Pastors Paul Barr, Paul Rolle, Paul Hanna, Paul Rudland, and Paul HannaLand Were Threatened by a scream heard at the Hanna House Hold in the Bahamas in Blair as they threaten his families around the corner daily. We ask that People Stop Threatening Them as they are doing Divine and Spiritual Work Daily and beg for their protection

Faults and All
Written By Paul and Kwame HannaLand

Faults & All

written by Kwame Hanna

Faults & All


Exuma Bahamas

Executive Chef's Kwame and Chef Paul HannaLand are arguing as Kwame keeps trying to go ahead and do all the work and not focus on their Specialty dishes as he helps the Whole Kitchen staff who are arguing about the food as they are all hurt by various Reasons. Chef Paul begins to tell a Parable about the the work horses who worked for the Horse Goddess Mainella and how all the Other Show Horses kept putting their work on those horses but if those horses did not keep working the Divine Horse realm would fall. The Noble Unicorn Goddess Reignella a white Unicorn Peguses with a Yellow Maine had a Monumental Unicorn name Negosa a Disabled Unicorn who would only grow to the height of a Pony and had shorter wings and a smaller uniquely shaped horn and a Funny Fish Shaped Tail. Negosa waws Reignella's 8th Child with Trodafar a Jet Black Stallion with a Black Maine that was different from the normal horse maines on Earth. Trodafar worked hard to take care of the family and worked as many shifts as Reignella who worked to teach the Eternal Horse Children for Mainella and her own.

Executive Chef's Kwame and Chef Paul HannaLand are arguing as Kwame keeps trying to go ahead and do all the work and not focus on their Specialty dishes as he helps the Whole Kitchen staff who are arguing about the food as they are all hurt by various Reasons. Chef Paul begins to tell a Parable about the the work horses who worked for the Horse Goddess Mainella and how all the Other Show Horses kept putting their work on those horses but if those horses did not keep working the Divine Horse realm would fall. The Noble Unicorn Goddess Reignella a white Unicorn Peguses with a Yellow Maine had a Monumental Unicorn name Negosa a Disabled Unicorn who would only grow to the height of a Pony and had shorter wings and a smaller uniquely shaped horn and a Funny Fish Shaped Tail. Negosa waws Reignella's 8th Child with Trodafar a Jet Black Stallion with a Black Maine that was different from the normal horse maines on Earth. Trodafar worked hard to take care of the family and worked as many shifts as Reignella who worked to teach the Eternal Horse Children for Mainella and her own. Their Divine Work Loads Blessed the Horse Realms throughout the Multiverse. Mainella was Pregnant with Centarus child and the Enslavers from Various Armies who wanted to enforce their War Abilities and Capacities Came to Horse Reginica and As The War Goes on Centarus is pulled into another Univcrse. Mainella goes into pregnancy and begins to deliver the child an drops to the Ground and as she gave birth the Others Rallied like no Other as Negosa Defended Mainella as she Screamed a Divine Prayer for the other Horse Deities to come . Mainella lays on the Ground holding her child as she kicks to save Negosa, her child, and using as much of her Elemental powers as she could. The Centurian Centuars Tear into the Realm and Declare war as they hunt to save or avenge their Kin. Negosa reminded all of them why they had to work extra hard to keep Mainella and the Horse Realms alive and as close to total good as possible as Negosa reminds them not to use Evil Spells and use Good Restorative Punishment Spells or Hell Spells. Negosa inspires them and they work so hard that the Horse realms had Billions of Divine Horse Power. The Divine realms are blessed and we pray to the Most Divine Supreme Alpha, Divine Love Council, Divine Magic Council, Divine Martial Council, Divine Good Council, Divine Earth, Divine Sun, Divine Solarians and the Rest of the Divine Variational Councils and tell them we are Extremely Grateful.” Rhoda is cooking a Tamarind Sweet and Sour Beyond Roast with Mushroom Rice. Kathy Rudland is Baking Various Gourmet Pastries as her and Rhoda begin to talk about Paul and Kwame's Children Goldy Locks and PJ before they begin helping get the other staff back on track as they begin helping a lot of the staff by helping them reason out what's wrong with them. Paul and Kwame kiss and continue cooking as Paul keeps Kwame Focused on the dishes. Kwame begins to sing a hymn as Paul, Rhoda, Kathy and the staff join in. “Times are hard, life leaves scars but lets heal wounds with Kind Hearts With Blessed Minds with Good Always Intentional, so lets Pray for better days help others learn better ways!” as Paul cuts off the food and stops Kwame from singing more as they Place the food on plates and Rawi calls the Waiters to collect the orders. Paul gives Rawi the Nod as she begins ordering the staff to get started on the next orders. Rawi Shouts “If any meal is over Ten Minutes late I Deduct 20 dollars and then $10 dollars a minute until it is ready. The staff who are back to arguing about styles of cooking get back to work. Paul takes Kwame out of the Kitchen and to their Private Apartment on the Kaleidoscope Complex. Paul strips Kwame who is passionately kissing him as he caresses Paul's Cheeks as Paul begins feeling Kwame up before putting his hands in Kwame's slightly pulled down pants. Paul Finger's Kwame who moans which drives Paul wild as he turns Kwame around and licks him as Kwame tries to cover his mouth and another moan escapes then Paul Enters and Covers Kwame's Mouth as Paul jerks Kwame until they Orgasm at the same time. Paul and Kwame lay cuddling and Paul calls Rawi and tells her they are not coming back or the night. Paul hangs up the phone and kisses Kwame as they Snog until they cant stop touching each other as Kwame goes down on Paul and gives him fellacio and then Analingus before taking Paul In Missionary as Paul moans and Kwame orgasms quickly and lays on Paul smiling. Curly Locks, Goldy Locks, PJ, and KJ Rudland are all with Sasha Rudlandand her children Katelyn, Trevodous ( made from Trevor and Tremendous and has a special meaning made by Sasha) and Trevor Rudland as they watch movies. Goldy Locks and Trevodous sneak off and grab the water guns and run pass spraying everyone as they get chased around the house. They all end up in the back yard as they have Goldy Locks and Trevodous trapped behind a table as they go back and forth as Trevodous throws water balloons as Goldy Locks reloads for them both.

Paul dresses the Children as Kwame cooks breakfast. Paul makes sure all their bags are packed and grabs his things as he leads them to the table. Kwame serves Paul and then the rest of the children and then takes his Seat next to Paul as they Kiss before Paul says Grace. “Great Alpha The Grand Architect of Food and Drink we give you Most Thanks in the Multiverse for Always Providing us with a chance to eat each and every day Extremely grateful. Paul Kisses Kwame and tells the Children they can eat. KJ begins to rush through his food as Paul orders him to stop rushing his meal and that you are supposed to chew 20 times to let your stomach know food is coming as this helps get the Stomach ready to start working and will help you develop far better if you simply take your time my child. Paul is in the Rainbow colored Mercedes Van and drives them to Peace Tower. Paul puts on Kaleidoscope gospel songs as they all sing along. The Security guards hail the family as they park in their reserved parking spot. Paul and Kwame get out of the car and inspect the children who give them mischievous looks as Paul eyes them down to humble themselves. Paul and Kwame Rudland their children walk together holding hands as they go to the Check points to enter Peace Tower. Paul sends the Children to their Classes as they hug their parents and head to class. Paul and Kwame first check in on their experiments at Quantum Scitech before heading to their Peace Architect office.


Love Pastor Kathy Rudland says “ I am Devastated, Heartbroken, Gutted to the Core at this Hair of a dog behavior as you all quite well know this is completely befitting of Church staff and I will have to ask you all to take the day off and really think about what you did.” Phillip comes in and brings the New editions of the Kaleidoscope Sports Legends Mythology series written by 3rd Dimension Media. The four staff members Tevin, Ernest, Qotabah, and

Paul wins a Noble Peace Prize and He thanks Alpha and then Kwame, his family and his friends. Paul ends by saying if We Save Love we save the Earth and by extension the Universe and Multiverse. Paul leaves the podium and takes Kwame and their children to Mum Rhoda, Uncle Khalid and Aunty Alexis who take the children to the Heroes Bridge Theme park with their children and Aunty Rawi's Children. The Beautiful and wise Kate arrives with Trevor, Sasha, Katelyn, and Trevodous in Kate's Mercedes Van. They hop out as the children all mix and talk before running into the theme park to meet up with friends and enjoy the many fun and exciting roller coasters and Theme park activities. The elder Relatives watch the children as they enjoy Gourmet appetizers and Virgin Mary drinks. Paul is driving down Exuma in their Custom Yellow and Black Fire-bird. Paul turns on some Music as Kwame holds his hand for a short while before letting Paul focus on getting home and puts his hand on Paul's thigh to make him drive faster but Paul slows down and Kwame smiles before unzipping Paul's pants and performs fellatio. Paul drives to the Beach and Kwame Kisses Paul as he unzips Paul's pants and gives him fellatio again. Kwame drinks Paul who smiles as they light up a joint Paul rolled as Kwame takes out Champaign as they head to their Private beach with a bag, picnic basket and tiki torches. Kwame feeds Paul cuisine snacks as they drink and kiss. Kwame Plays a new song he wrote for Paul as they dance by the Ocean. Kwame feels up Paul by massaging and kissing in different places and then pouring drips of Champaign on Paul before licking them off. They Make Love on the Beach as Kwame guides Paul to the Blanket and Paul goes on all fours as Kwame begins to perform Analingus while spelling Paul's name with his tongue before kissing each butt cheek and then enters Paul as he Howls lovingly and as Kwame puts his hand on Paul's cock Paul slaps Kwame's hand who giggles and continues before pulling out and going on all fours as Paul returns the favor but uses whip cream as he performs Analingus then spells Kwame I love you the most in the Multiverse as Kwame Howls as Paul gets up covers Kwame's mouth and enters Kwame passionately.

Nassau Bahamas 2015

Marvin says “This hurts, I am utterly powerless! Nothing I do, can fix this situation, I already know what’s coming, and I sit alone in my apartment dreading that phone call. This entire week I can see she has been struggling with the fact that she is graduating before me, Courtney already had doubts whether she could live in the Bahamas and the negativity she received from my Bahamian female acquaintances finalized that. I can't fault her but I don't respect her decision. The phone rings and Marvin reluctantly answer. “Hey Hun, we need to talk.” Says Courtney on the other end of the phone. Marvin can hear the strain in her voice, Marvin tells her “I’m coming over” and hangs up not giving her a chance to respond. The walk to Courtney’s apartment, is hard, Marvin’s legs feel like lead. Marvin reaches her door and turn away but He knows there is no avoiding this so he turn around and knock gently, Courtney opens the door and her once beautiful eyes are red and cloudy as if she had been crying for a while. The state of her face hurts me the most, so he avoid eye contact completely, no woman but his mum has seen him cry and He cant allow her to see any deeper in to who He is. Marvin cautiously sits on her bed as she comes and sits next to him. She simply brushes her hand through his curly hair and stares at his face. Oh Lord! Why must she make this so gut-wrenchingly painful? He thinks as he lay on his back with his legs dangling off the side of the bed as she puts her head on his chest. She begins to cry as he rubs her back for comfort. “ I’m sorry” she blurts out as He tells her to “not to worry and I knew this was coming.” She leans in and kisses him but retracts, Marvin’s eyes welt up and He simply gets up and leaves. She doesn't stop him; she doesn't call me back, so he walks home, as swiftly as he can. As the door closes Marvin falls to his knees as tears overwhelm his face. Marvin finally decide to open his heart and this is how it turns out, He is bitter, sour and he makes a vow to himself, Never again.

Faults & All

February 14th 2020 Nassau Bahamas. Janice told Marvin, he was a nice guy pretending to be the devil. Hit the nail on the head if you ask me, it’s a defense mechanism that has protected him from heart break. Imagine that, a gorgeous med student dissected his nature after just three dates. Marvin grew up the perfect gentlemen, raised in the “right way,” but too many heart breaks had hardened him. After that, Marvin figured “if you can't beat em, join em,” so Marvin changed, adapted to his situation and became a colder individual. Sometimes Marvin wonders how he even did it; it's probably because Marvin finds the simplest thing to turn him off from a woman, just any little thing that could be perceived as a fault and he exaggerates it. No matter how perfect the woman is, Marvin just couldn't make himself overlook the fault because he knew how it would end. Some of the flaws were just silly things, things that didn't really make a difference in the grand scheme of life; and to his credit, some were actually justified grievances that no man would just accept.

None of the women knew the exact reasons Marvin broke it off with them. If they did, I think they would hate him even more than they already do for all the things he intentionally did to push them away he even led some to believe that they ended it with him; when all the while Marvin knew the relationship was over once their particular flaw reared its ugly head. And so, Marvin had the same relationship over and over again, all ending the same way...with hurt feelings, hatred, and failure. That's why Marvin thinks to himself “I'm going to have end things soon with this doctor-in-training very soon I can't afford to let her get too close. Besides, that laugh of hers would drive me insane.”

The series of events that helped to change Marvin for the better all began with a conversation Marvin had with his best friend and younger brother by two years. The changes Marvin made at that time eventually change his path in life, it was a learning experience where Marvin was able to overcome his immature nature and stop running away from the good things. The day that the conversation happened, Alvin, one of Marvin and Neil’s close friend’s, came by the apartment Marvin shared with his brother Neil. He always walks in like he lives there. The apartment is the ideal bachelor pad, it is a two bedroom with ample room and exquisitely decorated. It is immaculately clean but that is due to Neil as he is a neat freak. Marvin is more of a slob but Neil keeps him in check in this regard.

Marvin responds to the boldness of his friend just walking in “so you ain't know how to knock ay”. Alvin replies “man the door was open, so where's wifey,” “bey I think that relationship done,” I reply quickly, Alvin shakes his head and says “aw lawdy what did you do now” defensively I respond “why it always gatta be me that do something, how do you know it wasn't her” Alvin stares at me like its self explanatory and says “come on now!! you always find a way to fuck it up” so I fill him in on the minor details that turned me off “well this one was too nasty for my liking, bey she use to not bathe for like days man, when she use to come by me I had to send her to the shower. Her rationale was that she could put deodorant on and that would be good enough. I had to tell her one day I have had enough of this funk and we haven't spoken since.” Alvin's face becomes contorted “Gad Damn, I ain't know, white gals, nasty like dat” he says with disgust. I coyly reply “you would be surprised, but I think its just Canadian women though” I blurt out as I laugh out loud. “I met this doctor chick I like though”. Alvin looks at me, out the corner of his eye and says “aw man, lets see how long this last before you find a foolish gripe” getting a tad bit annoyed I reply “kiss my ass, at least I don't get into shit by having too many main women at once, one of these days one of these woman will kill you.” Alvin laughs heartily and replies “it will be a good death my friend.”

Neil enters the apartment with a bag full of beers. Alvin's eyes opens wide and you can see the child like delight in them “ahhhh my brother my brother let me have one of those ice cold brews” a lover of beer as well, I ask Neil for a beer “yea man let me get a kalik” Neil looks at us as if we were stupid “y'all think I y'all bartender ay, I buy em, y'all come get 'em” he says, Alvin ignores that and sticks his hand out as Neil hands him a beer and says “Neil you believe Marvin fuck things up with that white gal already” Neil looks at me and shakes his head “Idiot, can you stay in any relationship for more than a month” he says in a condescending manner, I look at both of them and respond “y'all judging me like y'all gat any good women on y'all side, Neil you cant even bring none of them junglass home to mum, and Alvin can't talk and he two gals confront him at the movies yesterday. Any of them gals could satisfy you” Alvin eagerly responds “the More, the Merrier, my brother, Variety is the spice of life.” Neil disapproving of Alvin’s comments replies “na mang, more women, equals more stress” I interject “I could understand you having all these women if you were smooth with it, Don Juan, But you sloppy!!! You always get caught!!! and I tired, of getting row for you man!!!” Alvin jokingly responds “That’s what great wingmen do baby! Man law!” (As we all toast our beer and grunt foolishly)

Marvin, Neil, and Alvin sit around drinking and watching Dave Chapelle's comedy show, Neil leaves during a commercial and returns with a shirt and the iron board. As he begins to iron he starts lecturing “but on a serious note, Marvin, you can't keep ending things so prematurely, you know that's a flaw in your character right, a sign of immaturity, ain't like you perfect ya know” “I know but Alicia keys is my dream baby !” Neil tries, to keep the conversation, sensible “let's be serious, now just think on it for a moment, I already realized I have to stop fooling around with these junglas, I done know, drew, is a lost cause,” Alvin who is still trying to obtain the last drop of beer out of his bottle responds “I'm happy in my ignorance, didn't you hear, it's bliss” Neil ignores him and continues with his speech “some of these women you actually like Marvin and you will end up losing the love of your life being so Petty!. You ain't tired of the single life, after a while it does get lonely, you gat to admit.” tired of him killing my buzz I must cut his lecture short “this the reason people think you older than me now, ruining drinking time with sensible conversation. Let's kill some brain cells and hit the club tonight bro.”

Marvin, Neil, and Alvin are three rarities, in a society where slim and muscular are in we are three overweight guys who woman are attracted to. Some of our friends are dumbfounded by our ability to attract as many women as we do when we aren't the typical guys in today's society, slim or muscular. Alvin has mastered the art of conversation and can talk most women out of their drawers. Neil is the biggest of us but gets the most women, we believe its his long hair(we might have to cut it if things keep going this way ), but its most likely his confidence and ability to be comfortable with his weight and simply enjoy himself. I am the smallest of the fat boys and I think I'm quite charming but most girls think of me as the nice sweet guy. For the most part women are attracted to us because when we go out we have fun, we don't go out hunting like most guys, we just enjoy ourselves and women tend to gravitate towards us. Most men make the improper approach of touching the women or coming on too aggressively. By allowing the girls to come to us, they feel more comfortable with us. We also all know how to make people laugh which helps tremendously. Female friends are also key as having them around attracts more women to you. No matter how boring the club we always make sure we make the most of it.

That night, they picked up three tourists and we showed them around Nassau and gave them a taste of the Bahamian life. By the end of the night, all three of us had completely forgotten the conversation we had earlier and had taken these women home. Neil and Marvin "entertained" their ladies in their respective bedrooms and Alvin borrowed their couch which Marvin believes he definitely need to remember to burn in the morning.

The worst part about having a girl over after a night of drinking, is having to drive her home with a hangover. Marvin head aches and he would rather be sleeping but Neil beat him in a match of rock paper scissors so he is the one stuck with this tedious task. Marvin finally gets the girls back to their hotel and give them his number so they can get in contact before they leave. As Marvin pulls away from the hotel he checks his cell phone and notices a few missed calls. A few from One of Marvin’s ex which he dismisses and then he notices that the doctor has called three times. Marvin calls her back and they have a pleasant conversation, she invites Marvin to come watch movies at her place and He eagerly accepts. Marvin gets back to the apartment and heads back to bed to tries and sleep off his massive hangover. Ten minutes later, another disturbance interrupts his sleep. Marvin is still tired and doesn't open his eyes, instead Marvin shouts out, “fuck off I dropped the girls now leave me be!” A female voice responds, “wake up honey,” and Marvin feels a soft body climbing on top of him. Marvin eyes are completely open now. To his horror it's this girl Alice, who has convinced herself that I'm into her. She grabs Marvin’s shoulders and stares at him crazed, “ I saw you at dinner with that med student, me and my cousin were going to come over and confront you.” Marvin replies “confront me!! about what? we aren't dating, I never slept with you, so what reasons would you have to disturb my dinner?” Needless to say, she wasn't very pleased by my response. She pulls Marvin’s face closer to hers and Marvin thinks to himself, "shouldn't I be the one with morning breath after a night of drinking?" Her breath is foul and it turns his stomach. “Marvin," she says, "you like me and you know it, I don't know why u keep playing games with me!” At that point, Marvin knew he had to get this crazy bitch off of him and out of his apartment. “Listen Alice, I'm in a relationship and I have never ever, ever told you I like you!" Marvin says in a calm voice. "Furthermore you started off talking to Alvin!!! Made your way to Neil!! And now me? How can I date someone, who has liked my brothers?” She responds quickly, “I only talked to them to get closer to you, I want you and I'm going to get rid of any girl that gets in my way.” she says psychotically and grabs Marvin’s cock. This situation is getting progressively worse Marvin’s little general may be in trouble. Marvin has to forcefully get her off of him without hurting her. Marvin accomplishes this easily; Marvin stands up as she lay in my bed trying to entice him by showing him that she is not wearing any underwear. “Listen Alice you need to leave and don't ever come to my apartment again, me and you will never!!! Ever!!! In this lifetime, even be fuck buddies, now fuck off” Marvin says this with a smile and He can see the hurt in her eyes she begins to leave, she turns around just as she reaches the door, “ I know your just going through a phase right now, I love you and I will forgive you for this” Marvin laughs at this insane notion “listen you crazy bitch, Get Out.” Marvin hears Alvin begin to squeal with laughter and realizes; Neil and him were listening outside my room. Alice walks out not showing any signs of being ashamed. Marvin walks out of the room angrily “how the fuck y'all ga let Godzilla in my room while I sleeping!” Alvin asks inquisitively “Godzilla? why you call her that bey?” Marvin replies “cause her breath is pure fire” They all laugh out loud. Alice begins to cry and slams the door behind her while they continue to laugh. Marvin is just relieved that he is still alive.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

“I love my job, I am a good chef at a great hotel!” which Marvin repeatedly tells himself. In Marvin’s mind this is just for the mean time, as Marvin eventually wants to open his own restaurant. Marvin have always loved to cook while he is not great at food presentation, he is extremely good at preparing the food. While there are stressful days in the kitchen They are a well organized and cohesive group we even get along with the waiters which is a rarity in this profession. This week Marvin is working the breakfast shift which he loves because he gets off work at two o’clock. Life in general for Marvin is pretty good. Every time Marvin works the morning shift after work he heads to his mum's office so he can carry her some food and provide her with any help she may need. Yes Marvin is a mama's boy, but he had to be, she raised him and his 5 other siblings on her own and made sufficient sacrifices to her personal life to make sure they had the best life possible. After Marvin spends some time with his mum Marvin heads home to catch some rest because tonight is his date with that med student. Marvin thinks to himself “maybe I should follow Neil's advice she is intelligent and gorgeous!” So Marvin sets his mind to make an attempt.

Marvin reach home surprised to not meet Alvin outside the door as he usually is. Marvin slips into the house quickly before Neil comes home so that he can raid his closet. Marvin picks out one of Neil’s better shirts and sets it aside for his date and hits the sack. A few hours later Marvin awakened by a knock. Marvin answers the door and its Alvin and he hurriedly comes in and closes the door and shuts the blinds, Marvin ask him “what’s the matter?” and he tells me “Alice is on her way up!!!” Marvin says Shit!!! not tonight, I don't need her to get me in a foul mood.” Marvin quickly turns off the lights and the television as him and Alvin both sit down laughing at the situation. Alice knocks for what seems like an eternity. “ I saw Alvin go in so I know you guys are in there” says Alice Angrily “Marvin why are you avoiding me, what did I do, we need to work things out!!!” Marvin can't take it anymore and shouts out “ leave just LEAVE please I have been trying not to be rude but leave me the fuck alone go see a psychiatrist get a man or go do some tae bo but leave me alone.” as Alvin childishly shouts “Yah Trick Yahhh” she acts as if she didn't hear what is being said and replies “ your the only guy I want” at that moment my elder cousin Ethan arrives he walks past her and she calms down a bit as he is 6ft4 and dark black (he looks like a tall p diddy) uses his key to open the door and gives her the stiff arm to deny her entry. “look Alice you need to stop acting a fool, you are embarrassing yourself and disturbing the neighbors, why don't you go home and give Marvin some space I will talk to him and get him to give you a call later.” he says calmly she smiles and says “you definitely will be standing in our wedding” she finally departs. Ethan can't help but laugh “how the fuck you keep finding all these crazy bitches” Marvin scratches his head before saying “I think I have 'crazy woman' pheromones because lately that’s all I attract.” Ethan and Alvin begin to play video games as Marvin dresses for his date. Marvin comes out front so the others can approve of his attire, Ethan says “You know Neil ga kill you for wearing his shirt right” Marvin smiles and replies “he has to catch me first” and with that Marvin leaves.

Janice the Med Student lives a great distance from Marvin’s apartment so he speeds to make up time, as Marvin arrive he doesn't notice the car leaving and someone in it watching him. Marvin sees her standing outside and assume she is waiting on him. Marvin hops out the car and presents her with some roses he picked up earlier that day and give her a kiss on the cheek. Janice stands there looking at Marvin like she has something important to tell him but changes her mind. They enter her home and the aroma of a nice home cook meal fills the air Marvin’s stomach growls and he is a tad bit embarrassed. She looks at him with a seductive smile and says “don't worry we will get you all filled up” as she rubs my stomach. After a delightful meal they sit on her comfy couch and she puts in a film. They talk the entire time ignoring the television they only notice the credits and Marvin makes his move to leave but she stops me and says “So Mr. Beneby You were going to spend the whole night at my apartment and not make a move” a big smile fills his face and she kisses him before he can respond. Marvin grasps her by the waist and pulls her close and he can feel the heat emanating from her body. The exchange is heated and clothes are torn off by both parties and Marvin slowly works his hand between her slim thighs and feels her wet warmth. Janice moans as Marvin works magic with his finger, she runs her hand through his curly mane sporadically. Marvin lies her on her back and stares for a moment at her perfect breast, nipples erect. Marvin starts from the top kissing her luscious lips and make my way down making sure to not neglect any body part. She grabs her hair and bites her lip as Marvin reaches his destination her legs over his shoulder he begin to use my tongue. Marvin feels her legs tighten around his neck and he continues, taking pleasure from watching her body contort from sheer Ecstasy. They are so involved we do not hear the knock or the door opening. There is a shout “ In the name of Jesus what the hell is going on” Marvin turns and sees an elderly lady covering the eyes of a young boy. The Med student screams grabs her clothes and runs to her bedroom. Marvin is left alone frozen completely embarrassed at the situation and cannot meet the eyes of the woman standing in the door way giving him a menacing stare. Marin is finally able to open his mouth and tells her “goodnight” she ignores him and heads to the bedroom and an argument ensues. Marvin tries to block it out and make an attempt at conversation with the young boy “was sup Lil man” he doesn't reply he simply sticks up his middle finger. Marvin is astonished at the vulgarity of this young child and he is left speechless. They finally emerge and he is introduced to her mother and apologizes for the incident as the med student wipes her remnants from his face. The mother asks “ what are your intentions for my daughter, because if you are not going to marry her you need to leave...” the med student interrupts “mum would you please stop embarrassing me” the mother shouts “you already have one child out of wedlock I won't let you make that mistake again” Marvin jaws drop he had no idea that this was her kid, he honestly thought it was her younger brother. Marvin sits still stunned, as the mother begins to give them a bible sermon. Marvin stares at the kid in amazement and he does the unthinkable, he begins to pull down his pants and urinate on Marvin’s shoes, Marvin shouts out “ stop that shit Lil boy” the med student rushes over to stop her child, Marvin can see the embarrassment on her face and her mother looks at Marvin with disgust “how dare you use foul language in front of this poor innocent child, you have already scared him with your disgusting acts, in the Name of Jesus heathen get out” not one to miss a cue Marvin walks out of the apartment with his clothes in hand and he leaves his shoes. She runs out after him trying to apologize. Marvin smiles and lies to her “I will call you later, don't worry about it.” Marvin gives her a kiss and departs already knowing this is the last time he will see her.

The drive home goes by rather quickly, Marvin annoyed with himself for almost taking Neil's advice, “there is no way I can over look that she did not tell me she had a kid, a hell seed at that, fucked up my Bruno Marley's, Her body really looked good for someone who has had a kid though.” Without really noticing Marvin was parked outside his apartment complex for a half hour. Marvin walk up the stairs dejectedly and hear shouts coming from the apartment they haven't moved the entire time, still preoccupied playing games. The guys look at him and Neil rushes over and punches Marvin in the shoulder and takes back his shirt. “ why can't you respect my space, why do you always have to wear my shit, its not like I can fit in your clothes” he says angrily, Marvin respond “sorry man I just didn't feel like ironing,” “asshole” he shouts as he returns to his rocking chair and beer. Alvin pauses the game and looks at Marvin “now you know!, you gatta fill us in on the juicy details right.” before he is finished Neil has retrieved a beer from the fridge and brings it to Marvin, “i can see things didn't go to well” he says as he pats me on the back. They all focus the attention on Marvin and he finds himself a seat to recount the humorous tale.

“You have to be the most unlucky motherfucker to ever grace this earth, I ain never meet a nigga who been in so many dumb situations.” says Ethan as they all laugh at Marvin. “you should have smacked that kid” says Alvin. “well you have to respect her for being able to go to med school and raise a kid and I understand why she lied initially but she should have told you before you guys started to have sex.” says Ethan as Neil provides his input “she should not have lied to him, she took away his choice on whether he wanted to be with someone with a child.” they all talk as if I'm not in the room, Alvin adds “how the fuck that bitch think she could have hid a whole fuckin Baby. A whole Fuckin Baby, Na son this shit won't float, Fuck that bitch she deceitful, she ain mean you no good. You should still fuck her do, she owe you that” Ethan hits Alvin with a pillow and scolds him “Stop giving dis nigga bad advice,” he looks at Marvin sternly before saying “You shouldn't mess with her if you ain't ga be serious, you have to understand that she is dealing with a lot” Neil breathes a sign of relief “bey Ethan thank God you here cause, Alvin would have convinced that nigga to do some dumb shit.” Marvin sits there polishing off his beer still holding his head and says “man I already decided that I cant deal with a kid right now, especially one that ain't mine!” “good” says Neil As Ethan says “just make sure you ain too harsh when you let her down.” Neil laughs “ ha this asshole will just duck her till she stop calling.” Marvin smiles “you know that, I still can't believe that kid fucked up my Bruno Marley's.”

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

The next few weeks fly by and Marvin continues to ignore the Med students calls and avoid her when he sees her out. Work has been going pretty smooth and the chefs have started a playful war with the waiters. Marvin walks to his car and he is ambushed, a water balloon hits me in the back of the head and an egg hits him in the back, the rest of the balloons and eggs hit his car. Marvin gives chase but they are much quicker so they are able to escape, Marvin thinks to himself “this is war but I will take my time, to exact the perfect revenge.”

As Marvin enter his mothers office, she looks at him and smiles “ what happened to you” Marvin gives her a kiss on the cheek and head towards the bathroom “just messing around at work.” Marvin always keep an extra set of clothes at the office and he changes into them. Marvin’s aunt Jane walks in on him changing and makes a comment on his weight, “i can see that you don't miss any meals at work.” they laugh but Marvin is a bit self conscious about his weight. Marvin’s aunt is a retired principal who has decided to use her spare time to help his mum at the office. She has always been his favorite aunt because she never sugar coated anything, she always told you what you needed to hear, her intentions are never to hurt but to make you aware. Marvin helps around the office today by going to pay bills for his mum and then he heads home.

When Marvin reaches home he meets Alvin out front with a bag of beers ready to begin the nights festivities. Alvin looks at Marvin and sucks his teeth before saying “ what took you so long now you got these beers all warm and shit.” Marvin replies “hey man you know I had to stop by mums first.” he replies” man you need to hurry up and cut me a key” Marvin stare at him to see if he is serious and jokingly reply “ha not for me to come home and meet cum stains on my bed, nasty bastard.” they both share a laugh and enter the apartment. Marvin crashes into the couch exhausted from the days activities and Alvin sits in the opposing chair after he places the beer in the fridge. Neil walks in the apartment they can tell that he is visibly agitated from work and allow him to just go to his room undisturbed. They sit in silence watching espn for a while until Neil comes out of his room “ I hate that darn place, God I wish I didn't have to work there.” he says as he fumes. Alvin always cheerful no matter what is going on in his life cracks a hilariously funny joke and we all laugh. “Neil you need a beer! go drink and relax I gat something I want to talk to you and Marvin about.” says Alvin. They gather around in a circle, each with a beer in hand adding countless careless calories. Alvin looks serious for the first time in recent memory so they pay close attention. “ dawg I have been given this opportunity for us to purchase a place with prime location. We have been throwing parties for a while now, we all know the ins and outs of the club business. I feel we can be highly successful in undertaking this endeavor I want to know if you guys would be interested in joining me.” Neil eager to get out of his mundane and stressful job answers in an instant “lets do this, I need to be able to quit this dumb ass job.” Marvin on the other hand is a little hesitant as he knows he has a full plate on his hands, especially if he want to open his own restaurant one day, “Marvin I know you want to open your own restaurant and this is a step in that direction, the club is going to need another way to earn money, the weekend is not going to be enough to sustain it, not for the kind of money I want us to earn. I want you to control that portion of the business.” its as if he read Marvin’s mind, Marvin sit there unsure of what he wants to do. Marvin has always dreamed of opening his own business but he has a bigger fear of watching his dreams fail. This fear has kept him working at the hotel longer than he needed too. Marvin says “ honestly guys I'm gonna need some time to really think this through I want to do it but.....” Alvin replies “hey I'm not asking us to quit our jobs yet, we will still need a steady income to help.” Marvin interrupts “i would have to quit my job though, for that to run properly I would need to be there full time, this is going to require me to make the biggest sacrifice and what will I do if it doesn't work out, I will lose my position and.” Alvin trying to not apply too much pressure responds “ OK OK but we can't do this without you, so take some time.” Neil does not wait for Alvin to finish speaking “Marvin you know you aren't truly satisfied at that hotel, even if they made you head chef you won't be satisfied working for them.” he says whole heartedly “but my life is comfortable right now and to disrupt that is a sacrifice I'm not sure I am willing to make.” Marvin retorts in his job’s defense. Then Alvin makes a statement that actually makes sense to him “ if you don't take chances in life you can never achieve your dreams and they will never amount to anything more than a beautiful decoration in your mind, something you look back on and regret never going after, and if it isn't successful we have each other and we will always find a way to survive.” Marvin smiles and Neil looks amazed that Alvin went a whole conversation without being ignorant. “ you know, I'm gone kill you if this fucks up right” Marvin tells Alvin coldly.

Today is the day Marvin exacts his revenge on the waiters who bombarded him with eggs and water balloons. It is Marvin’s turn to cook lunch for the staff and he has decided to add a little surprise to their lunches. Olivia helps him execute his revenge as she serves them the meal filled with banana peppers and exlacts. She is among his best friends, she is pretty overly cheerful young lady with a never ending appetite. She is a waitress for the time being until she saves enough money to go off to school. For the entire time Marvin has worked at this hotel him and her always eat lunch in the cafeteria together. “so when will I get you in a skirt” she looks at him crossed eyed and ignores his question and continues devouring her large lunch. For as long as he has known Olivia he has never once seen her in a dress. Marvin inform her of his plans to go into the business with Alvin and Neil as they finish up lunch. Olivia looks excited and tells him “ Marvin, this is great I want to help you decorate and with the plans, I have so many ideas you can use.” Marvin begins to feel a bit more confident in my decision “ not for you to dress all my waitresses in pants.” Marvin says jokingly “shut up” she says as she laughs, mouth still full of food. The waiters who they fed the special meal are now feeling the effects and they rush off to the bathroom fighting each other to be the first to the bathroom. Olivia laughs so hard she begins to cry and they make their exit. They are working the same shift today so Olivia is finished as well and they decide to go joy riding. Due to the fact that him and Olivia are so close people tend assume that Marvin and her have something going on but it is purely innocent. Olivia is someone that Marvin confides in and she also comes to him with her man stress. They both have similar personalities and they love to joke around and she even can hang with the guys without getting uncomfortable when “guy” topics come up. Olivia does playfully scold them though “mmm mmm y'all nasty” is a favorite saying of hers. They end the day at the beach eating conch and decide to meet up with the guys at for dinner. Marvin drops her off and they say their good byes as Marvin leaves to dress for dinner.

Faults & All

Chapter 6

Celia has now been dating Santiago for 5 months and decides to go to Havana to surprise him. On the long bus ride to Havana Celia reads one of her favorite love stories until she falls asleep. Celia begins to dream a beautiful dream. Celia is walking up the isle and she looks from her fathers face to Santiago who is standing at the alter. The dream skips a few years and Celia sees herself with Santiago’s children and she is happier than she has ever been. The bus driver awakes her from her dream and Celia rushes to Santiago’s house. Celia walks the few miles with the brightest smile on her face. When Celia arrives at Santiago’s house she knocks on the door and waits for him to answer. She can hear scuffling and laughing as a woman named Rosalyn opens the door. Celia’s heart drops as she sees Santiago naked behind her hiding his face. Celia grabs her bags and walks off ignoring Rosalyn who has turned to Santiago and arguing with him. Celia stops grabs a rock and throws it at Santiago’s new car breaking the front glass. Santiago runs out in his boxer’s to look at his car and says “Your Crazy Celia, look what you did to my car!” Celia ignores him and walks away crying. Rosalyn is walking out the front door at the same time and Santiago runs to stop her instead of arguing with Celia.

Celia walks each mile painfully, she has to stop several times as she breaks down crying because she was betrayed again. When Celia arrives at the Bus stop she has 4 hours to wait until the next bus so she goes and buys something to eat. Celia texts Triana and Laia; informing them of what just transpired. They both try to comfort her but she ignores her phone and tries to eat her soup. The bus ride home is painfully long and Celia hates that she saved up to visit that cheating bastard.

Celia would pour herself in to her studies trying to erase Santiago’s memory from her brain. Memories of their good times flood her mind but Celia fights them and blocks Santiago when he tries to text her sorry. Celia starts to avoid Triana and Laia who both feel guilty and keep their distance for a while. Celia is home crying when she is supposed to be studying and Triana and Laia arrive with a Hawaiian pizza. Celia smiles and the girls all hug. Triana and Laia make Celia promise that she will go with them to Varadero.

Celia is prepping for her exam and her nerves have her jittery. Celia avoids Triana and Laia for two weeks to make sure she studies well enough for the exam. It is the day of the exam and Celia wakes up in a panic as if she is late but it is 7am and the test is not until 2 pm. Celia goes over her notes one last time before catching the bus to go take the exam. The Exam lasts for an hour and a half and Celia walks out of the exam numb. Triana and Laia try to call Celia for two days after the exam but Celia ignores them until she gets her grade. The next day Celia’s Professor calls her and informs her she got an A. Celia celebrates by calling her friends.

The girls are on the bus to Varadero and begin playing eye spy. The bus ride is long and the girls play many games to keep them occupied along the way. When the bus arrives at Varadero the girls rush to Laia’s Uncle’s house. The girls are greeted with a warm welcome as lunch is already waiting on them. The girls eat quickly and race to the beach before the sun sets. As Triana meets some boys, Celia makes her promise that this is just a girls trip and Triana relents after a while and agrees when Laia sides with Celia. The girls enjoy themselves for a whole week and they are all depressed on the bus ride home.

Chapter 7

The view of the hotel from the bridge is amazing, it almost feels as if your entering a different world. As Marvin crosses the bridge, He receives a call from Olivia telling him that she will be a few minutes late. They all have decided to have diner at the biggest hotel on the Island. Marvin enters the hotel driveway and valet parks his car. There are a myriad amount of tourist at the hotel this evening and Marvin has to squeeze through the crowds of slow moving tourists who are simply enjoying the atmosphere. As Marvin walks he notices the tourist begin to flee in panic, a fight has broken out but instead of moving away from the danger he walks toward it and thinks that “It's always annoying when certain locals begin to ruin things for the rest of us” Marvin looks and notices that it is some kids who only recently graduated high school, fighting and creating a ruckus in the hotel. “young punks” Marvin mumbles to himself as he make his way to the restaurant. The security guards scramble and chase off the young ruffians.

Ethan sits close to the table as Alvin is telling a joke. “what did the blind man say, when he walked through the fish market?” dumbfounded by the question Ethan asks “what?” Alvin responds in a loud voice “ GOOD MORNING LADIES.” The table bursts into childish laughter. After another round of drinks has been served Neil speaks with a more serious disposition “It's a pity that bahamains aren't allowed to enjoy this island paradise as the tourists are.” “ The owner of this extravagant hotel is a racist snot, dat nigga need to go back to South Africa” juts in Alvin. “Politics all politics, just hush up and don't get my food spit in.” responds Ethan as he tries to hold in his laughter. Alvin’s older brother Francis arrives at the dinner table jolly as usual. “Gentlemen how it go.” Francis had went off to college years ago and had recently completed his studies. They all share pleasantries, Ethan, Neil and Alvin all inform him that everything is going well. Then out of know where Francis says” Bey, Andrew some dudes over there were talking about you bad man.” Alvin screws up his face and responds angrily “what where they saying bey.” Francis turns his head hiding a devious smile from the table and then fixes his face and tells Alvin what they apparently said “Man they was saying....... that you have a preference...... for licking ass.” the joke hits and Alvin turns a shade of Pink as he realizes his brother was “yanking his chain.”

Marvin arrives at the restaurant and greets the table, obviously flustered from the long walk to the restaurant while having to squeeze through tourists. Alvin quickly asks “Pillsbury dough boy!!!Next rounds on you!!! Right?” Marvin orders a round of shots which they all quickly down and bump their chest as if they have accomplished a great Olympic feat. Marvin looks around and notices that Olivia still hasn't arrived. He tries to check his cell phone but his cell phone has no signal. He informs the table that he is heading out, to go check on Olivia. He walks out of the restaurant and heads directly towards the entrance, as He walks he is approached by a security guard “ listen little boy you need to leave this hotel.” he says to Marvin in a forceful tone, Marvin continues to walk towards the entrance while explaining to the security officer that he was a paying customer, who has reservations at the dining hall. For some reason the security guard simply retorts “Leave this hotel before I pull my gun on you.” Marvin laughs out loud, and responds “pull gun on who, you must be out your rabid ass mind, but I will leave your hotel if my money isn’t good enough to be spent here then so be it, but don't mistake me for one of those young punks,” as he vacates the hotel he tries to call Neil to inform him of what had transpired. Before he gets the chance he hears a stampede of feet and someone shouting “ he curse the chief, get him.” the guards catch him off guard and he drops his phone as they tackle him. A multitude of blows connect to his face and stomach and his arm is being pulled too far backwards. The struggle continues as he tries to break free and a blunt object hits him in the head and again in the stomach. The guards drag him forcefully to their vehicle and try to force him inside, defiantly he resist and more blows connect. “he must be a gluten for punishment” shouts one of the officers. Marvin fights them every inch of the way into the vehicle. he hears Olivia screaming “ Let him go” and notice her being held back by an unknown guy, and he finds himself a bit jealous. After the guards get him into the vehicle. Stubborn as ever he still taunts the guards “you know u punch like a bitch, I would cut your ass if it wasn’t so many of you Nig...” before he is able to finish talking more blows hit him in the face and chest and an officer grabs him by the throat, his arm is still forcefully being hyper extended behind his back. It must have been the adrenaline but Marvin does not feel much pain from the blows inflicted. The driver tries to get the other guards to stop, as he begins to pity Marvin’s blight. He tells Marvin to stay quiet and not to aggravate the situation. They pull into a parking lot where they have caught someone else they assume was associated with the fight in the hotel. In total it looks as if there are around 15-20 guards. They begin to stomp and kick the poor boy so hard his body lifts of the ground Marvin feels bad for him. At that moment, the security that is holding Marvin's arm releases it and He elbows the security guard who inflicted the most pain, in the face, the blow hits him squarely in the jaw and he is stunned for a moment. What did Marvin do that for, the doors open and he is hit from both sides as security guards take turns at trying to get a piece of him, thank god He's fat, a slimmer man probably would have internal injuries from this kind of beating. The driver closes the doors and attempts to stop the other guards. He comes back into the car and tries to calm Marvin down. Marvin listens to reason for once and calms down, the driver tells Marvin that he realized he wasn't one of the participants in the fight at the hotel but the other security officers won't listen. He informs Marvin that he knows his father, he smiles and says “they don’t know they just mess with the wrong person.” Marvin father is a top notch lawyer known for his explosive temper. Marvin’s father could have been successful career wise but he was always too rebellious and so he did not follow in his own father's political foot steps. He wasn't always able to support Marvin financially, like Marvin mother was but he was always there to give advice and support which is equally important, valuable. The Driver is able to calm the situation. He indicates to Marvin that he is going to call his father. The driver thinks he has helped the situation but in Marvin mind he has made this situation ten times worse. Marvin has always been a man who deals with his own problems, involving his father strips him of that ability. The ride to the police station is quiet Marvin sits frustrated by this horrid turn of events. The adrenaline is wearing off and the pain is setting in, His shoulder begins to burn with pain, it feels as if it has been stabbed a few times with a doubled edged knife. Marvin train of thought flashes to Olivia and he begin to think of her and even more, who the hell was that guy holding her, there was something about him that Marvin just didn’t take to. His frustration at his present predicament begins to boil. The car stops and the two prisoners are transported not to the police station but to an underground security station. The chief of security apparently wanted to talk to Marvin. The little guy who was being beaten up by the security guards in the parking lot is brought out of the car as well, his name is David, he looks like as if he is only 14 or 13 years old as he is short and anorexic looking. From the painful look on his face you can see that the security guards did a number on him as well.

Frantically Olivia rushes toward the chaos but she is being restrained so she screams at the top of her lungs “LET HIM GO ” she turns and punches the person holding her, struggling to break free of his grip but he pulls her closer trying to calm her. “Big Boy gone be aight Shawty, all you will do is make the situation worse, relax.” Olivia simply stares at him and says it as calmy as she possibly can, “ Let me go this fucking instant.” The gentleman can see the fire and determination in her eyes and thus releases her. It's too late, the security van is no where in sight. She rushes through the crowd and over hears a girl talking about the situation. “I’m glad they locked up that fat motherfucker.” (med student) without hesitation or thinking Olivia socks her square in the face and continues to fight through the crowd towards the entrance of the hotel. She rushes into the restaurant where they were supposed to meet for dinner, she meets Alvin at the entrance, he asks her “did you find him”she begins to cry and tells him what she saw, Alvin moves quickly and calls the rest of the dinner party. “ Bey niggaz dem fuckin with Marvin.” Neil is enraged at what he hears and storms out of the hotel faster than everyone else. Neil is so angry that his eyes welt up with tears his anger overwhelming. He sees no trace of his brother and anger subsides to fear as he can’t find his brother. Alvin and Ethan finally catch up to Neil as they join, in the search for Marvin whereabouts. The look on each of their faces is menacing and tourists and locals back away from them as they walk the paradise island strip. Francis and Olivia run to catch up bearing news of Marvin's location.

Marvin and David are carried thru an underground security office and both look overwhelmed. David whispers “Bey dis look like some 007!!! shit!!! bey” noticeably limping and grimacing Marvin still cant help but chuckle. The security guards who escorted Marvin and David were Tall, Fat and sour to the core and took pleasure in getting a last smack on David’s head, Marvin can’t hold his tongue “PUSSY ASS NIGGAZ” why do they always hit a fat guy in the stomach. That just isn’t right. Marvin has always had a fragile stomach given he has had 3 prior surgeries regarding that area growing up and the blow is not well received, Marvin knows something is wrong with his body. Stubborn or just plain stupid Marvin plays it off, as if nothing ever occurred. They are both seated in an empty office and finally left alone unmolested. Marvin turns quickly to David, “Dawg I ain’t know what yall do, but bey, keep ya mouth shut dey ain't no police and this shit they doing right now is illegal. The security officer who drove Marvin and David, takes a peak into the office and shows, a chubby elderly gentlemen dressed in business attire, into the office. He looks directly into Marvin’s face, a dread of recognition appears in his eyes, he unconsciously utters “OHH Shit” as another high level officer walks into the office, he looks like an ex CIA agent (Bahamian version of the FBI) they both leave the office quickly.

Marvin and David are quickly carried to the police station. Neil sticks his head through the police window and shouts “What yall gat My brother Fuckin locked up for if yall locking him up yall betta lock me fuckin up to.” “That wasn’t the smartest move” Marvin tells Neil as he is placed in the cell next to him. Marvin feels proud his little my brother was looking out for him all the same. Mr. Amari Beneby arrives and talks with the officers. As Mr. Beneby talks with the officers he says “sorry officer, my children are just crazy as I was” as the officer and Marvin’s and Neil's father share a laugh.

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

It has now been 2 years since the incident and Marvin lay in the bed with his arm in a sling as he has just had a surgery for a high meniscus tear in his right shoulder from the very same incident. Neil knocks on Marvin’s door and says “Hey Marvin ya got any energy we having a meeting out here?” Marvin says “Coming now bro!” Marvin struggles to get out of bed throws on a shirt and heads to the front room. Neil, Ethan, and Alvin are all in the living room and Alvin has the computer screen open on his laptop. Marvin takes his rocking chair and listens. Alvin says “Well, we have been making a killing, we are competing with all the major Venues throughout the islands. Now how are we gonna manage until Marvin gets back? as our Executive Chef because our restaurant sales are plummeting without you. Parties still going great, but the restaurant need ya bud!” Marvin holds his head with his left hand and says “Bro, even though I have four months to heal, do you realize they say this is a permanent injury I have right? I don’t think I can manage all those hours in the kitchen anymore!” Alvin says “Nonsense that’s why you executive chef we just gone hire another chef to help you.” Marvin still holding his head “It’s over for me man…” Alvin stands up and says “nonsense, listen I know what you need and I going to book the trip right now because you simply need a good vacation.” Marvin says “Ok but you are buying my ticket, if my food is that good!” They all laugh as Neil cuts on the boxing match.

Marvin pours a glass of Hennessy and asks “ Think we will ever settle down and find love?” Alvin laughs sadistically and says “Love yourself old boy that’s all you need to do!” Neil hits him with a cushion and says “Love is coming bro, you just have to be ready to handle it when it falls in your lap.” Alvin turns down the TV and says “ now listen every time I try get into a relationship they switch on me, I don’t gat no time for no psycho Sally to kill me in my sleep. Do you think I want a Lorena Bobbitt?” They all laugh before Ethan says “That’s why I make these females angry from the start because I want to see them in their real element, when a relationship first starts the bullshit ensues, and after the cute shit is done that’s why I am cynical from the beginning. When they lose control the real them comes to light and I need to see that demon before I close my eyes.” Neil says “To me the major problem with relationships is that each person is trying to make the other conform to the others lifestyle” as Marvin says “Preach, Pastor!” Alvin says “Its all societies fault, the decay of society is eroding the Morales of our women!” Ethan pours a big cup of Hennessy and takes a nice gulp before saying “society doesn't matter in the house, females are in their nomadic state within the home, in society they conform to the normality’s, you will never her see the real her until you see her in her natural element” Ethan’s phone rings and it is his Client Simon Helmsworth who is an ex patriot from Canada now living in the Bahamas. As Ethan hangs up the phone he says “Gents it’s been a pleasure but now I got to go get this guy out of jail” Alvin says “I bet you, I can tell you what this cracker get lock up for? buying pussy!” Ethan tries to hold in his laughter as he shut the door behind him.

Two weeks later Neil takes Marvin out to their nightclub the Joyful lounge. Neil and Marvin share drinks as Alvin manages the club. Ethan arrives with more alcohol to stock the bar and Neil leaves to help him. As Marvin sits and drinks he listens to the rappers performing on the open mic night. Marvin feels like expressing himself so he takes a shot of tequila and heads to the stage. Marvin begins to rap to the crowd “price of empathy is pain, the reason the good die young, cruel hearts live longer, able to separate heart from mind, like Davy jones, remove it from your chest, see she ain’t gat a lick of sense, so to comprehend, got to become senseless, overdose on the henny, yeah man jus dull your senses, so u feel nothing, erase rational thought, because there’s no reason, in her thought process!” The crowd claps and Alvin comes to Marvin and gives him a high five. “Bro I didn’t know you could flow, out there like Raekwon, Executive Chef of the flow, we might have a side career for you in music, let’s go shots on me, call Neil and Ethan!” Marvin goes to call them but Neil sits Marvin back down and tells him “Bro I heard ya flow, your real good, but let that bitterness go, put love back in your heart.” Marvin stares off lost in thought until Alvin passes him his next shot of tequila.

They have an Event and Marvin performs one of his songs and stays on stage as his friend performs. The night goes off well the party goers enjoy the event at the Balcony night club. The gents walk around with the Waitresses and help pass out shots as the dance floor starts to get live. The dancing competition is on and the girls are competing for $500.00 so they are goin hard for the money. The party goers cheer on their friends and vote on the winner. In the final round the girls compete hard and the winner is chosen and receives her award. The guys end the party at 4am and the party goers are walking to the cars with smiles on their faces and the guys give each other daps as they know they had a good time. As they are leaving a party goer screams “whenever y'all go partying please call me because I will follow you guys through the depth of hell!”

Chapter 10

Triana comes to Celia’s dorm in her Black hawk mascot costume. They both prank Laia who drops her drink when Triana scares her. The girls head to the Black Hawks game against the Wildcats. Triana is hyping the crowd and being a great mascot at the game. The game is highly competitive and the Black Hawks are down 8 to 10 runs heading into the ninth and final quarter. The Black Hawks would come away with the win and finish with a 11 to 10 score. Triana is dancing comedically all over the field with the rest of the team. Triana pulls the head off the heavy mascot costume, sighing as the cool breeze from a fan chills her flushed cheeks. As Triana steps out of the rest of the costume, she notices one of the baseball players standing behind her. Ireneo the middle fielder who is still wearing his Number 14 Uniform. "I didn't realize you were a girl, Or pretty." Says Ireneo to Triana. Trianna is still blushing when her friends catch up to her and takes Ireneo’s number as he blows a kiss and walks away. Triana nearly faints in Laia’s arm who is impressed by who she has pulled in this time. When they get back to the dorm they are shocked to hear Triana say “Girls I think this is the one that changes me from a player to a lover.” Celia “What? The hot tamale is finally going to settle down. Is tomorrow the end of the world or something?” They all laugh and Triana spends the rest of the night talking about love. Celia who tries to ignore them after a while joins in and tells them what she expects from her one true love.

The next day Celia is in her room and reviewing her midterm test scores. Celia begins cleaning her room and preparing to put in another round of studying to make up for last years GPA. Triana and Laia burst in her room with out knocking excited. Laia says “you won’t believe it me and Triana have won tickets to four amazing festivals.” Celia says “I have school to focus on!” Triana says “well how about we go to the library every day this week to study and for the rest of the semester we promise, I am turning a new leaf and plus these are festivals that will build your character?” Celia rolls her eyes and says “what festivals?” Laia says “ Well girl we won tickets to a literary contest, the Ballet festival, the film festival, and a international Jazz festival” Celia is shocked as she didn’t expect it to be festivals that she wanted to go to and she wanted to go to all four.

Chapter 11

Chapter 120

The End for now