power.

Not too far from the Milky Way Galaxy is the planet Zaepra. The Raptuhnes which are Half Raptor half human and grow to an average of 7ft tall, and are highly intelligent. Per Capita they are the smartest species in the Universe. The Raptuhnes have school 7 days a week and all adult Raptuhnes work and continue their education in Universities until they die. The Rapthunes keep each species on their planet in a number they can control. The Rapthunes eat each species while also learning to control their brains. The Rapthunes send out armies of the Larger mind controlled giant Dinosaur beings to conquer planets before they send in the Royal Rapthune chosen to take over the planet.

The Planet Yelmao is 70% Ocean and 30 % land mass like Earth but on Yelmao the Fyshies a fish humanoid species with gills live under water are the primary species, many other giant sea creatures live here and a small population of humanoid beings. The Fyshies are super intelligent and have built one of the most advanced Societies in all of the Universe. The Fyshies hunt the Humanoids as their main food source. The Fyshies have gained control over every other species on the planet and use them to do most of their work. The Fyshies spend most of their day training and playing.

On the second closest inhabited Planet to Earth is Laobos. On Laobos the Hukani are the primary species they are half elephant half human they average around 12 ft in height.  The Ronaz which are half bird half human are the second largest and 2nd smartest but are dying out by a disease. The Ronaz were the first species cursed and the first to begin using evil magic and curses. Many Ronaz have made deals with the Scy Demuns as the Ronaz become the top predator on most Planets. The Hukani to be cursed was Elantee Longtrunk who poisoned the water of a rival tribe. Elantee did not account for the current carrying the poison all over Laobos. Many died before the water was purified and they lost almost all their aquatic life forms.

  The Most Peaceful planet in the Universe is the Planet Nutari. Nutari has a mix of an alien species and humans are the primary species. The humans were the first species cursed here and the first to begin using evil magic and curses. Nutari is the closet Inhabited planet to Phunari and when the humanoid species encountered the Phunari they became afraid. The humanoids would begin attacking the other species on Nutari to get stronger. The other species would learn of the reason the Humans were attacking and decide to ship the humans off Nutari. The other species faked as if the Phunari were going to drop a bomb on Nutari and the Humans evacuated. The Nutarians then created technology to hide and defend their planet. The Nutarians do not often allow visitors and avoid humanoid species.

The Planet Phunari has endured the most war in the Universe. Phunari is a planet that created many intelligent species but the most brutal of each of the planets intelligent species formed together and took over the planet and tried to conquer the Universe in the 3rd dimension. Every species on this planet has been cursed at one time or another for sins against life. There has only been one Phunarian to make the Divine council in existence the worst of all the planets in the 3rd Dimensions Universe.

On Earth, Obatala is trying to help organize the skies above Africa while sending the Multiversal energy tax that helps the Multiverse keep growing. Obatala first curses Ogun for Raping his Wife Yemonja and Ogun’s Mother. Another time In Africa’s early development as Yemonja was being teased by the Orishas as her breast were longer than normal. Her children even mocked her and it broke her soul. They hurt the deity so much that she exploded in pain and became an Ocean this would be Africa’s first lake that Separated a large portion that is now under water. Olorun again curses the Orishas and they were all forced to apologize and bring gifts to Yemonja or the curse that shut their mouth would not be undone. In the Rivers created by Yemonja several Ocean Orisha’s sprung forth but they were always angry with the other Orisha’s for hurting Yemonja as that memory is in their dreams when they sleep. These Ocean Orisha’s developed vast Aquatic Empires which they only allow Yemonja to visit.  

Not all curses are created equal. Some Curses would be viewed as unfair and not only by human eyes. In the Heavens above Greece, Prometheus the Titan stole fire from Zeus and gave it to his fellow Greeks. He was cursed by Zeus to be chained to a rock near the edge of a mountain where an eagle would come every night to eat out his liver. And during the day, his liver would regenerate to be devoured by the eagle at night. Medusa was a beautiful Priestess of Athena and sworn to be chaste. Medusa is one of the three Gorgon sisters. Poseidon was obsessed by Medusa’s beauty raped her at the temple of the Greek Goddess Athena. Athena, who felt the purity of her temple was tainted by such an act, curses Medusa’s hair to turn into snakes and her face to look horrible so much so that anybody who took a look at her face would turn into a stone.

In Troy, King Priam and Queen Hecuba would give birth to a girl named Cassandra.  Cassandra was unable to control her desire to be able to predict the future so she decided to visit the God Apollo. Apollo would meet with Cassandra, who promised to give herself to Apollo if he gifted her the power of seeing the future. However, right after receiving the gift, she to give herself to Apollo which made him angry. Apollo smiled and then cursed her so that nobody would believe any of her prophecies even though they were true. 

Athena would be the next God to go to far with a curse. Arachne the daughter of a famous dyer was too proud of her exceptional weaving skills. Arachne would vainly challenge Athena to a weaving contest. She weaved a cloth in which Gods were represented with ill morals and especially Zeus who was represented as a womaniser. Upon losing an infuriated Athena destroys Arachne’s work and cursed her to be a spider so that she can weave all her life. 

The Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus were not always wrong when they cursed and some curses where deserved. Tantalus was cursed to remain at Tartarus, underground place for sinners, for killing his own son and serving him in a banquet for the Gods to test their omniscience. He also stole ambrosia and nectar, the food of Gods that gave them immortality, to render it to his people and revealed the secrets of God. In Tartarus, Tantalus was made to stand on a pool of water and above him stood a tree with its branches low enough for him to grab and eat the fruits it bore. But, every time he reached for the fruits the branches would move out of his reach. The water in the pool retreated before he could take a sip. 

Ixion was the king of the Lapiths in Thessaly. Ixion would kill his father-in-law and was denied the help of the neighboring kingdoms to perform rituals that would purify him of his guilt. The other Kingdoms shunned Ixion for kin-slaying. Zeus began to pity Ixion and invited him to Olympus to get rid of his guilt.  Ixion would enjoy his time and then becomes lustful of Zeus’s wife Hera. Zeus notices and creates a clone of Hera to test Ixion’s loyalty. Ixion waits until Zeus goes to sleep after giving him extra drinks. Ixion is led into a room by the cloned Hera and Ixion impregnates the clone of Hera. Zeus is furious and he curses Ixion to be bounded to a burning wheel for eternity.

The Gods have cursed each other from the beginning. Poseidon would curse Hera for killing the Centaurs as many were from his direct line. Poseidon would also curse the other Gods and Goddesses as they did nothing to stop her. Poseidon would then go under water with some of the remains of the Centaurs. Poseidon would then make deals with Hades for as many souls as he could afford at the time. Poseidon remade them into Sea Centaurs that had a Sea Horse bottom instead of the legs of a land horse. Poseidon them makes several Aquatic Species and stays away from the other Gods and Mount Olympus for 500 years. Though he would meet them in other locations to talk from time to time.

  Their have been many Egyptian curses unleashed on the world and many Egyptians have been cursed. The Pantheon of Egyptian deities has cursed each other as well as the younger offspring fight for the crown of Rulership. The Egyptian curse is one of the strongest curses on Earth and have traveled the farthest to serve punishment. Osiris would make a home in a River in Egypt and one of his sons Ori would start a family with a Mermaid from Greece. Set would become furious and allow his children to attack this new Egyptian underwater Empire. When a baby Mermaid is caught in a net and is killed. Osiris and Set would stop their war and curse the Egyptians. The Egyptians were angry as it was a foreigner who cast the net but the Osiris and Set blamed the Egyptians from not stopping them. This would set the Egyptian Magicians into a frenzy to create the most powerful Curses.

The Roman God; Jupiter would create a set of Ocean dwelling warriors to conquer the Oceans and cement his reign as Supreme ruler. The Ocean Warlords would first attack Poseidon and his Aquatic Empire. The Romans would receive curses from many tribes and Deities for conquering their empires to expand the Roman empire. Jupiter was not as mischievous as Zeus and had less outside children but still has a large number of Demi God and Demi Goddesses children. Zeus would impregnate one of Jupiter’s Demi Goddess children named Satipiter. Jupiter would then wage war with Zeus.

Loki, The God Mars and Hades would join the Demon Pantheon in Secret. Chaos welcomes Hades with wide arms and the two of them plot on the fall of the Greek Gods. The Demon Pantheon empower Loki who is now Thor’s equal and release him to Destroy Asgard. Mars would send in his secret legion to help Loki eliminate the Asgard Deities. Mars begins to plot to over through Jupiter. Loki would tell his armies to wait as he set his trap for the Norse Deities. Loki would return to the Divine Norse Court and bring gifts from afar. Loki then activated his communications link and gets the Norse Deities to either speak ill or betray them by keeping a gift Loki stole. The Norse Deities give in to the beauty, power and abilities of the new gifts and Loki’s trap works as the Other Divine families give their vote towards a Ragnarök. Loki then sends Balder on an Errand which would lead him to Loki’s armies. 

The Norse Gods and Goddesses are cursed for their continued use of Loki to cheat deals with other Deities. Odin senses the end is near and Asgard is Preparing for the Ragnarök, the Norse who still pray to them tried their best to keep things afloat. The hidden outside children of the Gods and a few Goddesses are hidden in the Norse realms. The Demi Gods and Demi Goddesses that are among them are chosen as the new royalty. The outside Children of Thor are always chosen as the Kings or Queens. The other Demi children are given high council seats. As the Norse society began to flourish Rome would take notice. Jupiter would send his children to conquer the Norse children to prove his might. Jupiter and the Roman Pantheon would aid their children and tip the scales of the battle. After the defeat Rau Servitor would visit the Surviving tribes and create Snow, and various other Demons. The Norse would then become scattered as many of the Remaining Norse flee with their young families to save them from the new Demons growing from within.

In the Skies above India the Hindu Pantheon watches the Indian Population grow and as the caste and racism develops from within the Hindu Deities curse the Indians. Several Indians would begin studying Evil Magic and the Hindu Deities released Karma at the deities full might as they were angry with the Mortals. Rau Servitor would visit and create the first, Indian Vampire from Prince Beeja Khan who would become one of the third set of Students of Rau Educa and the First Weather Rider. The Weather Rider is a Demon High Lord that Rides a Demonic Dragon that is mostly red with blood. The Dragon can become as large as the Earth as it is meant to kill the Gods. Rau Servitor would also create the first Indian Werewolf from the witch Tanea Patil who would also attend Rau Educa with the third set of Students. Rau Servitor would create many other terrible Indian demons after the Evil Mystics did not learn Karma’s lesson and went further on the path to Evil. The Indian Demons would meet and decide which lands and territory belonged to which demonic tribes starting with India as they would have friendly competitions to split up the rest of the World. The top challenge was which tribe could stay undetected the longest. Each managed to stay hidden until they started outing each other to win the competition.

In Egypt in a land that Ra had forbidden his followers to travel to; escaped two Egyptian Slaves Hager and Darwish escape pre-arranged marriages. The land that was once Guarded by Bennu is free as Bennu was being hunted by the Weather rider’s Dragon to consume Bennu for power. Hager leads them into a elaborate Pyramid and uncovers the graves of many mummies and begins examining them. Darwish would notice that the Mummies are hermaphrodites. The clue that set it off is the dead baby inside the body of what appears to be a male Pharoah. The Bennu tribe stumble upon them examining the elder ancestors and chase after him as they run for their lives again. The Earth would help Hager and Darwish escape as it created Mirages to fool the tribes of Bennu. The Bennu tribe would go back to their temple and cast a curse that sends Ra’s hounds after them.

In Africa Shango’s children flourished. The children of Shango where forced to live like their father even when it was not their personality and some of them would run away to different parts of the world. The children of Ogun where shunned and treated as if they committed the sins of their father. Some of Ogun’s children change their names and leave Africa. As more thieves raid Africa’s treasures the African Mystic Priest and Priestess began to develop curses on their treasures. The Cannibal tribes are being driven to the brink of Extinction in Africa. As their numbers dwindle their Witches and Warlocks begin to summon the most Evil spirits as they promise their own souls and more for power. The Scy demuns answer their call and empower them. Rau Servitor releases Gorex on Africa and he builds a Demonic Empire in the hidden jungles of Ketemah.

The Foreign thieves of Africa have hired Many Witches and Warlocks in Africa and Abroad to break the Curses placed on them for stealing sacred treasure. Jupiter flies in space examining Earth and notices all the treasure in Africa. Jupiter decides to test his might against the Isese Pantheon. The Pantheon’s would face each other in a battle of Champions. During the competition Jupiter notices the other Pantheons in Africa and realizes that he cannot call his sneak Raid during the Competition and allows the Competition to play out. Jupiter would then introduce himself to the other African Gods. Jupiter and a few of the African Gods would make deals in Secret as the others did not trust Jupiter. Jupiter would invite those Gods to a party with his special Nymphs.

Jupiter would then visit the Hindu Pantheon. Jupiter would set up a another Battle of the Champions as he tests the might of the Hindu Deities. Jupiter would bring gifts and be the guest of the Hindu Pantheon as they put on their celebrations. Jupiter would then make deals and begin trading with the Hindu Deities. Jupiter found an Indian Goddess who hated her dark skin and promised her if she had his children, they would have the whitest of skins and she eagerly accepted. Jupiter would also help her change her color to a lighter color and she lived in a private Village in India to hide from Jupiter’s wife.  Some of the Indian Goddesses cursed the Village for hiding a Goddess who would sleep with another married God and have his children.

Along time ago in a land far away their lived a tribe of people called the Kaleidians their empire was vast and united a all for one, one for all type of society. The state they lived in was named Kaleidopia It was ruled by a council of 3; Jacob A priest, Fetuh a knight, Deandra an empress,. Their was a mixture of colors and beliefs as many travled to visit the empire because of its riches. The main belief system called for equality of all and respect for other religions. Justice ruled the empire and fairness was expected. Kaleidoscopians believe the Divine Creator(s) is(are) an Intersex Being(s). Some consider Kaleidopia to be the most socially just society to have ever existed. On the 12th of July 899 BC the Kaleidians welcomed the Raviers into their empire. The Raviers were ruled by Queens and the new Queen Esmerelda was visiting towns in search of a husband. The Queen meets with the council. Her eyes fell on Jacob. She ignored the fact that he was married to an inventor named Wesley. She invited Jacob who was unaware to come visit her empire so that he can see how to help. Jacob left and went to visit Ravine. When he arrived the Queen told him “Renounce Wesley the two of you can bare no offspring there is no fruit to bare from your efforts.” Jacob replied “Never not one of you understand what love is and I do I will never forsake my husband I am a man of faith and loyal to my oaths.” Her brother Edwin screams “Kill the nasty bastard!” They cut the head off of Priest Jacobs. Time went by and Wesley began to worry as he did not even receive a letter which was unusual. Fetuh and Deandra gather an army and head to the Ravine. The remaining council members and their army arrive at the gates of Ravine. Queen Esmerelda greets them and shouts “ Your Kind has no place in this World, he would choose a man over me, the sickness of your lot must be cleansed from the Earth.” Deandra leads the charge and they over run Ravine recovering Jacobs body and head. They leave and travel home to bury Jacob. Edwin survived the attack and he begins to go to other Empires claiming that the Kaleidians were trying to conquer the world and enforce their lifestyle on every one. The other Empires panic and begin to join forces with Edwin. Fetuh Kisses his wife before he goes to address his army “I believe we are a special people with faith in the rights of our fellow human beings, we are outnumbered and always will be may they feel our sting as they attack our hive.” Deandra is being dressed by her wife Sheva, “ If this be the last moment I see your beautiful face I want you to know I love you eternally so may fate always bring me to you” She joins Fetuh and they head to the gates. The Battle lasts five years before Fetuh is captured he is taken to the Emperors and commanded to lead Kaleidopia as a sole king he must reject his religion and swear loyalty. Fetuh stands proud “ I am loyal, loyal to Kaleidopia as I see nothing but brothers and sisters that breath and bleed like me” Fetuh is hanged. In just two more years the walls fall and Kaleidopia is burnt to the ground. The Divine Council curses the Raviers, their Deities for nor preventing it and their religion. The Earth releases Raptula and she shows no mercy on the Raveirs. The Allguard are sent in to investigate the Raviers Religious deities to see if they had any influence which would worsen the curse and bring Divine Charges.

On an Island in the Japanese Archipelago is a Divine island where a set of Intersex Deities lived. As their children were born a few were born male and female. The Tribes who worshiped the deities thought the younger male and female deities were the most Divine so they tried to eradicate the Intersex deities. The male and female deities turned on the humans and began punishing them. Since those deities saw the problem they left the island to have their children to make sure their children did not turn on the other deities. Those set of Male and Female deities have to past test to reach the Divine island. Many ships have been lost trying to raid the natural treasure contained in that portion of the Earth and these Deities give their lives to protect it. Humans are ingenious buggers and found away to get into the Divine island and steal treasures and the eggs of Deities to be made into their personal weapons. The humans were aided by other crooked Deities local and foreign who also wanted those eggs. The Divine Council would send out another set of curses and allow those Special Japanese Deities of good to give hell sentences and punishments.

In China the Jade Emperor and Empress build up and Army but before they are able to kill the Intersex Divine Chinese Deities the Chinese Intersex Divine Deities are taken away by the Divine council and the Jade Kingdom cursed. The Jade Emperor and Empress where still powerful and were able to defeat the Other Chinese Deities and take over China. Some of the Mythical Chinese creatures leave Earth forever and to join the Intersex Deities. The Earth becomes furious with those losses and curses China. The Jade Empress had received a harsher curse as her betrayal was unexpected and hurt them more. The Jade Emperor was now the stronger of the two. Due to the large possibility for good in the remaining populations of China the Earth does not send in Raptula.

The Centaur Deities and Poseidon reach Mount Olympus and declare War. Hera stops Zeus and Says “O Deities why should we quarrel?” The Centaurs part as a horse deity named Flowermane with the most beautiful mane of flowers stands and changes its hands similar to a human. The Centaurs place the crown of their Queen and she says “Fool of Hell gifted with Heaven? Where are my Earthly descendants?” Zeus bows his head as a few of the other gods and goddesses bow to the Centaur Deities and leave. Athena, Hermes, Artemis, and Apollo are all gone after paying respects as they knew this day would come. Hera says “They should have chosen to take the evolutionary step the best gift in all existence the clean Divine Vagina” Queen Flowermane nose flares and she screams “Bitch what makes you think you are more of a woman than me when I born before you! I have never had a penis and I give birth so by what correct nature do you denounce our birth design over yours! And you let this little slut have heaven you shame “women” across the multiverse!” Hera goes to speak as Zeus looks at Poseidon who telepathically tells him “take her and go you can build another Olympus this one is damned!” Zeus stops telepathically interrupting Hera and grabs her as the other Olympians depart and teleports her to one of his secret homes that she already knew about. The first Mount Olympus is destroyed. Flowermane ignores the Earth and as the Earth tries to say “sorry!” a tearful Flowermane who was a daughter of the Earth and Sun leaves orbit she says “my children are not safe here so why should we talk?” the Earth becomes depressed. Several tribes of Centaur Deities stay in orbit to collect any new Divine horses and Centaurs born on Earth as they forbid their children from living on Earth. The Earth allows the sins committed against the Horses to be weighted heavier in the Divine Book of Judgement. Flowermane even in the 21 st Century does not speak to the Earth as Flowermane hates how the horses are still abused on Earth. All the Other Horse Alien Descendants already want to come take the horses and destroy the Earth the Divine Centaurs and Horse Deities allow the horses to endure their pain against their own emotions and desires as part of the grand design where beings must learn to peacefully coexist. The horses have souls like all animals and insects and all face their trail and tribulations towards eternal Vocation, paradise or eternal damnation. Several Horse Punishers roam the Earth who helps them hide and seek the evil. The most powerful kick is from a horse Deity and a few are the punishers on Earth. Some horses and Centaurs also walk the Path of the Damned and those horses and centaurs evolved into different demons throughout the multiverse. The horses on Earth Descend from a tribe of Sea horses and are some of the Earths favorite children. In humans those that treat the animals the best or more blessed than any others. Most to this day still don’t comprehend that and would let flavor dictate their meals and have bribed and been told to bribe certain deities who have all been cursed for eating something with a soul. Many cannibalistic and carnivorous deities view each other as belonging on the food chain and many sins, sentences and curses resulted from this. Some humans are goaded into eating certain species which places them on the food ladder. The Divine are at war with current and future generations. The Divine and Allguard members are continuously at battle to serve Judgements as Deities fight, run and hide. That’s why some people receive a curse for an earlier sin that they still refused to atone for and managed to block for a time.

Many claim that the curse of the golden touch is one where the ones that are touched are turned into gold. Those monuments of those who should not be near you when you value money and treasure over them. Their desecration and value as treasures evokes many ancient unbreakable curses. So they are the golden monuments as those souls have thankfully been taken from your hateful grasps’. Some who have a Golden touch curse are cursed because they can make others treasures and are enslaved for their gifts. Throughout the Multiverse there are tragic examples of the variations of the Golden Touch curse. King Midas was one but not the first or the last! Some of the Scy Demuns have the Golden touch Curse and use it to help the Scy Demun armies gain wealth. Those Scy Demuns search the Multiverse for the most valued to turn into their golden treasure which would increase their value among the Scy Demuns. There are currently still in the 21st century Deities, angels, Divine beings, Heroes, and Saints that are being sold throughout the Multiverse as Gold treasures. The All Guard and Hell Guard both sacrificed soljas to send to search and rescue. Many Curses are set in place to ensure their retainment or ensure that the murderer and desecrator endures extreme punishments.

The Uni Biker an Allguard Member with a Divine Bicycle races to try and prevent the first Gene and Jinn from being created. Several of the Divine delay him and extend the distance he has to travel. The first Jinn and Gene were Divine Inters who were left on Earth and took to overindulging in gambling and libations. Several crooked Arabian Warlocks and Witches would trap them in lamps until they paid off their debts. As the Gambling and Libations continued their debts grew larger so did their slavery sentence. The first few fell for the bargain of getting more Divine to be trapped to gain early freedom. For granting evil wishes and enslaving other Deities those Deities were cursed from leaving the 3rd Dimension until they repent. Some sadly refused and the Hell Guard or Raptula was sent for them. Certain Wishes Affect the Multiverse creating parallel Universes that have to be corrected or used as evidence as that new reality is saved before its completion.

On Earth there are many that have taken different evolutionary paths. In the human race while there is a common genetic origin different species followed different evolutionary paths before they choose the human form. The Earth has been forced to curse most of each species as they did not follow the divine signs to simply take care of where the lived. The Earth continues to curse the species but tries it’s hardest to save as many species as possible. The Earth cares for it’s adopted populations and Solar family as well and some extreme curses came from the Earth as some where in the immediate Planetary family that were harmed, violated, or robbed by its own children. Most Yetis are vegan and most often don’t leave the mythical realms on Earth unless to release a curse or search and rescue. Some Yetis are damned as they became cannibalistic while other’s carnivores, and apes and humans are on their menu. There are many were creatures from animal to insect on land and from the sea. There are Werewolves, Werebats(Vampires), Chickcharney (Wereowl), Werespiders, Were hyenas, Were Sharks, Werebaricudas and many others. There are also vegan and peaceful versions of these transformations. The damned ones are the cannibals and carnivores that battle to be top of the Food chain. The protectors from these species are often mistaken for the predators when they punish and when a Protector is harmed in duty curses are unleashed. The First Human to become a Were creature is something that will be debated until the end of time. Each of the Were Species have humans on each continent that have been cursed with one or more of the were transformations. Some Witches and War Locks also called Skin Walkers, and by other names on other continents make demonic sacrifices to gain those forms. Some that are good get desperate and make those sacrifices to get those forms and become cursed!

In the 1000 years after his death Jesus is allowed to view Earth. When Jesus looks down from the Heaven that God made for him in the 3rd Dimension above Earth. When Jesus sees his followers who denied him and help vote to have him crucified killing the Jews and taking their methods he curses them from entering his Heaven. Most of the followers ignore his teachings and try to forcefully convert others of different religious beliefs. Jesus read and studied other religious teachings and in the parable of the good Samaritan told of helping another regardless of their religious opinion. Jesus would curse all that forcefully converted others, those that destroyed other religious texts and those that killed the one’s who refused.

Jupiter would again lead his armies against the Hindu Pantheon. This time as the battle is waged the Christians come to India. The Hindu Pantheon is divided and Jupiter takes advantage of the distraction. Jupiter barters a deal which some of the Hindu Deities agree too and other vehemently reject. Some of the Hindu Deities that rejected initially are bribed by the other Hindu Deities and the balance shifts in favor of Jupiter’s deal which some Deities allowed as they always wanted the deal.

The Spider Female was one that got to greedy and she kept eating all of the males even the ones that would have stayed and helped and so the Original spiders said hello.

The first Elves cursed were banned from entering any other Forrest after they polluted and destroyed their own. Those Elves would revolt and kill to secure a new Forrest homeland. The Earth would punish them and the Forrest would release a gas that changed those elves into demonic versions of the Elf line marking them as Cursed and setting Raptula on them but a few escaped. Several tribes of Elves would be cursed for Evil magic, Vanity, cannibalism, eating Sentient Species and also killing them to claim new forest land for their children.

Pangea on the Eastern section. Many children are born that are hermaphrodite and most are killed or mutilated and kill themselves later. They develop a science to kill inters and the Earth is angry and Raputla is released the Earth says “shed me of this skin so I no longer bare this mark of shame” Raptula and the Wings of Death tear that portion of the Earth and throw it to the Sun which destroys it so it does not leave the solar system.

The First Bahamian to be cursed was a Bahamian that cooked a Chickcharney Egg. The Chickcharney have cursed Bahamian Locals and visitors for Earthly violations. The First Chickcharney to be cursed was a Bludcharney (Earth Punisher) that became cannibalistic. Luskas are sent to serve punishment of a curse when the Bahamian Mythicals are wronged. Several Luskas were cursed for random attacks and had escaped into other portions of the Ocean. The Sirens Curse Fisherman who get too greedy.

There are certain parents that are cursed for abandoning or abusing their child(ren). Those children have the chance to be adopted by the divine but only if they prove to walk the path of eternal good, others are collected as pawns by the damned when they sell their soul as even at the lowest point of existence good must always hold its ground. Some of them have been called the child of god. Not all of them are of divine birth but divine adoption due to parental errors. Not all of them live in orphanages either or ever ended up in one. In Billions of Years of Existence and with billions of different creations why should a Divine Creator be limited to one child?  The curse is severe for the harm and corruption of these children natural born or adopted!

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